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Franken Foods-Franken Ingredients

This is my absolute favorite Frankenfood.  This is a test.  Before you look, see if you can figure out what this food product is and I’d bet you have eaten one.

  • Would you know what the &%$# this product is?  The answer is at the bottom.
  • HINT:  This product has a shelf life of 420 days.
  • HINT: This product has been in the food recall news lately.
  • Features & Benefits:  A fully enrobed product that allows eating on the go with no mess!
  • Instruction:  For food safety and quality, read and follow these COOKING INSTRUCTIONS:

1.  Remove wrapper.
2.  Cook according to instructions below.*
3.  Remove product and let sit for 2 minutes. CAUTION: PRODUCT WILL BE HOT!
MICROWAVE OVEN 1100 WATT: Cook FROZEN product 1 minute 45 seconds*/REFRIGERATED product 1 minute*.
MICROWAVE OVEN 700 WATT: Cook FROZEN product 2 minutes*.
CONVENTIONAL OVEN 350°F: Place FROZEN product on foil or baking sheet. Bake in oven for 24 minutes*.
*Since ovens vary, cooking times may require adjusting. If thawing, thaw product under refrigeration (< 41°F) for a maximum of 12 days.

Suggestions:  Great for a quick lunch on-the-go!

Product Ingredients:


WOW and SERIOUSLY, about the only things this product doesn’t contain are nuts & fish.

Hot PocketsAnswer:  HOT POCKETS


Nutrisystem Diet Food For Weight Loss-Double Chocolate Muffin

Their Description:  “If you can’t get enough chocolate or just love the idea of sweets in the morning, this may be the perfect breakfast for you! This rich muffin is filled with real chocolate chips, for bursts of intense, chocolatey flavor. Great right out of the package, this makes a perfect breakfast on-the-go”.Double Chocolate Muffin

Ingredients List:


CARBOXYMETHYLCELLULOSE GUM and this is only one ingredient from the list above.

CMC is used in food science as a viscosity modifier or thickener, and to stabilize emulsions in various products including ice cream. As a food additive, it has E number E466. It is also a constituent of many non-food products, such as personal lubricants, toothpaste, laxatives, diet pills, water-based paints, detergents, textile sizing, and various paper products. It is used primarily because it has high viscosity, is nontoxic, and is hypoallergenic (except for those suffering an intolerance to wheat). In laundry detergents, it is used as a soil suspension polymer designed to deposit onto cotton and other cellulosic fabrics, creating a negatively charged barrier to soils in the wash solution. CMC is used as a lubricant in nonvolatile eye drops (artificial tears). Sometimes, methyl cellulose (MC) is used, but its nonpolar methyl groups (-CH3) do not add any solubility or chemical reactivity to the base cellulose.

Nutrisystem Diet Food For Weight Loss-Salisbury Steak With Mac & Cheese

Their Description:  “Hearty, fork-tender Salisbury steak is topped with perfectly seasoned mushroom gravy and served alongside creamy, cheesy homestyle mac & cheese. This is comfort food at its best; a simple, delicious, all-American fare”.Salisbury Steak With Macaroni & Cheese

Ingredients List:


Dehydrated WaterHow is it possible to have this many ingredients in any one food product?  It kind of surprises me there is no dehydrated water.

What is CARAMELIZED ONION FLAVOR?  They have in parenthesis (sunflower oil and natural flavor) but the last I knew it was slowly cooked onions in a little fat until golden brown and delicious.

Do you know what Blueberry Bits are?  They’re made entirely of sugar, corn cereal, modified food starch, partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, artificial flavor, cellulose gum, salt and artificial colors like Blue #2, Red #40, Green #3 and Blue #1 and are in products ranging from cereals, bagels, breads and muffins.  The Fiber One Premium Muffin Mix below?  Click on the thumbnail and take a good look at the front of the box in the upper right corner.  There are no blueberries what-so-ever in the mix and they are calling this premium…wonder what the medium and low level mixes look like. Seriously folks, is this what Americans are eating?

You may rest assured you are eating Cargill ingredients when you are eating these these and many other diet-weight loss products.

Rx CornFiber One Blueberry BitsFun FrankenfoodsGMO DinosaurChoose My PlateEnjoy ObesityMcDonaldsMonsanto CornScience CafePepsico

Ronald Reagan famously said, “Trust but Verify”.  At the signing of the INF Treaty, his counterpart Mikhail Gorbachev responded:  “you repeat that at every meeting,” to which Reagan answered:  “I like it”…I like it too.

Diabetic SockWe Are All Dying






The US Government Trifecta-FDA-FTC-USDA

FDA Logo2

The Federal Drug Administration (FDA)

 FDA is responsible for:

Protecting the public health by assuring that foods (except for meat from livestock, poultry and some egg products which are regulated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture) are safe, wholesome, sanitary and properly labeled. Ensuring that human and veterinary drugs, and vaccines and other biological products and medical devices intended for human use are safe and effective.

Assuring cosmetics and dietary supplements are safe and properly labeled.

FTC LogoThe Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

FTC enforcement priorities include:

Combating deceptive advertising of fraudulent and cure-all claims for dietary supplements and weight loss products.

Monitoring and stopping deceptive Internet marketing practices that develop in response to public health issues.

Monitoring and developing effective enforcement strategies for new advertising techniques and media, such as word-of-mouth marketing.

Monitoring and reporting on the advertising of food to children, including the impact of practices by food companies and the media on childhood obesity.

 USDA LogoThe United States Department Of Agriculture (USDA)

 USDA is responsible for:

Overseeing education, production, research, and many other areas relating to food, the environment, and farming. While less than 2% of the United States population is employed in the farming industry, they supply food for the United States as well as other countries around the world. The USDA employs over 100,000 people in more than 7,000 locations worldwide.

The main goals of the United States Department of Agriculture include creating and maintaining a model for food production, environmental concerns, and a safe and healthy food supply. The department strives to keep the industry of American food production competitive around the world, while balancing a concern for natural resources and conservation. Under the agency’s large umbrella, individual areas focus on specific sectors of the nutrition and food production industry.

This is what the FTC should be doing-problem is they don’t do nearly enough of it.

Activia Yogurt

ActiviaThe Claim: That no other yogurts contain Bifidus Regularis is true because the trademarked name cannot be used by another company but what is Bifidus Regularis?  It a specific strain of Bifidobacterium Lactis, a microorganism reputed to help maintain a healthy balance of bacteria in the human digestive tract. Bifidobacterium Lactis is a very powerful transient probiotic bacteria and Dannon does not have a patent on anything but the name.  Are  ya confused yet?  Don’t be.  It was just another marketing ploy and a crock of crap.

The Truth: Consumers who believe that Activia’s beneficial effects on the body exceed those of other yogurts containing different strains of probiotics or good bacteria may find little scientific evidence to support that belief.

The Conclusion: In December 2010 Dannon agreed to a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission for $21 million dollars based on over-exaggerated claims about Activia’s effects on digestive irregularity and prevention of flu and colds.


AirborneThe Claim: Created by a school teacher, this over-the-counter dietary supplement claims to be a preventive cure for the common cold. According to the manufacturer, Airborne can help prevent the flu and colds by warding off bacteria and germs and building up your immune system.

The Truth: There have been no significant studies that support Airborne’s claims. ABC News reported in 2006 that the supplement was tested in only one clinical trial, which was conducted by two people without adequate scientific or medical training.

The Conclusion: The FTC charged Airborne Health with deceptive advertising. The company paid a fine of $30 million to settle the case. The CSPI also slapped the company with a class-action lawsuit to refund $23.3 million to customers.

Nestle BOOST For Kids

Boost Kid EssentialsThe Claim: Nestle claims that this children’s drink helps protect against the flu, strengthens the immune system, and prevents respiratory tract infections, among other things.

The Truth: The health claims were not substantially supported by scientific study, the FTC said.

The Conclusion: The FTC said that Nestle deliberately deceived customers into thinking that Boost can prevent respiratory health problems in kids. In July of this year, Nestle agreed to drop its misleading advertising.

POM Wonderful

Pom WonderfulThe Claim: POM Wonderful pomegranate juice and POMx supplements promote healthy blood vessels, reduce high blood pressure, reduce LDL cholesterol, treat prostate cancer, and alleviate erectile dysfunction.

The Truth: The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) alleged that POM Wonderful violated federal law by making unsubstantiated claims about their products. The FTC said that studies claimed as evidence by POM Wonderful were unreliable or not conducted scientifically.

The Conclusion: It’s still under dispute. The FTC filed a suit on the grounds that POM Wonderful engaged in deceptive advertising. POM Wonderful fired back at the FTC, saying that the accusations were unwarranted. POM argues that their products do not carry the risks associated with pharmaceutical drugs, therefore their products should not be treated as such.

 Gerber Fruit Juice Snacks

Gerber Juice TreatsThe Claim: What irked consumers was not the advertising for this product, but that its packaging was covered with images of fruits.

The Truth: The fruit snacks are actually made from high-fructose corn syrup and sugar.

The Conclusion: The U.S. Court of Appeals ruled that Gerber was using deceptive marketing techniques. The court stated that consumers should not be expected to look beyond misleading representations on the front of the box to discover the truth from the ingredient list in small print on the side of the box.

This is what the FDA & FTC should not be doing

Cures & CustomersFDA-FTC Attack Dr. Andrew Weil-Alternative Medicine for Swine Flu

This is what our government is doing to people who would challenge “Big Pharma”

 This is a man who has been on the cover of Time Magazine not once-but twice.Dr. Andrew Weil

Dr. Weil 2Dr. Andrew Weil, one of the pioneers of integrating alternative approaches to healing with traditional medicine, adds his two-cents worth on health care reform. His point is that we’ve got to reconfigure our current system from “disease-management” to “health-promotion.” Money quote:

“It’s impossible to make our drug-intensive, technology-centric, and corrupt system affordable. … If we can make the correct diagnosis, the healing can begin. If we can’t, both our personal health and our economy are doomed.”

Ronald Reagan famously said, “Trust but Verify”.  At the signing of the INF Treaty, his counterpart Mikhail Gorbachev responded:  “you repeat that at every meeting,” to which Reagan answered:  “I like it”…I like it too.

HM PeacockInsulin Tree









Odds & Ends

My Personal Statistics & Plugs For Things I Like…If Anybody Cares

Throughout this site I have emphasized that I do not inject insulin and that I do not take any diabetic drugs so here is what I DO take everyday.  I am not advocating that anyone reading here take these, they are just what I have customized for myself.

10,000iu Vitamin D–2,560mg Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega Fish Oil–1,500mg Twin Labs Flushing Niacin–1,000 mg Acetyl L-Carnitine–1,000mcg Methlcobalamin–800mg GTF Chromium–200mg Jarrow CoQ10–90 mcg K2 (MK-7) Natto–12.5mg Iodoral Iodine

My doctors have hounded me for years to take statins (see below) and I have basically told them to kiss off.  Number one I wouldn’t take statins on a bet for any reason and number two they elevate blood sugar levels.  Terrific, a diabetic on statins.  I am not the least bit concerned about my cholesterol levels-it is the ratios that count and as you can see, my ratios look pretty good.  Below is from just a couple weeks ago and the graphs are from the last almost 3 years so you can see the trends are lookin’ good.  I wouldn’t have a clue as to why my last A1c went back to up 6.0 except that I tested 2 products that elevated my blood sugar within a month of my test or…not…maybe just wishful thinking.  The letter I got from the doctor’s office after my most recent test results said something to the effect that for my age and whatever I have done to change my lifestyle is working so keep it up…uh, OK Doc.

UPDATE:  February 19th, 2015  A1c  5.7

Your Total Cholesterol of 233 is BORDERLINE
Your LDL of 117 is NEAR OPTIMAL
Your HDL of 102 is OPTIMAL
Your Triglyceride level of 70 is NORMAL

For anyone in the know it’s not about your numbers and it’s all about your ratios. If you want to check your numbers and ratios you may do it here:

Cholesterol/HDL ratio is: 2.28 - (preferably under 5.0, ideally under 3.5) IDEAL 
HDL/LDL ratio is: 0.872 - (preferably over 0.3, ideally over 0.4) IDEAL
Triglycerides/HDL ratio is: 0.686 - (preferably under 4, ideally under 2) IDEAL



This is a lagniappe in the wrong place-on the wrong page-Oh Well.


Did you know that Red Rice Yeast in the United States DOES NOT contain statins?  The statin in Red Rice Yeast is identical to lovastatin and in order to protect Big Pharma the FDA banned its use.  The FDA has determined that red yeast rice products that contain more than trace amounts of monacolin K are unapproved new drugs and cannot be sold legally as dietary supplements.  It is the monacolin K that you would be looking for.

Statin DrugsIn 1998, the FDA determined that a red yeast rice product containing a substantial amount of monacolin K was an unapproved new drug, not a dietary supplement. On several occasions since then, the FDA has taken action against companies selling red yeast rice products that contain more than trace amounts of monacolin K, warning them that it is against the law to market these products as dietary supplements.  After all, Big Pharma can’t make any money pushing rice but they sure as hell make money pushing statins.

Red Rice YeastDespite the FDA actions, some red yeast rice products currently on the market in the United States may contain monacolin K. (Some products tested as recently as 2011 have been found to contain it in substantial amounts.) Other products may contain little or none of this component. Consumers have no way of knowing how much monacolin K is present in most red yeast rice products, and therefore have no way of knowing whether a particular product is safe, effective, or legal. The labels on these products usually state only the amount of red yeast rice that they contain, not the amounts of monacolin K or other monacolins.

In any case, it seems that the dog may be chasing its own tail.  You have no way of knowing what you are taking when you take any particular Red Rice Yeast product and if it does have more than traces of monacolin K it is illegal and…it is still a statin with all the attending problems i.e. depletion of COQ10, blood sugar elevation, muscle pains, liver and kidney problems etc.

I totally agree with Dr. Mercola and for further reading about statin drugs please see

Porcini Powder 4I could not live without this.  I use at most 1-1½ teaspoons in any given recipe and it has more flavor-bang for your buck than anything else I can think of.  I guarantee it will change your foodie life.

PISTOL RIVER MUSHROOMS right here in Oregon are the real deal and I have been using this brand for many years.  The price is a scant 1.69oz. (26.95 when you buy a l pound canister) and is totally worth every penny. The mushrooms are grade A and imported from Italy. Pistol River Porcini Mushrooms or Pistol River Porcini Dust

Premium Chicken BaseThe absolute best bases for everything under the sun.  I could not live without R L Schreiber Premium Chicken Base.  I only know about them because of my association with the food industry.  If you actually end up ordering any of them you will need to call in the order.  They are less expensive than shown on the website and though I have been using these for years, I don’t think their website even works.  Best to order the 2.5 lb sizes which fits well in your fridge.  R.L. Schreiber  Ask for Irene Ames.  You will see this used many times in my recipes.

A PLUG FOR MY FAVORITE TEA  This is a plug for Market Spice Cinnamon Orange Tea that I have been drinking since 1987 from my days living in Telluride, Colorado.  A friend gave me a cup of this one day and I swear I could not believe it did not any have sugar in it.  For all the world, you would think it was filled with sugar.  This is the link to read about and order it.Market Spice Tea  I guarantee that this will become a favorite.  It is available in 4oz, 8oz, and 16oz, loose leaf as well as individual bags.  It is also available through Amazon and this is a link to read the reviews.   If you are not into caffeine then this is not the tea for you-it does have caffeine and as the company says, it needs to be stored in a glass jar once one of the larger bags has been opened.  I buy four 16oz. bags (like the picture) at a time and have a dedicated ½ gallon glass jar to keep it in.  I also have a dedicated (used to be) stainless pan that I use to brew it in.  Buying it loose leaf allows you to determine your own flavor and strength.  Summer or Winter Iced or Hot -I think it is the best.

Pork PelletsFried Pork Skins…my diabetic popcorn.  I fry my own pellets in my own rendered pork fat and I buy 8 lbs. at a time from Willies Pork Rind Pellets To order you need to call 1-217-623-4340 or 1-217-725-6209



Is About TimeAbout Time Whey Protein Powder  It is tasty and has zero carbs while most others I have found do have some carbs.  It comes in 11 flavors. Netrition


Just Like Sugar Brown Just Like SugarJust Like Sugar BakingThe Just Like Sugars.  I use all three of them. Available at Netrition



Byrd Mill Peanut FlourByrd Mill Peanut Flour This is very good in desserts and also as a breading for fried chicken and no, it does not make your food taste peanutty. Available at Netrition



Nevada MannaNevada Manna Chocolate Chips  I think most people use these as chocolate chips which is not what I do.  I use them for making ganache so I don’t care if they come in one big melted mess.  I just shave what I want and leave the rest alone. Since most of you want chips, order during cool weather. Sadly these are no longer available.

EZ-SweetzEZ-Sweetz  After mountains of reading it is my opinion that Splenda (Sucralose) is perfectly safe to use in any amount and for any length of time.  It is the largest companies with their own vested interests in their own zero carb products and/or the sugar producers and/or the corn growers that have bad mouthed Splenda from here to kingdom come and if you think Big Agra and the whole of the sugar industry is going down without a fight you would be wrong.  There are billions of dollars at stake and these companies have every reason to make you think that Sucralose is bad for you.  Cargill would be a great example of this.  They own the Truvia brand which competes with Splenda.  And of all companies Monsanto owned Aspartame/Nutrasweet and Equal until they sold it.  Personally, I use liquid Splenda because Splenda Granules has maltodextrin in it which does have carbs.  Available at Netrition

This is an article I would urge you to read regarding the safety of Sucralose.|pcrid|2873816600|pkw|is%2520splenda%2520toxic|pmt|

And this from Dr. Michael Eades

Mt Olive Bread & Butter Mt Olive Sweet Relish Mt Olive If you have not tried these all I can say is they are great.  I have tried other low carb bread and butter pickles and they don’t hold a candle to these products. Available at Netrition


Burzynski The Movie*****This will set you on your ear.  It is, by far, the best documentary I have ever seen (and I have seen a lot of terrific documentaries) and if you don’t think much of the FDA and Big Pharma you will think even less of them after seeing this.  It is my belief if you were a fan of David Kessler…you won’t like him much either. The reviews on Amazon are virtually all 5 stars. You can see it on Youtube here or if you have Netflix you could see if they have it.  There must be a lot of people who think the same thing I do because this video has been watched over 385,000 times and who knows how many 100’s of thousands watched it on the Documentary Channel which is where I saw it for the first time.  There is now a second documentary just released on July,1 2013.

Ronald Reagan famously said, “Trust but Verify”.  At the signing of the INF Treaty, his counterpart Mikhail Gorbachev responded:  “you repeat that at every meeting,” to which Reagan answered:  “I like it”…I like it too.

Fairy Tesy StripsHoney What I've Done For Insulin










Cargilll Logo

Did you know that we diabetics and low carbers have a nickname dubbed by Cargill?  Well, we do, we are called the Savvy “Natural Splendid” Consumers.  Cargill says “While convenience and taste are important to all consumers, Naturally Splendids are more likely to prioritize health benefits over taste and convenience”.   Beware, we are a 39% target (by far the largest of the four groups) in the sights of Cargill, and probably other companies as well.

This explains the four “target groups” (see Consumer Attitudes) regarding sugar preferences and again, not long but quite insightful.  Cargill actually has the audacity to talk about “Ethical Ingredients” Are you kidding me? Cargill and ethical anything seems to me as oxymoronic as it gets.  Get real!

Alas, we are “targeted” yet again…but…I kind of like the name “Natural Splendid” and what it stands for.  I just don’t like the targeting aspect of it.

And here is Cargill targeting children

Chances are if you eat anything other than a few raw ingredients you buy at the grocery store or you local farmers markets you are eating something containing a product produced by Cargill and really you aren’t even assured of that.  Products like beef, turkey, pork, salt, oils or sweeteners are just a few.  Their ingredients are in your pharmaceuticals, your personal care products and they even feed the whole of the livestock industry.  This is the stuff listed under Chemical Industry and it is all foodstuffs we eat. 

If you (and I) think we are not eating this crap we are wrong.  Whole Foods Market?…full, full, full of it.  The only way I can think that anyone can escape this stuff is living in a commune and growing everything yourself which is a pretty impossible task.

Cargill is not listed on the Fortune 500 because…it is privately held and if it were listed it would rank about 17th or 18thCargill is by far the largest privately held company in the USSo who does own Cargill? The Cargill family, of course. The understandably secretive Cargills own 90% of the conglomerate, and no, they haven’t disclosed plans to sell anytime soon.

Turning Wheat into BreadBread & Wheat

While the title of America’s largest public company has changed over the last couple of decades, from GeneralMotors to Microsoft to ExxonMobil, the most valuable private American company has enjoyed its status largely unchallenged. Cargill is a $27 billion company that you perhaps may have only scant familiarity with, yet have almost certainly patronized. The Minnesota multi-national is responsible for a staggering one-quarter of all the grain exports from the United States.

I am of the belief that the closer you live to, and buy your food from, the better for you your food will be.

I’m thinking this stuff is not meant for the average guys eyes and this is probably only the tip of Cargill’s iceberg.  Holy Cow Batman!

Below is only one state and Cargill is all over this exhibition map.

The Big Boys In Iowa

Cargill By The Numbers

Ronald Reagan famously said, “Trust but Verify”.  At the signing of the INF Treaty, his counterpart Mikhail Gorbachev responded:  “you repeat that at every meeting,” to which Reagan answered:  “I like it”…I like it too.

Mosquitos Just Another NeedleDiabetic Gifts



Other Personally Glucose Tested Products

All figures begin after overnight fasting.
I want to emphasize that I DO NOT inject insulin and I DO NOT take any diabetic drugs which in my opinion makes me a perfect guinea pig to test any supposed low carb product.

November 10, 2012 Complimentary Healthwise Bakery


December 21, 2013 Purchased From Whole Foods Market


December 24, 2012 Purchased From Low Carb U


April 23, 2013 Complimentary Healthwise Bakery


May 6, 2013 Purchased From Amazon


June 11, 2013 Purchased From Viva Low Carb Received From Health Express

Ronald Reagan famously said, “Trust but Verify”.  At the signing of the INF Treaty, his counterpart Mikhail Gorbachev responded:  “you repeat that at every meeting,” to which Reagan answered:  “I like it”…I like it too.

Devil StorkCookie Jar










What on earth are lagniappes? and what on earth is a Food Lagniappe?

LagniappesMerriam Webster Definitionis a small gift given to a customer by a merchant at the time of purchase and more broadly something given or obtained gratuitously or by way of good measure. The term is found in use in Southern Louisiana and Mississippi and is a Cajun French or Louisiana Creole French term.  It is the equivalent of the thirteenth roll in a “baker’s dozen”.

I would like to thank you for coming to my website and I hope you found ‘some food for thought’ and at least a little information.  I have certainly had a good time doing it.

Educate YourselfFood For Thought:  If you are unable to find/buy an item anywhere but the internet be very wary.  Many of these internet sellers also market products through Amazon which tends to make a product look more legitimate-but be very wary.

Educate Yourself.  Education is knowledge and knowledge is power.

How to Correctly Calculate Sugar Alcohols:

The effects that sugar alcohols have on your blood glucose can vary so it is difficult to know how they will affect your blood glucose levels every time. Because there is less effect from sugar alcohols than either sugar or starch, you can use the following tips to estimate how much carbohydrate from a serving to count in your meal plan for foods that contain more than 5 grams sugar alcohols.

  • When a food has more than 5 grams of sugar alcohols:
  • Subtract ½ the grams sugar alcohol from the amount of total carbohydrate.
  • Count the remaining grams of carbohydrate in your meal plan.

Note: This tip is useful for those who are intensively managing their diabetes with insulin or advanced carbohydrate counting.


Portion: 1 bar
Total carbohydrate 15 grams, with 6 grams of sugar alcohol
One bar counts as 12 grams carbohydrate (15 – 3 = 12)

Sugar Alcohols

Erythritol, Isomalt, Lactitol, Maltitol, Mannitol, Sorbitol, Xylitol, Hydrogenated Starch Hydrolysates

What to say about sugar alcohols-best to stay away from them as much as possible as they can cause all kinds of gastric distress accompanied by pain and suffering.  Maltitol in any form is absolutely the worst and if there is a best it might by erythritol & xylitol.  About the most I can say about Sugar Alcohols is that they do not promote tooth decay.  I personally use Liquid Splenda, (EZ-Sweetz-zero carbs in any amount used) Just Like Sugar Table Top, Just Like Sugar Baking,  and Just Like Sugar Brown, all of which I order from .  The Just Like Sugar line of products is basically pure inulin with brain damage carbs and equally brain damage fiber.  Each gram of carb is offset by each attending gram of fiber.  We all have our own preferences and these just happen to be mine.  One of the things I have found over the last almost three years is that my tolerance for sweet stuff is not that great.  Most everything tastes too sweet to me.  My husband recently bought some Diet Rite cola sweetened with Splenda.  I took one sip of it and it tasted like sweetness overload to me.  I am not sure but perhaps it is a function of Diet Rite attempting to match the disgusting sweetness of Coke or Pepsi.

Splenda Low CarbingVolume TwoTry To Learn To Cook if you don’t know how.  Try finding a free online (low carb) cooking class.  If you can follow simple instructions try some of the easier recipes in the Low Carbing Among Friends and Jennifer Eloff cook books.  There are a ton of terrific recipes that will not put any tons on you. Seriously don’t these look scrumptious?  The book cover photos always lure you in with desserts but inside are some really terrific recipes…even for a novice.   I have not done much research on this because I don’t need it but if you do, the research can be fun, fun, fun.  My first husband used to accuse me of only wanting to do the fun things and my secret?: Make everything you do fun.  Easy peezy japanesy.

Baking is science & chemistry and cooking is art & creativity and there is a vast difference.  You don’t want to mess much with science & chemistry…but art?…creativity?…ahh…now there is something most of us can wrap ourselves with and…Katie bar the door.

This is one of my favorite gummment terms:  GRAS and it means Generally Recognized (Regarded) As Safe.  Boy, in my book that takes care of a wide swath of stuff.  If I had my choice (and I do) I would choose a salad, broccoli, cauliflower, or any number of things over Hydrogenated Starch Hydrolysates-Yuck.

FOIA-Freedom Of Information Act.  This can be useful if you have made a formal government (in my case, FDA) complaint to find out what is (has) happening with your complaint.  At this point I have not had to use it because as time passed I actually watched the results of my Julian Bakery FDA complaints via the internet.  FOIA Instructions  The charges are nominal and they will send you a bill.

How to File an FDA complaint.  This is pretty easy once you know the steps to take.  Most people send information to some FDA office in Washington, DC and it is my best guess it goes into the garbage.

You need to write a comprehensive, concise letter (several of mine, in the beginning were anything but) and then your letter and any supporting evidence is sent to your local FDA Consumer Complaint Coordinator.  Easiest is e-mail. (See PDF of all FDA toll-free phone numbers).  Consumer Complaint Coordinators  Call the office in your state to get the name and e-mail address of your coordinator.  (I have to say my FDA coordinator is absolutely terrific).  Once the complaint has been made you are assigned a complaint number and this number is what you use to obtain any documents you may wish to see under the FOIA.  Do not contact your coordinator again as they are unable to give you any update information-this is what the FOIA is for. Basically then, it is a matter of time.  As the saying goes, the wheels of government turn exceedingly slow and exceedingly fine.  Be patient…like 4-5 months patient.  Certainly you can monitor the company you have complained against which is what I have done.  As I said, I watched Julian Bakery crumble and almost disintegrate before my eyes via the internet.  This is a list of Better Business Bureau complaints during the Julian Bakery meltdown with the FDA.  The BBB’s rating for Julian Bakery is now a D+. Complaints Filed With The BBB Update October 12th, 2013: Julian Bakery has now been downgraded to an F by the BBB.

Anyone who ever said that eating low carb is expensive may not be telling the whole truth.  It is expensive…in the short run… and will probably save you countless healthcare dollars in the long run.  I believe for me, living with diabetes and living low carb, that I am healthier at 67 than I was at 50 or 55.  I consider myself very lucky and try to count my blessings every day.  I live in a very large metropolitan area where many good grocery stores and restaurants vie for your every food dollar and where just about everything is available, if not in a great grocery then at specialty markets and butcher shops.  There are more Asian markets here than you can shake a stick at.  For those of you living in the thousands of smaller towns and villages between the East and West coasts, I know it can be more difficult.  My only advice is to educate yourself and pick the very best and healthiest foods you can and remember, you can always order from They only charge $6.99 for shipping anywhere in the country no matter how much or how little it weights.  I have received orders that weighted 25-30 lbs. and yep, the shipping was a measly $4.95.  Shipping has now gone to $6.99 but in the world of the internet it is still a super bargain and over $99. the shipping is FREE.

Ronald Reagan famously said, “Trust but Verify”.  At the signing of the INF Treaty, his counterpart Mikhail Gorbachev responded:  “you repeat that at every meeting,” to which Reagan answered:  “I like it”…I like it too.

April 1st FingersA1C







Companies That Hit The Skids

Butterfly Bakery Now here’s another good story, with the FDA actually front and center.  Butterfly’s Facebook was so over loaded with negative remarks that it was taken down.

After a spectacular rise and ride Todd’s Organic Breads took a dive after partnering with Cheeter’s Diet Treats.

Low Carb Emporium as you read about on Sami’s Bakery, Low Carb Emporium, Carb Krunchers Scam.


My Current Suspect List

  • Mama Lupe’s Tortillas
  • Smart & Delicious Tortillas
  • LaBanderita Tortillas
  • Healthy Delites Rugelach
  • Healthy Delites Sugar Free Chocolate Deliteful Twists
  • Healthy Delites Sugar Free Cinnamon Deliteful Twists
  • Natural Ovens Carb Conscience Bread
  • And there are many more

Ronald Reagan famously said, “Trust but Verify”.  At the signing of the INF Treaty, his counterpart Mikhail Gorbachev responded:  “you repeat that at every meeting,” to which Reagan answered:  “I like it”…I like it too.

Apples & PearsYou Call This Eating



Books I Have Read and Recommend and…These Have Nothing To Do With Food


Books I Have Read and Recommend and…These Have Nothing To Do With Food Books I Have Read and Recommend and…These Have Nothing To Do With Food Books I Have Read and Recommend and…These Have Nothing To Do With Food

Books I Have Read and Recommend and…These Have Nothing To Do With Food

  • Confessions of an economic hit man / John Perkins *** Unbelievable
  • Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers / Robert Zapolsky*** Endocrinologist and Professor of Neurology and Neurosurgery at Stanford
  • Alone together: why we expect more from technology and less from each other / Sherry Turkle***
  • The body toxic: how the hazardous chemistry of everyday things threatens our health and well-being / Nena Baker
  • Broken open: how difficult times can help us grow / Elizabeth Lesser
  • The male brain / Louann Brizendine***Very informative and very funny
  • Life without lawyers: liberating Americans from too much law / Philip K. Howard*** Terrific
  • Big-box swindle: the true cost of mega-retailers and the fight for America’s independent businesses / Stacy Mitchell***
  • The ascent of money: a financial history of the world / Niall Ferguson
  • Freakonomics: a rogue economist explores the hidden side of everything / Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner***
  • Superfreakonomics: global cooling, patriotic prostitutes, and why suicide bombers should buy life insurance / Steven D. Levitt & Stephen J. Dubner*** If you have not read these two books you need to, they are great.  Read them in order
  • Why we believe what we believe: uncovering our biological need for meaning, spirituality, and truth / Andrew Newberg, Mark Robert Waldman
  • The tyranny of e-mail: the four-thousand-year journey to your inbox / John Freeman
  • Disconnect: the truth about cell phone radiation, what the industry has done to hide it, and how to protect your family / Devra Davis***
  • Liberty defined: 50 essential issues that affect our freedom / Ron Paul
  • The Big Short / Michael Lewis
  • Incognito: the secret lives of the brain / David Eagleman

I love, love, love James Hollis and have read all of his books.  His lifes’ mission is to translate all of the works of Carl Gustav Jung; the Swiss psychotherapist and psychiatrist who founded analytical psychology.  Jung proposed and developed the concepts of the extroverted and the introverted personality, archetypes, and the collective unconscious.  Hollis has written 13 books and if you decide to start reading him be prepared for some very in depth, heavy stuff and you might want a dictionary near by-I used mine profusely.

JH Why Good BadJH Under Saturn's ShadowJH Finding MeaningJH What Matters Most






I didn’t exactly tell the truth in the title of this post.  Below are some foodie books but not really in any traditional foodie sense and for this website I would change the quote in the picture below to:  “If you think organic food is expensive have you tried pricing diabetes lately”?

Joel Salatin“When faith in our freedom gives way to fear of our freedom, silencing the minority view becomes the operative protocol.”― Joel Salatin, Everything I Want To Do Is Illegal: War Stories from the Local Food Front

What to say about Joel Salatin.  While I have said elsewhere that Alton Brown is my food hero, Joel Salatin is my all time, all around capitalized HERO.  I can’t think of anything he has said or written that I could much disagree with and/but…I have not read everything-maybe there is something somewhere.  Just so you know, Joel Salatin is that crazy Virginia farmer featured in Michael Pollans book The Omnivores Dilemma and the documentary Food Inc.

Don’t be afraid to stick out and stick up for what you believe in.  If you have never heard the name Joel Salatin now that you have, you may begin seeing his name pop up from time to time.  I even Google Alert him.

Below are eight of the books Joel Salatin has written and most of the titles show his thinking may not be anywhere near what most of us call conventional but to me he makes total sense.  You may visit him at  and know this:  Joel Salatin knows what it is to be free and he lives his freedom every day.  Joel is the epitome of the word courageous, Joel is defiant and Joel is a dying breed.

Nationally, the latest agricultural census figures show the fastest growing group of farmers and ranchers are those over age 65.

The USDA is beginning work on its 2012 census, and Merrigan is afraid the average age will be even higher when the data is compiled.  This was 2 years ago.

What do all these colleges have in common?  Texas A&M, Michigan State University originally MAC, Virginia Tech originally Virginia A&M. Alabama A&M, University of Arkansas originally Arkansas A&M?  There are many many more but you get the idea. The A stood for agriculture and except for Texas they have all changed their names.  Apparently they couldn’t wait to distance themselves from the agricultural aspect in their names. And the M?…that stood for Mechanical.

Joel, and many others say you can tell a lot about a person by what’s on their bookshelves.  I hope my bookshelf tells a little of me.

 Joel Salatin 4Joel Salatin 6Joel Salatin 2Joel Salatin 1





Joel Salatin 5

Joel Salatin 3

Joel Salatin 8

 Joel Salatin 7





William Kent KruegerSeriously, what kind of  sister-in-law would I be if I didn’t plug my husband’s sort of famous brother-author William Kent Krueger and his books?  So here they are, listed as they came out.  They are best read in order as they are a crime-mystery series.  Two exceptions standing on their own:  The Devil’s Bed and his latest *Ordinary Grace.  *Hot Diggity Dog Ordinary Grace just won and was presented on May 1st, in New York City, the 2014 coveted #1 Edgar award which is like winning the best picture academy award in the book world.  I am seeing him in July and he may now be just insufferable.  I understand from my husband it is very good.  His next book due out in August, Windigo Island, returns to the series and is assured of being good.  Kent has, on occasion, touched the NYT best seller list.  Kent also writes with his crime writing buddies, a group of mystery writer dubbing themselves: The Minnesota Crime Wave.  I have to confess I have not read these books as they are not my cup of tea, but I know millions of other people have.  At home he’s not famous…he’s just Grandpa.

Krueger Iron Lake 1 Krueger Bondary Waters 2 Krueger Purgatory Ridge 3 Krueger Devil's Bed 4
Krueger Blood Hollow 5 Krueger Mercy Falls 6 Krueger Copper River 7 Krueger Thunder Bay 8
Krueger Red Knife 9 Krueger Heaven's Keep 10 Krueger Vermillion Drift 11 Krueger Northwest Angle 12
Krueger Trickster's Point 13 Krueger Ordinary Grace 14 Tamarack County Windigo Island

 Ronald Reagan famously said, “Trust but Verify”.  At the signing of the INF Treaty, his counterpart Mikhail Gorbachev responded:  “you repeat that at every meeting,” to which Reagan answered:  “I like it”…I like it too.

HM Two SheepA1C








Interesting Stories & Websites To Visit In Your Spare Time and Like…Who Has Spare Time?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Fat ChanceDr. Robert Lustig, MD, UCSF Professor of Pediatrics in the Division of Endocrinology, explores the damage caused by sugary foods. He argues that fructose (too much) and fiber (not enough) appear to be cornerstones of the obesity epidemic through their effects on insulin. Though the first video seems long-it is riveting and well worth the time and if you can’t watch it all at once maybe a little at a time. The others are short.


Fattie Foodie Books regarding health and nutrition.

Why We Get FatOmnivores DilemmaWheat BellySalt Sugar FatObsessedGary Taubes Michael Pollan William Davis IMG_2714.JPG Mika Brzezinski Signs Copies Of Her Book "Obsessed: The Fight Against America's (and My Own) Food Addiction"

Caveat:  The first four books are terrific.  I have done a lot of reading during my life and I have to say the book “Obsessed” by Mika Brezezinski is absolutely the worst book I have ever read.  It is pithy; saying nothing.  She had the opportunity with all the heavy weights in the food, medical, and health industries at her disposal, and with her highly visible platform on Morning Joe to make a difference, and she totally blew it.  Instead of educating and making that difference, she promoted her book to make money.  Mika is a Thumbs Down.

I think the reason I liked “Salt Sugar Fat” so much is because Michael Moss so heavily emphasizes how we (not just in the United States but around the world) are so manipulated, influenced and controlled by the huge food companies like Monsanto, Cargill, Con Agra, Dupont, Dow, Big Pharma, and down the line to Pepsico, General Mills, and fast foods etc.  Remember the old Dow ads; Better Living Through Chemistry?  Yikes!  Our government is in bed with all these companies every step of the way with nebulous rules and regulations that only a $1000. an hour attorney might begin to figure out.  It is so terribly difficult for any individual to deal with government.  (Believe me, I have tried).

The above books and their authors, as good as most of them are, have barely made a dent (if even that) regarding the health and safely of people.  Oh yeah, some of us are just lucky, or have the money to withstand most of the worlds food platter but the vast majority of people do not fit into this category.  They are dependent on food labels and government.

With the United States government is is truly “Caveat Emptor”  Let The Buyer Beware.

  Ronald Reagan famously said, “Trust but Verify”.  At the signing of the INF Treaty, his counterpart Mikhail Gorbachev responded:  “you repeat that at every meeting,” to which Reagan answered:  “I like it”…I like it too.

Jammy Jam

Finger Biting







Internet Low Carb Writers & Bloggers

Internet Low Carb Writers & Bloggers

Internet Low Carb Writers &amp; BloggersSteve Cooksey


Internet Low Carb Writers &amp; BloggersKyndra Holley


Internet Low Carb Writers &amp; BloggersLisa MarcAurele


Internet Low Carb Writers &amp; BloggersLibby Jenkinson


Internet Low Carb Writers &amp; BloggersLinda Genaw


These are only the home pages of these websites-don’t be fooled.  They are vast and full of so, so much information and so many recipes.

Internet Low Carb Recipes & Book Authors

Carolyn KetchumCarolyn Ketchum  fabulous desserts


Jennifer Eloff PictureJennifer Eloff everything about cooking with Splenda


And there are hundreds more talented low carb cooks and websites.

As a former chef I have always been particularly partial to desserts.  Pastries, cakes, and the like.  Not necessarily in the eating of them but in the artistry of making them.

One Samurai Tradition says:  from the moment you awake, devote yourself to the perfection of whatever you pursue.  I admire this practice and strive to emulate it.

“Yesterday is but a dream, tomorrow is but a vision.  But today well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness, and every tomorrow a vision of hope.  Look well, therefore, to this day.” ~Sanskrit Proverb

Recommended Cook Books

Volume OneVolume TwoSplenda Low Carbing







 All the Low-Carbing Among Friends cookbooks and maybe a couple of Jennifer Eloff’s books are mostly all you’ll need.  Some people just love collecting cookbooks and if you are one of these people then have at it.

Where To Buy Low Carb Products  Hands down the best.  They sell some (in my opinion) dubious products and they don’t have everything but they sure have a lot.

You can also buy through but personally, I prefer Netrition.

Ronald Reagan famously said, “Trust but Verify”.  At the signing of the INF Treaty, his counterpart Mikhail Gorbachev responded:  “you repeat that at every meeting,” to which Reagan answered:  “I like it”…I like it too.

Nothing To FearNever Disturb A Diabetic







Calculating Carbohydrates

100% always equals 100g of any given tested product.

Scenario One Example: Snacks For Life Better Bagel-One of my lab tested products-an 85g bagel

100% minus 33.3% moisture, minus 13.8% protein, minus 2.4% fat, minus 2.7% ash-leaving 47.8% as a combination of available carbohydrate and fiber.

The serving size (always given in grams on any food label and if the gram weight is not listed be very wary) is 85g.  The 85g is then multiplied by each of the above percentages and what is left is a combination of carbohydrate and fiber which in this case is 41g.  Remember this is a combination of carbs and fiber.  Now you want to break these two down and this is where you better know what your ingredients are.

In this case the first 3 ingredients on the bagel are listed as: high gluten wheat flour, wheat gluten, and corn starch-all very high carbohydrate low fiber ingredients and yet the label says 24g carbs 16g fiber and 3g sugar alcohol with 5g net carbs. Very suspicious since these same 3 ingredients have virtually no fiber.  From my glucose test below it appears the ingredients are probably correct but the carbs and fiber are falsely stated.  If there is a 48g combination left and the label states a 40g combination where are the other 8 grams?  13.8% protein X 100% X 85g = 11.7g protein not the 16g stated on the label.  Now add the missing 8g with the 4g less protein and you begin to see the picture; a whooping 12g difference.  This bagel would have 36g carbs and 12 grams fiber just if you believe the label and I would say it is probably more like 50g carbs and 2g fiber which is about your average everyday bagel and my glucose test below pretty much says it all.  I only tested 56g because eating the whole thing scared me.

NY Bagel NoCrash

April 16, 2013 Purchased From Snack For Life

Interestingly I had about 5 oz of egg salad with bacon for lunch and when I took my afternoon reading before dinner the reading was 79…not good.  It is called “crashing” your blood sugar-goes way up and then way down.

Scenario Two Example:  Carb Krunchers Plain Multigrain Bread-One of my lab tested products-2 Slices 56g

In this case it is the ingredients list that is at least partially falsely labeled.  The first 8 ingredients are listed as:  almond flour, soy flour, bran flour (what the hell is bran flour-haven’t been able to find it) and whole wheat bran flour (nope, couldn’t find that one either) oat flour, sesame flour, unbleached flour, and vital flour wheat (nope, not this one either).  The list of high carb ingredients reads like another Stephen King horror novel but the problem is that most people read the list, see ALMOND MEAL, don’t read any further and think yup, must be low carb.

The label for this product states:  11g carbs, 6g fiber, and .5 sugar alcohols with 4.5g net carbs.

Lab testing for this product is:  25g carbs, 4g fiber with a 21g net carbs.


December 18, 2012 Ordered From Viva Low Cab Received From Health Express

One of things I have noticed over my last year of testing my own blood glucose levels on so many products is that I am pretty consistent.  If something has X carbs my readings go up about the same and in proportion every time.  The more carbohydrate the higher the spike.

Dr. Richard Bernstein says not to spike over 140 and I try never to do this…except when I am going to knowingly test a suspected product.

Ronald Reagan famously said, “Trust But Verify”.  At the signing of the INF Treaty, his counterpart Mikhail Gorbachev responded:  “you repeat that at every meeting,” to which Reagan answered:  “I like it”…I like it too.

ArithmophobiaFood Hates Me







All the President’s Men

All the President's MenAll the President’s Men. There are three fraudulent major players on the West Coast, and two on the East Coast joined by several smaller players with a scattering in between.  All three players on the west coast have multiple sites and the Lord only knows why.

What is their common denominator?  They are all knowingly selling products that are fraudulently labeled.  One might say caveat emptor (let the buyer beware) should apply and I say-no, it should not.  A seller in the business of regularly selling a particular type of goods has still greater responsibilities in dealing with an average customer. One such warranty is the Implied Warranty of Merchantability.  A person purchasing any low carb product is justified in his or her reliance on the expertise of the seller.  Only if both the buyer and the seller are negotiating from equal bargaining positions, and only then, should the doctrine of caveat emptor apply.

This rule (caveat emptor) is not designed to shield sellers who engage in fraud or bad faith dealing by making false or misleading representations about the quality or condition of a particular product. It merely summarizes the concept that a purchaser must examine, judge, and test a product considered for purchase.

The Big Internet Players

Bonnie Parker MugshotThese are the multiple websites owned by Rossana Forzanti located on the West Coast in California.  After being exposed, this crook has gone from selling falsely labeled low carb products to diabetics online, to hawking Mexican candy. What a piece of work.

NixonThese are the multiple websites owned by Jason May located on the West Coast in California


Bernie Madoff These are the multiple websites owned by Julian Bakery and Heath Squier located on the West Coast in California


The Smaller But Not Insignificant Internet Players:


John Leland Turner Coralville, IA  OUT OF BUSINESS



G. Gordon LiddyThese are the websites of Patricia & Richard LaPlante OUT OF BUSINESS



valentine heart shape made by dollars isolatedIf we can’t trust a label, which affects how we make our decisions, what are we able to trust?  Do we really want to support the businesses that have been and continue to sell us falsely labeled products for the love of money at the expense of our health?

Ronald Reagan famously said, “Trust but Verify”.  At the signing of the INF Treaty, his counterpart Mikhail Gorbachev responded:  “you repeat that at every meeting,” to which Reagan answered:  “I like it”…I like it too.

Whoopie PiesPointless Dull Needles


One Good Low Carb Bakery & Some Good Internet Sellers

Healthwise Bakery

I have been contacted by Healthwise Bakery in Ft. Lauderdale, FL several times over the past eight or nine months to personally glucose test bread and bagel products for them and each time they have tested just fine.  I seem to be very sensitive to carbohydrate and am the perfect diabetic test subject because I take NO drugs of any kind.   A couple of the breads have not tasted that great but the last one he sent me a couple of months ago for Great Low Carb Bread was actually pretty tasty.  It is my humble opinion that their bread products need more fat in them and as a diabetic low carber I could care less about fat.  As far as I am concerned the more fat the better.  Healthwise Bakery has been in business for 22 years-far longer than the Julian Bakery in California or Sami’s Bakery and Carb Krunchers on the East Coast and until these crooksters came along with their falsely labeled breads you were assured that you were getting truly low carb products.  Healthwise bakery does do private labeling so your favorite bread may have been made by them and you’ve just never known it.

Linda's Diet DelitesAndrew Eckhardt & Linda’s Diet Delites 1049 Raritan Rd  Clark, NJ 07066 (732) 382-1099 seem to have people’s health at heart.  Yes, in the past he has carried some of the offending falsely labeled products and each time he has discovered them he not only has dropped them, he makes negative statements on his website regarding the products.  If possible, this is the best store on the internet to deal with whether you live in the East or the West.  They have a physical store if you are in the area.  The ThinSlim lowcarb breads are tasty & I have had it.

Web address:

Gluten Free ShoppeThe Gluten Free Shoppe 3918 16th Ave  Brooklyn, NY 11218 (718) 633-3200  This looks to be a terrific place to shop and if you are looking for gluten free they seem to have a whole host of products.  To my knowledge they are the only online store to carry Carb-O-Licious Muffins besides Amazon.  Not only are they GF, they are high fat and low carb.  I found and ordered the chocolate muffins through Amazon because I thought they might be falsely labeled but was I in for a treat.  I have no earthly idea why the bakery that makes these muffins wishes to remain anonymous but it seems they do.  Yes, I know who they are and no, please don’t ask me.  Carb-O-LiciousMy muffins were shipped from the bakery but had no bakery name on the otherwise perfectly good label.  All I can say is that most any prepared low carb baked goods, other than my own, have been pretty much like tasteless cardboard but these muffins are not only good-they are fantastic.  They are almost fudge-like.  I tested these and had virtually no blood sugar increase.  The package I received had a total net muffin weight of a whopping 5 oz more than advertised-what a bonus!

Web address:

Healthy Joy BakesHealthy Joy Bakes-Omega Power Bread 1173 50TH Street Suite #302 Brooklyn, NY 11219 (718) 924-2266  Issac Sander was kind enough to send me a sample loaf, I did do a blood glucose and it was fine.  My assessment:  Somewhat dry, definitely not tasty but might improve with butter.  It had a very dark one quarter inch crust completely around each slice and at $10.00 plus shipping it would be a bit rich for my blood (no pun intended).  The taste of all food is subjective for all people so even though this was not the tastiest low carb bread I have tried you may think it is very good.

Web address:

I want to emphasize that I DO NOT inject insulin and I DO NOT take any diabetic drugs which in my opinion makes me a perfect guinea pig to test any supposed low carb product.


March 16th, 2013 Complimentary From Omega Power Bread And Issac Sander

P-28 Protein Bread-This bread is not low carb and does not purport to be but it is very high in protein (14g) in one large slice (47g). By today’s standards one slice of this bread is nearly equal to 2 normal 1oz slices so a sandwich made with this bread would give you a whooping 28g protein and 20g net carbs or…You could cut a piece in half for a good size sandwich.  If this is your cup of tea they have a full line of bakery products.

Web address: this bread is also available from netrition:

I can’t eat Dave’s Killer Breads anymore, but I sure used to.  Everyone in Oregon and Washington eats them.  If breads could be healthy these would be the breads to eat. They are chocked full of the best grains, seeds and nuts and they are good, great, fabulous.  Dave’s Killer Breads is literally, across the street from Bob’s Red Mill.  I am proud to say that I personally know Dave, and that he is one stand up dude.

Daves Killer Breads Daves Truck
Daves Just Say No Daves Healthy Bread Store

 Ronald Reagan famously said, “Trust but Verify”.  At the signing of the INF Treaty, his counterpart Mikhail Gorbachev responded:  “you repeat that at every meeting,” to which Reagan answered:  “I like it”…I like it too.

No Longer A Diabetic Needle In A Needlestack



What The Hell Are We Eating Anyway?

PepsicoNo matter what, unless you are a commercial bakery or food manufacturer you cannot buy the ingredients that go into most low carb breads, bagels, and a thousand other products. For what it’s worth I pretty much consider these ingredients FrankenFoods.  They have been, and are being, developed by companies like Cargill, Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) and the infamous Monsanto.  The names are innocuous enough but the idea of eating them turns my stomach.  These products list like a who’s who from some horror novel:  soy fiber, pea fiber, cellulose fiber, rice fiber, corn fiber, stabilized bran, and multifiber.  What is multifiber?  Some combination?  Think aboutMonsanto Products this:  These products are not just in breads and bakery items; they are in hundreds and hundreds of processed packaged and fast food products and include beverages, candy, cereals yogurt, and ice cream.  Ice cream?  Last I knew ice cream had four basic ingredients:  Eggs, cream, sugar, and vanilla.  And then…there are all the modified starches in foods.  To name just a few:  Instant puddings and desserts, canned soups, gravies, low fat foods, salad dressings, jellied candies, baby foods, infant formulas, and liquid cheese.  Yeah, lets get them babies started off right early in life with some of them modifies starches…and what is liquid cheese?

Tostitos Smooth & CheesyCellulose Fiber From Wood:  Manufacturers use cellulose wood fiber in foods as an extender, providing structure and reducing breakage in a variety of processed foods and meats meant for human and pet consumption, as well as for plastics, cleaning detergents, welding electrodes, pet litter, automotive brake pads, glue and reinforcing compounds, construction materials, roof coating, asphalt, and even emulsion paints, among many other products.

Manufacturers are able to remove as much as 50% of the fat from some cookies, biscuits, cakes and brownies by replacing it with powdered cellulose but still end up with a very similar product in terms of taste and appearance.  Some of the largest offenders are:  PepsiCo, Kellogg, Weight Watchers, General Mills, McDonalds, Sara Lee, Yum Brands, Jack in the Box, Kraft Foods, Pizza Hut, Wendy’s, Arby’s, Sonic, Dole, KFC, Nestle, and get this-Atkins.  These are just the biggies and each of the above individual companies produce multiple products with wood cellulose.

Most consumers might be horrified to find these types of filler products are used as substitutes for items that they believe to be good for them.   Shouldn’t we perhaps expect increased disclosure to follow increased use of cellulose and other filler products as these practices increases?

Money WorldWhy are these fillers used?  Simple-MONEY, MONEY, and more MONEY.  You know the old saying:  Money makes the world go round.  They are far less expensive that real food and if people will eat it, bring it on.

Why the hell are we all eating this crap?  All it takes is to stop!  Companies are complacent because people keep buying their products.  You can bet that these same companies would perk right up if people, en masse, stopped purchasing all of this Frankenfood MythFrankenFood.  It is my best guess when you are told you need more fiber they are not talking about these wood fibers and fillers.  I don’t know about you but I’m not to keen about eating something that also goes in roof coating, asphalt and glue.  Am I missing something here?

Ronald Reagan famously said, “Trust but Verify”.  At the signing of the INF Treaty, his counterpart Mikhail Gorbachev responded:  “you repeat that at every meeting,” to which Reagan answered:  “I like it”…I like it too.

Diabetic Fortune CookieDiabetic Money


Diabetes Supplies Shop

Diabetes SuppliesBusiness Of DiabetesThis website is no longer active but it was interesting:  Diabetes Supplies Shop carried 847 products and everything in the world for diabetics, including glucose meters, test strips, insulin pumps, keto strips, foot care products, diabetic shoes, food products, and yes…unbelievably…they peddled CARB KRUNCHERS breads.  Are you kidding me?  As you can see Carb Krunchers was huge and absolutely everywhere.

Notice that falsely labeled products and especially breads are or were sold at the following locations.  The smarter ones scrubbed themselves of Carb Krunchers-the dumber ones have not.  Remember I didn’t just make up these website addresses-the internet website owners didMany of the links have now been broken but I sure know this one is good. 

Ronald Reagan famously said, “Trust but Verify”.  At the signing of the INF Treaty, his counterpart Mikhail Gorbachev responded:  “you repeat that at every meeting,” to which Reagan answered:  “I like it”…I like it too.

Medical Promise RingCruel Tricks






Diet Mart & Laurel Health Foods Playing Whack-A-Mole

Whack A MoleAs illustrated on the Sami’s Bakery, Low Carb Emporium & Carb Krunchers page, leading to the Zomick’s Bakery & Carb Krunchers page, we are now led to the Diet Mart & Laurel Health Foods page.  What has happened in the past is as one company’s false labeling is discovered; they lay low for a while and pop up somewhere else with a “new” line of products.  This is now being monitored.

All together we can stop this fraud. We can stop buying from the big internet players and with a little courage we can call or email them and tell them we are mad as hell and we’re not buying any more!


Diet Mart Plain MiltigrainDiet Mart at seems to be a prime example of trying to keep up playing Whack-A-Mole.  I took the liberty of copying and pasting labels from the websites of Sami’s Bakery, Diet Mart, Laurel Health Foods and my own purchased Carb Krunchers label so you could see first hand how they are all connected. I am afraid that if and when they know I have done this the pages could go away.  Please See Sami’s, Diet Mart, Carb Kruncher [PDF]

Classic BrowniesLaurel Health Foods  OUT OF BUSINESS

Another Whack-A-Mole example.  Take a look at the picture in this newspaper’s article regarding the moving of Laurel Health Foods.  The picture pretty much shows what many other health food stores might look like: vitamins & herbs and a nice row of coolers and some baked goods in the front.,0,530299.story

This next article absolutely gushes about the special little food bar in the back of the store for diabetics with their grandmother saying (about her grandson brothers) “They’re knowledgeable on diabetes and this will be good for Laurel.”  The food bar has personal-sized, low-carbohydrate bagels and pizzas…now I wonder…are they selling Carb Krunchers and EatRite to diabetics being as though they are so knowledgeable about all this stuff.  This is the headline of another local paper:  Health Food Store Opens New Diabetic-Friendly Snack Area.

These guys think they have it all figured out.  A quaint little store front with a dirty little back room secret.

Brothers Curtis and Phil Price and their mother Monica have a website at  dedicated almost exclusively to the sales of EatRite Products, Dreamfields, and Carb Krunchers breads & bagels. (The breads and bagels are in the upper left corner).  Are you kidding me, basically no other products but these when they have hundreds of other legitimate products?

These people now have the health food store that the grandparents opened 42 years ago (same year my parents opened their health food store) and look what they have turned it into-a place to bilk diabetics and the low carb community.  Good Grief!

Money RollsHey, let’s make a little money on the side.  We know these products are selling like hotcakes so why not get in on a little of the action.  We know diabetics are desperate and they are a huge internet market and really, who cares about them?  KaChing, KaChing.  The article says the Prices continue to offer customers advice on healthy eating.  Sure glad I’m not one of their customers getting that “healthy eating advice”.

If mom and dad were old school as the article says, I’m betting mom and dad have proverbially “turned over”.

This is so totally, totally disgusting.

The BIG Q:  Who is still making these products?  Is it Zomick’s?  Is it Sami’s? Or is it some other Mole?

Ronald Reagan famously said, “Trust but Verify”.  At the signing of the INF Treaty, his counterpart Mikhail Gorbachev responded:  “you repeat that at every meeting,” to which Reagan answered:  “I like it”…I like it too.

Waging WarPatch Some Addiction







NY Bagel Company-Snacks For Life

NY Bagel Co Islandia Low Carb EverythingNot long ago while on the website I found a low carb bagel being sold.  I ordered these bagels along with their sugar free brownies and had them tested.  The bagels, made by NY Bagel Company in Islandia, NY tested about 5 times the stated carbs.  Under Bagels they list and show pictures of 11 bagels.  Under Low Carb Bagels are identical pictures of the same 11 bagels.  I had a very cordial conversation with Stacy and she immediately took the bagels off the website.  I was afraid to eat a whole bagel so I weighed and ate 56g.

She seemed quite surprised that her brownie manufacturer (?) was still using a kosher symbol on the labels as they had not been kosher for a long time.  You do have to wonder how any company could be selling multiple products (including company president Robin’s signature first cookie, the Oatmeal Raisin with 37g net carbs), with your name on it and not see that a kosher sign was still being used. In the New York area being Kosher is a big deal but it is very expensive-Stacy told me close to $10,000 per year. She did assure me this labeling would be changed.  The brownies tested pretty close to what the label stated but…you are supposed to, ready?…cut this small brownie into two microscopic portions.  I’m thinking that most people are eating the whole brownie at one time which may cause some problems.  They have so much maltitol in them as to boggle the mind.  Maltitol, Maltitol Syrup, and then Maltitol in the chocolate chips are the first, second, and third listed ingredients in these brownies.  Eat at your own risk.  I did not personally test this product because of its Maltitol content.

If you have never eaten anything made with maltitol, better not to start.  This sugar alcohol is one of the absolute worst (and cheapest) sugar alternatives. It causes terrible gas and bloating and can cause severe cramping and diarrhea.

I want to emphasize that I DO NOT inject insulin and I DO NOT take any diabetic drugs which in my opinion makes me a perfect guinea pig to test any supposed low carb product.

NY Bagel NoCrash

April 16, 2013 Purchased From Snack For Life

I will be filing an FDA complaint regarding the NY Bagel Company.

Ronald Reagan famously said, “Trust but Verify”.  At the signing of the INF Treaty, his counterpart Mikhail Gorbachev responded:  “you repeat that at every meeting,” to which Reagan answered:  “I like it”…I like it too.

Nothing To FearPancreas On Hip


Dreamfields or Nightmares

Dreamfields Pasta

This company’s pasta products are perhaps the most successfully falsely advertised low carb foods on the market today.  They have permeated literally everywhere.  I say falsely advertised because the actual FDA required nutritional label is correct.  The label indicates 36g net carbs per 56g serving.  The problem is the advertised “protected carbs”. To be continued…On July 22, 2013 a class action lawsuit was filed against the makers and sellers of Dreamfields Pasta for false advertising.  Please see Mirakay et al. v. Dakota Growers Pasta Co., Inc. et al., Case No. 13-cv-04429, D. NJ.  Only the first 48 pages need be perused and you will get the gist of things.

HUGE NEWS!   Dreamfields Low-Carb Pasta Maker Reaches $8M Class Action Settlement

Update: 07/16/14 To file your claim go to

 Law360, New York (April 15, 2014, 12:39 PM ET) — Post Holdings Inc. unit Dakota Growers Pasta Co. has agreed to spend $7.9 million and change the labeling on Dreamfields Pasta to settle class claims of falsely hawking the brand as containing fewer digestible carbohydrates than traditional pasta, according to settlement papers filed Monday.  For Complete Text Please See PDF  Dreamfields Pasta Lawsuit 

Consumers will be reimbursed for Dreamfields purchases dating back to February 2004 under the terms of the deal, with overall claims capped at $5 million. Dakota will not oppose a $2.9 million fee award for the plaintiffs attorneys that will be paid..and here is the link to the Preliminary Settlement and Brief.  It’s a doozie.  All you people who were poisoned for years?…you can get back 29.85.  This was probably not your finest health investment.

New Dreamfields LabelOld Dreamfields Label

 A huge problem as I see it. Can you see the difference in the labels? Not much and I seriously doubt most others will either. Click on the pictures and have a good look for yourself. The label on the left is the new one (13.25 oz.) and the label on the right is the old one (16 oz.) and apparently they are still allowed to call the pasta “Healthy Carb Living” which is absolutely disgusting. Dreamfields is allowed to use the same colorful packaging, it is still familiar to past customers, and “Healthy Carb Living” is attractive to any new prospective customer. How many millions of diabetics who eat this s*#t will continue? How many newly diagnosed diabetics (5,200 daily) will be drawn to this product? How many diabetics will never hear about the all but settled class action lawsuit? My guess…not many which means a whole lot of people (old and new) will continue poisoning themselves with this product. Dreamfields packaging is called “Product Recognition” (or branding) and boy oh boy is it so very important to every company.  Think McDonald’s yellow arches, Apple’s apple, Nike’s swoosh or Twitter’s bird. We all know and recognize these logos and it is my opinion the lawsuit missed this completely. On purpose? I don’t know and one can only hope not.

McDonald's LogoApple LogoTwitter Bird LogoPepsi LogoStarbucks LogoCoka Cola LogoNike Swoosh LogoBP Logo



    Dreamfield Low Carb Fiction“Protected Carbs”?  Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt aka The DietDoctor pretty well sums things up:  Does anyone out there know what a “Protected Carb” is?  I will tell you…it’s crap.  “Protected Carbs” is something Dreamfields made up…a fanciful pie in the sky if pigs could fly hoax, or as the good Doctor might put it “another fairy tale”. Dreamfields has been poisoning diabetics one portion (or more likely two) at a time for nearly 10 years. Dreamsfields Linguine Nutritional LabelTake a good look at the FDA required nutritional facts label.  Just the facts ma’am.  Nowhere in the actual required label does it show or say anything about “protected carbs”.  That stuff is off to the side and as we all should know a food company may say any fanciful or lying through their teeth thing they want to anywhere on a package outside of the nutrition label and Dreamfields has certainly taken full advantage of this. Pipe DreamIf you are eating these products you are smokin’ a pipe dream and delusion is the name of your game.  It is my best guess you are eating about double (112g) the measly two ounce (56g) portion stated on the label as a serving and taking in somewhere north of 70g net carbs.  For Pete’s sake if you want to eat pasta, by all means eat it but why not buy a less expensive pasta?  It is pretty much all the same.  I have made scratch pasta many, many times and there are 3 basic ingredients:  Semolina Flour, Egg, and a Pinch of Salt. Barilla LabelMake up your own mind which you would like to eat because pasta is pasta is pasta whether it is falsely advertised Dreamfields with a couple of FrankenFood ingredients added or Barilla, Ronzoni, De Cecco, American Beauty, or Creamette. This is a paper regarding Dreamfields Pastas published with the ncbi (National Center for Biotechnology Information which is part of the U.S. National Library of Medicine) in conjunction with the nih (National Institutes of Health and Human Services), and an agency of the U.S. Department of Health.  Frank Q. Nuttall, MD, PHD,1,2 Mary C. Gannon, PHD,1,2,3 and Heidi Hoover, RD, M Shelley Schlender interview with Nuttall/ Gannon on Dreamfields If ever you have the time, and I mean a long time, read the information listed here  This patent took them from the filing date of October 18, 2004 until March 6, 2012 and it means nothing.  Anyone who has the money and enough time can get a US patent and that is all it is-a patent.  It does not mean it is low carb or has anything called “protected carbs”.  A patent protects you from another company making essentially the same product and why would anyone infringe on this patent (See Breaking News at bottom of Julian Bakery Page regarding real patent infringement) when mankind has been making pasta since the late 1200’s and some say even before this. As you scroll through the above it is so much attorney science psycho babble and it looks as though they may not be listing all of the ingredients they are using.  If you get to it, it appears they may be using some of those Frankenfoods I will talk about. You can also Google Patent # 38898908 to read even further. If you don’t (or can’t) read all of the report at least read the garbled crapola in The Summary Of The Invention.  This will give you a good idea of what is in these products.  They talk of a “Food Film Network” and I ask you what is a “Food Film Network”?  Google that and see what you come up with-I can’t find anything but Dreamfields garbola.

Dreamfields Food StylingDreamfields President Mike Crowley speaks gobbledygook with Jimmy Moore  There are three 15 minute pod casts.  This guy is so, so full of it.  A fraudster if ever I heard one.  Maybe we should think of this fella as Peter Madoff, “Bernie’s” brother.  This picture of Dreamfields pasta is a stylized plastic model and about as real as “protected carbs”.

Rachael RayTo this day Dreamfields has not done or published any studies using diabetics. You can listen (ad nauseum) to Mike Crowley, celebrity chefs, diabetic dieticians, and others anywhere on the internet touting the benefits of Dreamfields but you should ask yourself this question:  Are these people being paid somehow?  Rachael Ray is one endorser and she is paid for everyMoney Where Your Mouth Is product she touts and there are many…Dunkin Donuts anyone? This is a list of the top 10 Celebrity Chefs earnings for 2011-notice where Rachael Ray fits in and you can bet she (or any of the others) gets paid for everything that comes out of their mouths regarding any product.  Its MONEY, MONEY and more MONEY and yes, MONEY truly does have a voice of it’s own.

  1. Gordon Ramsay, $38 million
  2. Rachael Ray, $25 million
  3. Wolfgang Puck, $20 million
  4. Paula Deen, $17 million
  5. Mario Batali, $13 million
  6. Alain Ducasse, $12 million
  7. Todd English, $11 million
  8. Nobu Matsuhisa, $10 million
  9. Bobby Flay, $9 million
  10. Guy Fieri, $8 million

At one time I was going to have these products lab tested and then realized; they are not falsely labeled, only falsely advertised.  I have done what many others before me have done-I have tested them on myself.

I want to emphasize that I DO NOT inject insulin and I DO NOT take any diabetic drugs which in my opinion makes me a perfect guinea pig to test any supposed low carb product.


June 2, 2013 Purchased From Albertsons

After eating 56g (recommended serving size) notice how very slowly my blood glucose levels came down-6 hours.  I don’t know about you and the carbs may be “protected” but me, I don’t feel so protected.  The way to stay protected?…don’t eat Dreamfields pastas. Think Dreamfields doesn’t target diabetics?-Well think again.  This is an ad that was directed at me on Google:   Yummy Pasta for Diabetics‎ Dreamfields Foods/coupon Dreamfields Taste Will Win You Over Low Glycemic Pasta, Only 5g Carbs.

And oh yeah, September 16th, 2013 it was announced that Post Holdings (your basic Post Toasties) is buying Dakota Growers for 370 million dollars, not exactly peanuts.  I wonder if the new Post cereals will be made from Dreamfields “special protected carbs” process now. Why didn’t the FTC go after this company years ago? It seemed to me it was inevitable, that at some point, a lawsuit would be filed. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, Jimmy Moore, and Laura Dolson  are all cited in the lawsuit and I have contacted the law firm with my own information.

Ronald Reagan famously said, “Trust but Verify”.  At the signing of the INF Treaty, his counterpart Mikhail Gorbachev responded:  “you repeat that at every meeting,” to which Reagan answered:  “I like it”…I like it too.

Hiding In Plain SightDust In The Wind


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Julian Bakery and Heath Squier The “Bernie Madoff” of the Low Carb Internet Scam Artists

Julian BakeryLike all true diabetics I went onto the internet trying to find a “recipe” for low carb bread.  Anywhere and everywhere I went ads popped up for Julian Bakery and the absolute natural thing to do was, at some point, click on one.  My first thoughts were to look at the ingredients to see if I could re-create a bread of my own.  Pretty much my working life had been dealing with food in one way or another.  The ingredients, which may have looked Greek to many, looked very high carby to me.  Their Smart Carb #1 original ingredients listed as:   Fresh Ground Whole Grain Wheat, Sprouts of Kamut, Spelt, Rye, Lentils, Sesame Seeds, Millet, Quinoa, Amaranth, Ground Flaxseed, Wheat Bran, Oat Bran, Eggs, Undenatured Whey Protein Isolate (90%), Chicory Root (Inulin Fiber), Wheat Gluten, Yeast & Sea Salt.  Other breads listed Teff, Brown Rice Flour, (and many more) all extremely high in carbohydrates.

The first thing I did was visit the Bob’s Red Mill website and make a chart of the carb content in 1/4 cup of each ingredient. Please See Here  (How lucky am I that I live in Portland, OR the home of Bob’s.  I have been there and what a spectacular place).  I then took an educated guess as to the amount of each ingredient that might be in the breads’ compositions and came to a far different conclusion as to the stated carb counts on the nutritional labels.

For additional reading to see the numerous ways the Julian Bakery has been lying to you:

Here is a YouTube Video of my own Moldy Paleo Bars.

Late Breaking News. A giant of the shipping industry has had to sue Julian Bakery for $241,274.27 Court Docs here FedEx vs Julian Bakery

The FDA has stepped in…again.  This time with a warning letter regarding…you guessed it…more falsely labeled breads. They have four Paleo breads and two Carb Zero breads that are now under suspect according to the FDA. So, let’s hope the Julian Bakery Paleo Breads are all but toast.

Julian Bakery ScamI suspect the ingredients in their “Paleo Coconut” and “Paleo Almond” breads, but at this time the technology does not exist to test for a particular ingredient that is being used.  The reason for this suspicion:  Coconut flour has a very pungent, sweet, and distinctive taste and smell and neither of these products have the slightest odor or taste of coconut.  Any of you who have used coconut flour know this.  It takes very little flour to get that sweet coconutty smell.  If you dare, try it for yourself and see if you get any hint of the taste or smell of coconut.

JB BreadI stewed about all of this for several weeks with my own suspicions when I came across a website where Jeff Roaderick, a friend of the site author Shelley Schlender, did a blood glucose test on himself with Julian Bakery’s most famous product-Smart Carb #1 bread.  Please spend the 3 minutes to see what happened to him.  This is what happens to an insulin dependent diabetic when the carb count is falsely listed.  This is such an interesting story. Jeff Roaderick vs Julian Bakery’s SmartCarb #1 Bread  There is also a terrific dialog between Shelley and Heath Squier, the owner of Julian Bakery and I highly urge you to read it.

LghtbulbA light-bulb moment:  I had found something I could do; test my own blood glucose levels with this same bread.  I hiked over to my local Whole Foods Market, purchased a loaf, and on May 19th, 2012 I tested 2 slices of the Smart Carb #1 bread with its supposed 1g net carb.  As I said on the home page my blood sugar went from a fasting 106 to a high of 249.  Yikes!  I got so angry I was nearly beside myself.  As you look at the graph notice an 11:15 reading just before lunch.  I had crashed at 76.  At the time, being an uninformed fool, I thought oh good at least it came down nicely-but now I know this is not a good thing-blood sugar way up then way down-crashing-definitely not good.

I want to emphasize that I DO NOT inject insulin and I DO NOT take any diabetic drugs which in my opinion makes me a perfect guinea pig to test any supposed low carb product.


May 19, 2012 Purchased From Whole Foods Market

Julian Bakery Scam

Julian Bakery was poisoning diabetics one slice of bread at a time, day by day, week by week and year by year.

There had been much suspicion and many blogs regarding the “net” carb contents in the Julian Bakery breads.  I took the bull (bread) by the horns and had it tested by Exova Laboratories which happens to have a lab located right here in Portland, OR.  The results surprised even me.  Each 42g slice contained 14g net carbs and since I tested 2 slices at a supposed 2g net carbs I truly felt I had been poisoned.  Not poisoned as in arsenic which does the trick rather more quickly but poisoned never-the-less.  Any diabetic eating these breads was being poisoned one day and one slice at a time. The result of my testing and FDA complaints; these original 21 breads are no longer available. YEA!  21 Now Defunct Julian Bakery Breads

Every reviewer on their website was raving and gushing about their breads but many independent reviewers didn’t match.  What was the deal?  I then began reading real reviews on Yelp La Jolla and Yelp Oceanside Yep that’s right, Julian Bakery is so disliked they have two Yelp sites and  as soon as they moved their operations from La Jolla to Oceanside Yelp followed them.  There are literally 100’s and 100’s of negative reviews.  As stated by many people around the web this company immediately deletes any negative comment made on their own website or Facebook page.  Julian Bakery has never sold nor allowed any of their vendors to sell any of their breads through Amazon because…they could not control any negative comments.

Julian Bakery Scam

Moldy Paleo Bread

This is a picture of moldy Paleo Coconut bread uploaded with a review written on Yelp by Andi G. 09/09/2013.   How lovely. How appetizing.  Andi lives in Benicia, CA so he is not very far from Julian Bakery.  I ask:  How could his bread have arrived moldy if it is baked and shipped fresh daily?   Click on picture for larger view.


How is this place still in business? Wish I’d read the Yelp reviews before I ordered two loaves of bread. They arrived in around a week. There is no way the loaves were fresh. They smelled funky, like an old unwashed dishrag. Silly me, I tasted a little of the coconut bread. No flavor whatsoever. That night, I was up with stomach cramps that lasted into the next afternoon. Now I know what happens when you eat something that’s gone moldy. It wasn’t until the next day that actual green mold sprouted on the loaves (see my uploaded photo). The bread had been immediately refrigerated upon opening the shipment.

Maybe the psyllium also got to me. Another reviewer mentioned something about Metamucil. Seriously, who uses this as a filler?
Does the local board of health monitor this place?  I wrote to the company to alert them of the situaiton and request a refund. It’s been over 72 hours and there’s still no reply. No surprise, based on what others have reported. I’ve alerted PayPal because I have a shred of hope and will also write to the BBB.

And this is from LS in Houston, TX on 10/13/2013

HORRIBLE customer service.  I ordered online and received sour, moldy bread that they refuse to give me a refund for.  They charge outrageous shipping costs, even for spoiled food.  I wish I would have read these reviews before giving them my business and letting them steal my money.
Shame on you.

Julian Bakery Scam

Moldy Bread

Julian Bakery Scam

More Moldy Bread

Julian Bakery Scam






And yet more moldy bread uploaded by Palak Q in Lombard, IL on 11/15/2013

Where do I start? Both the bread had mold on ALL the slices! I opened the package the same day it arrived, so it’s not that it was sitting in my refrigerator or anything. I almost puked when I saw mold in the bread I had a few bits of. See pictures I posted.

Conclusion: DO NOT BUY!

Julian Bakery Scam


Julian Bakery Scam


 Julian Bakery Scam





Now, if this many people have posted pictures of moldy Paleo Bread on Yelp how many people do you think have actually ordered and received  moldy Paleo Bread?

Moldy Chocolate Mint Paleo BarMoldy Paleo Protein Bar 1Speaking of moldy Paleo products these are the Julian Bakery’s newest #epicfail.  Moldy Paleo Protein Bars.  One from Amazon and one from Yelp. Click on either picture to get that up close and personal. BUT WAIT… THERE’S MORE Julian Bakery Moldy Paleo Bars

The quote below is during the Heath Squier Panic of 2012 in answer to questions about why Julian Bakery had changed their Smart Carb breads.

Julian Bakery Scam

Heath Squier

“Our diabetic customers were experiencing sugar spikes after eating the breads; we had to change it due to liability issues; thus, the Original will not be offered; a comparable bread is the Amazing Sourdough. It is low carb, low in calories, and the texture is extremely similar to that of the Original #1 with just a hint of a sourdough taste.”  Notice, now he was telling people a comparable bread was the Amazing Sourdough.  What an utter crock.  I also had this bread lab tested and it was nearly as bad.  Please see Other Personally Glucose Tested Products 


I had a total of five Julian Bakery breads tested and all failed miserably.  Please see Five Julian Bakery Breads vs Lab Results Compared Side By Side The consequences:  As I said, of the original 21 breads produced, none are currently being sold.  They have developed six new products and God help the people who are eating them.  I guess my question might be:  My Paleo WrapsWhy would anyone want to support Julian Bakery by buying anything from them when they have literally made millions and millions of dollars off the backs of diabetics and the low carb community, let alone pay 10.00-12.00 for a tiny 6 inch (yes I measured it) loaf of bread?

MillionsThey had developed a total of 21 breads deleting some, changing names, and adding new ones.  They did not make one low carb product but boy oh boy they sure knew how to make millions of dollars hawking on the internet.


Whole Foods1Regarding Whole Foods Market:  It took five letters, five bread tests, and about nine months but I finally (at least) got this company’s products out of their Pacific Northwest regional stores where I live.  As of this writing they have not been taken out of any other regions.  Shame on you Whole Foods Market

UPDATE:  Julian Bakery breads are again back in my region of Whole Foods.  I wrote a sixth letter yesterday September, 24th, 2013 to Pete Bourgeault and Venus Lewis and all six letters may be read here.  6 Letters To Whole Foods  They are in order as written.  John Mackey the head honcho at Whole Foods wrote a book not long ago entitled Conscious Capitalism.  Conscious Capitalism?…Are you kidding?…I don’t think so.

Julian Bakery has gone back to using some original very high carb ingredients in their 2 best selling breads including:  Kamut, Spelt, Rye, Lentils, Millet, Quinoa, & Amaranth.  I suspect the carb counts may again be incorrect.  Check daily as the ingredients change often.  Several weeks ago I copied and pasted: Teff, Millet, Amaranth, Kamut, Quinoa, Spelt, and Brown Rice Flour. If the ingredients are always changing why would you trust their “Verified Lab Results”?

Now, I totally understand that there are people, who for health reasons of their own, want to eat low carb breads but there are other companies which I will explain to you on another page that serve the same purpose and these companies have not bilked, cheated, and made millions from the diabetic and low carb communities.

Another deceptive practice used by Julian Bakery:  On their website they use reviews submitted years ago when their products were riding high…and high carb, to sell today’s skunky products.

If you want to read real reviews go to Yelp.   This is one of the best and funniest videos I have ever watched.  I had streaming tears when I was finished with it.  Title: Julian Bakery Sponge Or Bread  As of the date of this writing there are over 429,000 hits to this video and actually many more as other people have posted this same video elsewhere on the internet.  Yeah!

My bottom line:  Though of course I can laugh with the best of them, this has been, and is, very serious business for me.  The effects of Diabetes are accumulative and that is anything but funny.

Julian Bakery lied through their teeth for years about the carb content in their breads but I can say this with absolute certainty, their internet marketing is very, very, good and…bad on themComplaints Filed With The BBB-Rating D+Update October 12th, 2013: Julian Bakery has now been downgraded to an F by the BBB.  Notice these complaints were made in a very compacted period of time and that Heath is saying due to their increase in business…blah, blah, blah.  This had absolutely nothing to do with his increase in business and everything to do with the fact that the FDA had come after him.  He was trying to get his new Paleo Breads out, he had to stop production of his falsely labeled breads, and he had to come up with new formulas for his bad breads all while continually trying to process orders.  In other words-Heath Squier was in full blow panic mode.

I also want to add here that the FDA did its job.  I do not know if I had not had their help, that I could have accomplished what I did.  So, though I would not take my hat off very often to any government agency, in this case, my hat goes off to the FDA.

Julian Bakery Scam

 Heath Squier and his company Julian Bakery have now begun selling their “Paleo Wraps” using a manufacturing company in the Philippines. However, there is a patent pending on these coconut wraps.  Improv’eat has been making and offering them under the brand name “The Pure Wraps” for several years. Along comes Julian Bakery who has been forced to cease producing their signature bread products, and is now going to cut Improv’eat and their “Pure Wraps” off at the knees by violating a patent.  Heath and Todd Fitts, owner of Improv’eat and home of “The Pure Wraps” spoke on December 3rd, 2012.  Heath apparently seemed rather panicky and wanted Todd’s company to make and private label a duplicate of “The Pure Wraps” for Julian Bakery telling Todd they would buy by the pallet load and wanted pricing. Todd politely told him that they did not private label at this time but he could check back next year and that there is a pending patent for these coconut wraps. Heath continued to express interest in buying wholesale from Improv’eat knowing they would not have Julian Bakery’s brand name on them.

Pure Wraps

 Just posted Thursday June 27th by Todd Fitts on Pure Wraps Facebook page:  “Received a letter from another company claiming they and the USDA have a patent that covers The Pure Wraps coconut wraps.  Interestingly, we have a pending patent on making coconut wraps and have found another company has violated our patent”.

 June 26th, 2013 Todd Fitts and Heath Squier spoke, with Todd  reminding Heath once again of the pending patent for coconut wraps, the first being the above December 3rd, 2012.  Heath told Todd that Julian Bakery could have them made in the US instead. Heath also asked for a licensing agreement from Todd and then had the audacity to ask Todd to buy his wraps from Julian Bakery.  What??? Why on earth would Todd Fitts buy from Heath Squier and Julian Bakery when Todd owns the patent?  A very good question indeed. Todd said he would get back with Heath soon and that Improv’eat would need to protect their employees, those in the Philippines involved in making “The Pure Wraps” and Improv’eat itself. If needed, he would seek legal remedies under the patent laws.

Now forward less than a week to July 1st, 2013 and Todd gets confirmation that Julian Bakery is contacting stores who have been carrying “The Pure Wraps”.  Julian Bakery, in an email to a store who has been selling “The Pure Wraps” said, “You might as well order them from us as the other company is looking to buy them from us”. This store forwarded the Julian Bakery email to Todd asking:  “Todd, Is that the case?  If not I want to call these people on their misinformation”.  Now I ask you, why would a company (Improv’eat) having rights to a patented item, buy from Julian Bakery who does not have a production license from Improv’eat to make anything?

 BriberyTake a look below at what a difference a little over two and a half months make.  How do you go from the first picture and get to the fifth picture in two and a half months, producing what is probably hundreds of thousands of Paleo Wraps and dealing with the people and rampant bribery and Julian Bakery Scamcorruption in the Philippines?  Heath uploaded a video on April 30th with his “new” Paleo Wraps and the three  stated ingredients are the same three ingredients as “The Pure Wraps” including the Himalayan Salt which Heath subsequently does not now tout.  Now Heath says his Paleo Wraps only have two ingredients.  Does Heath think somehow that by dropping the Himalayan Salt that he is no longer violating Todd’s patent?  What are the odds that the wraps are the same size at 7 ¼ x7 ¼ inches?  The only difference I can see is that Heath packages 7 Paleo Wraps for $9.00 (1.29 ea.) and Pure Wraps packages 4 at 4.29 (1.07 ea.)  What are the odds that the Paleo Wraps are the same weight (14g) as “The Pure Wraps”?  Are Heath’s early coconut Paleo Wrap pictures his own or are they actually pictures of Improv’eats “The Pure Wraps?  Sure makes one wonder.

 January 7 2013February 2 2013February 5 2013April 30 2013




Julian Bakery Scam

aka Heath Squier

Julian Bakery went from using cauliflower in their round, dark, and ugly Paleo Wraps in January and February to the final good looking Paleo Wrap at the end of April.  His first “Verified Lab Results” were submitted to Medallion Labs on April 29th, 2013.  Then the lying weasel took out the Himalayan Salt and had another test done on September 29th, 2013 so his wraps wouldn’t be “exactly” like the Improv’eat wrap.

Heath Squier and the Julian Bakery have been in business raping the low carb and diabetic communities since 1990 and the first three videos indicate this is the best product they could come up with?… on their own until…they found Todd’s company Improv’eat, and were denied private labeling?  What did Heath Squier do?  Why, he supposedly hiked on over to the Philippines and had his own coconut wraps made.  Who cares if Todd has a pending patent?  Nothing has ever stopped Heath from bilking anyone before-why would he have any qualms about bilking Todd Fitts and Improv’eat?  Well, it appears he doesn’t have any qualms.  Can you see now why I call him Bernie Madoff?   It seems once a crook always a crook.

Given the long shelf life of “The Pure Wraps” Improv’eat did not want anything leaching into their wraps so they made their packaging biodegradable non-GMO cellulose. In English: there are no plastics with phthalates or dioxins (these are baddies) that could potentially contaminate the wraps.  Is it possible Heath copied this too or did he just not know about it?  Perhaps when Heath reads this he will copy their packaging too.

Julian Bakery has uploaded literally hundreds if not thousands of videos over the years, let alone saturated the internet with its false advertising.

The Paleo Wraps began selling nationwide near the 1st of July with the Paleo Cereal to follow shortly.  Heath boasts over 200,000 customers & brags about being in 30,000 stores.

Heath Squier Julian Bakery ScamBernie Madoff Julian Bakery ScamHeath Squier or Bernie Madoff  Take your pick-I see no difference.





Ronald Reagan famously said, “Trust but Verify”.  At the signing of the INF Treaty, his counterpart Mikhail Gorbachev responded:  “you repeat that at every meeting,” to which Reagan answered:  “I like it”…I like it too.

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Zomick’s Bakery & Carb Krunchers

Carb-KrunchersSince Sami’s was the baker and he and his partner had split up, the partner needed to find a bakery to make another (falsely labeled) low carb bread.  After all, until they were busted, Lori Smith and Sami’s Bakery had made a pile of money.Approved DL

Zomick’s has rested for awhile now and is at it again. Here are three pictures of their “new lowcarb bread” being sold on the East Coast.  They were originally producing Carb Krunchers lowcarb bread until the exposé I did with Arnold Diaz in NYC.  So if and when you see these breads in your local grocery or, worst yet your health food store, they are not low carb.  Again, it is playing Whack-A-Mole.  If you manage to catch them, they just pop up somewhere else.  Healthy Delites? It’s a shadowy shell company.

Bread 1Bread 3Bread 2






Who is Zomick’s?  Zomick’s Bakery is owned by Morris and Gittel Kaff and located in Inwood, New York.  It is just one of many, many kosher bakeries in the New York City area.  After having approached bakeries throughout the country and asking them to produce a line of supposed low carb breads and bagels and having been turned down as many times the partner finally found Zomick’s to do the dirty work.  Zomick’s was willing to bake the products with one set of ingredients specified by the partner, and (falsely) label the products with quite another list of ingredients.  Zomick’s name and any contact number as the manufacturer, were never on the label.  The labels changed from time to time, there were disconnected phone numbers and at one point the label stated:  Distributed by Healthy Delite Snacking Corp. Inwood, NY 11096 and at some other point the label said: Distributed by Carb Krunchers Lynbrook, NY  11563.

Classic BrowniesHealthy Delite Snacking Corp. was nothing more than a holding warehouse a half mile from Zomick’s where trucks picked up loads of bread bagels, buns, and bownies for distribution across the country to internet websites to be sold to the public.

The label on the bread I ordered to have tested had a disconnected phone number and nothing else except…a circle K kosher sign-Oh My, that pesky little circle K kosher sign.  This and this alone, lead me to Zomick’s Bakery and this how it happened.  I spent days and days reading everything I could about Carb Krunchers but no contact information was a tuffy.  I finally figured out what that little K inside a circle was and then began the hunt for whom to call.  I ended up with the Organized Kashrus Laboratories (O/K) 391 Troy Ave., Brooklyn, NY  11213 Phone: (718) 756-7500.  I called and talked to the nicest woman who assured me that yes, it was Zomick’s Bakery that made Carb Krunchers and that it was indeed kosher.  She also seemed Bingoquite pleased that I could get Carb Krunchers all the way from New York City to Portland, Oregon.  BINGO!  I had finally found the manufacturer.  I ordered my Carb Krunchers from Viva Low Carb  and they came shipped from Health Express Distributors.

I want to emphasize that I DO NOT inject insulin and I DO NOT take any diabetic drugs which in my opinion makes me a perfect guinea pig to test any supposed low carb product.


December 18, 2012 Ordered From Viva Low Carb Received From Health Express

I hope you are beginning to see a pattern here.  It does not matter where any particular low carb product is made-it can travel across the country and then depending where you purchase, halfway back again.  Bread may get a little stale you say, doesn’t it get sent frozen?  The answer is yes.  It is extremely expensive to ship refrigerated and even more so if items need to remain frozen.  It is why we have large distribution centers across the country but then, these fly-by-nights, are not legitimate and are not distributed in any normal way.

Geraldo FlopWhat happened to Carb Krunchers?…well…this is the story.  I have zero idea, and no recollection at all of how I found the video that Arnold Diaz with Fox5 TV in NYC did regarding Eatrite, but I did.  I watched the video (See here):   and at the end Arnold says “if you’ve got a story idea for us go to Fox5 and tell us about it”.  MY EUREKA MOMENT! A place to get a story out.  I spent hours composing just the right words to get their attention, hit the send button, and waited…and waited…and waited.  It seemed a dead end.  Who was I to think Arnold Diaz would talk to me?  Some old woman in Portland, OR.  And then…out of the blue three or so months later I was finally contacted.  ANOTHER EUREKA MOMENT!  It actually took several more months to complete the interviewed video and the rest is history.  You may watch my Carb Krunchers video here:

Is Carb Krunchers dead?  I would love to say yes but sadly the answer is no.  Are there people still trying to sell it through the internet?  Yes, to this day the Diet Mart and Laurel Health Foods are both trying to drum up business selling this stuff.  (Please See Diet Mart & Laurel Health Foods)

These are the internet websites that sold or are still trying to sell Carb Krunchers:  Nobody ever wanted their name associated with Carb Krunchers, only toRossana Forzanti make money selling the products.  Rossana Forzanti actually had the audacity to obtain the domain name.  She originally sold all kinds of products through the site and now she uses it to direct any poor hapless soul still looking for Carb Krunchers into the site where she strictly sells breads, bagels, buns, tortillas, and pushes her Mirico bread line.  A while ago, before I busted Heath Squier and Julian Bakery, Rossana also had a full line of breads, under the name Health Express made and private labeled for her by none other than Heath Squier & his JulianBakery. The labels had same ingredients-same nutrition facts.  Please click on Images to enlarge.

Health Express 2Health Express Oat Bran Bread 1 Net Carb






Please see below for Rossana’s caveats on her home page regarding Carb Krunchers.  Rossana has always touted her Viva Low Carb as a “Super Store” “Low Carb” and “Diabetic Friendly” What a piece of work.  Rossana’s Carb Krunchers Caveats

Low Carb You Foods LogoAnother very deceptive website:  Jason May would probably want you to believe these products are somehow connected to the official Atkins website-believe me they are not.

Ronald Reagan famously said, “Trust but Verify”.  At the signing of the INF Treaty, his counterpart Mikhail Gorbachev responded:  “you repeat that at every meeting,” to which Reagan answered:  “I like it”…I like it too.

Selling MetersPersonally Speaking









Sami’s Bakery, Low Carb Emporium & Carb Krunchers

Sami's BreadThis is a fascinating story. 

Sami’s Bakery obtained its domain name in May of 2003. Sami’s Bakery is located on the East Coast in Tampa, FL and was a very small local bakery until they hooked up with Lori Smith of “Low Carb Emporium” in Las Vegas NV.  Sami’s started private labeling low carb bread products for Low Carb Emporium under this same name.  As the sales of these products went nuts Sami’s had to enlarge their baking facilities.  On February 7th, 2005 Low Carb Emporium was busted by the CBS TV station in Los Angeles and PR Newswire Logoreported by pr newswire for selling these bogus low carb bread products.  Please see article here:

I have now had a total of five Sami’s supposed low carb products tested and they have all flunked the test. Five Sami’s Bakery Breads vs Lab Results Compared Side By Side  See for yourself.  I also had the priviledge of speaking with Mary Schluckebier the Executive Director of the Celiacs Support Association who told me in no uncertain terms that Sami’s gluten free products were NOT gluten free. The FDA says gluten free is anything <20PPM and Sami’s tested >5000PPM.  Subsequently there were warnings put out by many & various people associated with CSA.

OregonianOregonians Lois Kaplan and Bo Bodenschatz who owned LoBo’s Low Carb World in Salem, OR took Low Carb Emporium to task and had their breads tested through Exova Laboratories right here in Portland where I have had all my testing done.  This is a terrific article done by a journalist from our local newspaper The Oregonian. Please read:

Lori Smith never would disclose the name of her manufacturer as the above article states but I have information that it was Sami’s Bakery in Tampa.  I was super excited to see that Lois and Bo lived just down the road from me in Salem but alas too much time had elapsed and as I spent endless time trying to get in contact with them, I ran into one dead end after another.

On December 1st, 2003 a blog thread on low carb friends began regarding “Low Carb Emporium” brand breads, bagels, and rolls but only ran for 3 days.  It seems everyone loved the Low Carb Emporium products because duh…it was real bread.  Pure Foods Low Carb Market in Los Angeles, CA which had been carrying the Low Carb Emporium breads and bagels quickly distanced themselves.  With the testing of the Low Carb Emporium’s breads, coupled with the pr newswire article and the attending bad press, Low Carb Emporium shuttered their doors.

Sami-s-BakeryOK.  Sami’s has now enlarged the baking facilities but has lost his big buyer.  What to do now?  Get a partner and start producing another bogus line of low carb breads; this time under the name Carb Krunchers.  All goes swimmingly until the partners have a falling out.  They split and Sami’s Bakery decides to produce their own line of low carb bread products which he sells to this day.  He has his own website; his breads are sold along the East Coast, thru the internet, and are in scores of grocery stores in Florida.  Virtually the same ingredients and same nutritionals as the Carb Krunchers (Duh…Carb Krunchers was Sami’s recipe).  These products are also sold on the low carb store website:

I want to emphasize that I DO NOT inject insulin and I DO NOT take any diabetic drugs which in my opinion makes me a perfect guinea pig to test any supposed low carb product.


February 22, 2013 Purchased From Sami’s Bakery

Below is a comparison of ingredients and should be self-explanatory.  My Carb Krunchers is shown here.

Sami’s, Diet Mart, Carb Kruncher [PDF]

Sami’s story now leads us to the recently all but demised Zomick’s Bakery & Carb Krunchers.

Ronald Reagan famously said, “Trust but Verify”.  At the signing of the INF Treaty, his counterpart Mikhail Gorbachev responded:  “you repeat that at every meeting,” to which Reagan answered:  “I like it”…I like it too.

Two PeesWatermelon




EatRite Foods

Choc-O-HolicBUSTED AND OUT OF BUSINESS Hasta Luego Ya Crooks

Eatrite Food Company, owned by Patricia and Richard LaPlante, is located in Clearlake, CA.  On:  It clearly states they have been in business over 15 years.  They make and sell, if my count taken from their order form is correct, fifty five separate items.

They sell seven snack items with six stating “sugar free” and “low carb”.  These same six label ingredients list FRUCTOSE.  Now, the last I knew, fructose is a sugar.  I am in possession of three of the many pizzas they produce and on the back of the pizzas are a small circular label that is virtually never shown, and three of the ingredients are CORN SYRUP, SUGAR, and CANE SYRUP.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Three sugars in a pizza.

On May 2nd, 2012 Arnold Diaz at FOX5 TV in NYC began an expose about Eatrite’s falsely labeled products. On September 10th, 2012 he followed up with this must see video.  I am going to try to finish what Arnold Diaz started.  I DID IT-THEY ARE NOW BUSTED AND OUT OF BUSINESS.

I have not had any of the Eatrite products tested nor have I tested them on myself.  I am deathly afraid of them. But…Arnold Diaz had six of the products tested through Sani-Pure Foods Laboratories and the figures read like a Stephen King horror novel and are below:

Deep Dish Chicago Pizza UnoLabel Stated Lab Tested 
Carbs 753
Deep Dish Chicago Pizza DuoLabel Stated Lab Tested 
Fat3 28
Carbs 10 53
Crusty Mac and CheeseLabel Stated Lab Tested 
Chic-Wich Salad SubLabel Stated Lab Tested 

Choc-O-Holic SquareLabel Stated Lab Tested 
Carbs 5 28

Crisp BarLabel Stated Lab Tested 

If these figures aren’t enough to scare the bejeezus out of you I don’t know what would.  Why on earth would anyone purchase and support an internet purveyor selling these poisons is totally beyond me.  I believe the message to these supposed vendors of health should be:  Until you get rid of these products we are going to buy absolutely nothing from you.  I personally, would never buy anything from them-but that is just me.  Some of these companies have made millions of dollars at the expense of hundred of thousands of diabetics and the low carb community. They have nothing to do with health or being “diabetic friendly” and everything to do with GROWING THEIR OWN LITTLE GARDENS OF MONEY TREES.  Certainly, if nothing else, please do not delude yourself when buying any of the Eatrite products-they are all falsely labeled, not low carb and definitely not diabetic friendly.

Money TreeMoney TreeMoney TreeMoney Tree

A little side note:  Many of their labels say Member Amer. Bariatrics Society & NNFA.  I have calledOatmeal Raisin Square both associations and both told me in no uncertain terms that they do not and have never endorsed any products or companies of any kind.  Leland Turner at ‘buy eatrite now’ actually uses the words “Bariatric” as one of his Meta tags and “Bariatric Foods” in his title words to draw people to his website.  Disgusting.

This is a (partial) list of internet websites that sell Eatrite products.  It is probably impossible to know and list everyone who sells them but these are definitely the biggies.  Some of these websites will become more familiar as we walk through the various supposed low carb products.

Notice at how Holly says these products are only sold on line and not in her retail store…it sure makes you (me) kinda wonder why. The last website is supposedly a sugar free market as its name implies yet they show a picture of the flip side of an Eatrite Pizza Uno with the three sugars listed above.  Sugar Free Market?…Really?…doesn’t sound sugar free to me.

MoneyOn March 6th, 2013 I sent Rossana Forzanti and Jason May the link to watch the Arnold Diaz-Eatrite video and to this day they continue selling Eatrite products.  One can only assume that given a choice between the public’s health and money these people have chosen money hands down.

I have filed an FDA complaint and am in the middle of working with the Food and Drug Branch of the California Department of Public Health.  We will see what happens.

Hungry GirlHere are two things Lisa Lillien aka Hungry Girl says about Eatrite Food Products.  Way back on March 3, 2008:  and then in answer to a question for someone on July 2, 2008

Here’s one pissed off fella:

What FOX 5 news started, I finished-THEY ARE NOW BUSTED AND OUT OF BUSINESS.

Ronald Reagan famously said, “Trust but Verify”.  At the signing of the INF Treaty, his counterpart Mikhail Gorbachev responded:  “you repeat that at every meeting,” to which Reagan answered:  “I like it”…I like it too.

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Diabetes: The Grim Statistics

Diabetes: The Grim StatisticsDiabetes:  The Grim Statistics.  If you think real food is expensive have you tried pricing diabetes lately?

There are about 26 million diabetics and about 80 million pre-diabetics in this country for a total of somewhere close to 106 million people. The total US population as of the 2010 census (the same year as the figures above) was 308,745,538 which means more than one third of us are diabetic or pre-diabetic and as we know, it is the rare person who slips out of these statistics. There are approximately two million new people added to that pool each year which means somewhere north of 5,200 newly diagnosed diabetics every day.

Newest diabetic figures released by the CDC-29 million diabetics-up 11.5% and 86 million pre-diabetics-up 8.5% for the now new total of 115 million people.  And guess what…these figures do not include anyone under the age of 20 years old.  So what do you think the real figures are?  My guess is a whole lot higher than 115 million.

The national cost of diabetes in the U.S. in 2012 was more than $245 billion and diabetes is the 7th leading cause of death.  Care for people with diagnosed diabetes accounts for more than 1 in 5 health care dollars in the U.S.  More than half of that expenditure is directly attributable to diabetes and new estimates show that by 2020 diabetes and pre-diabetes will account for an annual cost of almost $500 billion dollars-more than double what it was in 2012.  If current trends continue, more than 50 percent of Americans could have diabetes or pre-diabetes by 2020 at a cost of $3.4 trillion over the next decade.  $3.4 TRILLION in 10 years, are you kidding me?  2020 is only five short years from now and in the scope of time-not even a drop in the bucket.

Diabetes:  The Grim StatisticsDiabetes is a national epidemic that, so far, has only grown worse. As more and more countries worldwide continue to adopt the western diet (junk food, french fries, soda pop, and fast food chains), with a lifetime of heavy carbohydrate laden food, they too are following in the diabetic steps of America.  I am, as an individual citizen, trying to make a difference in the lives of diabetics by insuring that all products are properly labeled.

I can not stress enough the seriousness of diabetes and its attending side effects.  Blood vessels within the body begin to constrict and harden resulting in poor circulation. Though this condition has the greatest impact on the feet and legs, it is also a contributing factor in heart attacks and strokes.

Diabetes effects include:  Numbness or tingling in your feet, and hands, swelling of feet, face, or legs, cramping or pain in the legs caused by cardiovascular problems, thrush, and if you are male, erectile dysfunction.  In the latter stages of diabetes there can be: kidney failure leading to dialysis, ulcers leading to foot and limb amputations, diabetic retinopathy leading to blindness, neuropathy, which can strike any part of the body (nerve damage causing excruciating pain) and liver failure.  Death from any of the above can be slow and very painful.

It is critically important that any diabetic know the number of carbohydrates they are about to ingest so that, if on insulin, they know how much to inject.  A diabetic like myself, who controls strictly by diet needs to know, because an overload of carbohydrates at any one time can send our blood sugars soaring which is what happened when I guinea pigged myself (knowingly) to test many of these products.  These companies have literally been poisoning thousands of diabetics one slice of bread or one meal at a time, day by day, year by year.

Diabetes:  The Grim StatisticsOne of the first things, most diabetics do after diagnosis and the fog has cleared, is get on the internet to look for low carb breads and pastas.  It is what I did-not to buy bread but to find recipes to make my own.  Diabetics, as a whole, seem to be a particularly vulnerable group of people.  First they are slugged in the gut with a diagnosis of diabetes, most of them are immediately put on drugs or insulin and then told by the American Diabetes Association that they can still eat many of the foods that got them to diabetes in the first place.  They walk out of their doctors offices by the thousands with their minds racing, asking questions like:  What now?  Am I going to die?  Will I die in pain?  What can I eat?  What else can happen to me?    How many other doctors will I need to see? Is there anything else wrong we me?  How much weight do I need to lose?…the list goes on and on and as a vulnerable group it seems diabetics all crave one thing-more carbs and mostly in the forms of bread and pasta.  It may not even be the bread so much as everything that is eaten with bread.  One way to look at bread: a platform to eat other foods. They think:  You can’t have a sandwich without bread, you can’t have a pizza without a crust, and you can’t have a hamburger without a bun.  Perhaps in time they will come to realize that they can have all of the above.

Business Of DiabetesBig PharmaOK, the grim statistics are pretty much out of the way.  Now to the culprits, & yes, there are some good guys.


Ronald Reagan famously said, “Trust but Verify”.  At the signing of the INF Treaty, his counterpart Mikhail Gorbachev responded:  “you repeat that at every meeting,” to which Reagan answered:  “I like it”…I like it too.

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