Diet Mart & Laurel Health Foods Playing Whack-A-Mole

Whack A MoleAs illustrated on the Sami’s Bakery, Low Carb Emporium & Carb Krunchers page, leading to the Zomick’s Bakery & Carb Krunchers page, we are now led to the Diet Mart & Laurel Health Foods page.  What has happened in the past is as one company’s false labeling is discovered; they lay low for a while and pop up somewhere else with a “new” line of products.  This is now being monitored.

All together we can stop this fraud. We can stop buying from the big internet players and with a little courage we can call or email them and tell them we are mad as hell and we’re not buying any more!


Diet Mart Plain MiltigrainDiet Mart at seems to be a prime example of trying to keep up playing Whack-A-Mole.  I took the liberty of copying and pasting labels from the websites of Sami’s Bakery, Diet Mart, Laurel Health Foods and my own purchased Carb Krunchers label so you could see first hand how they are all connected. I am afraid that if and when they know I have done this the pages could go away.  Please See Sami’s, Diet Mart, Carb Kruncher [PDF]

Classic BrowniesLaurel Health Foods  OUT OF BUSINESS

Another Whack-A-Mole example.  Take a look at the picture in this newspaper’s article regarding the moving of Laurel Health Foods.  The picture pretty much shows what many other health food stores might look like: vitamins & herbs and a nice row of coolers and some baked goods in the front.,0,530299.story

This next article absolutely gushes about the special little food bar in the back of the store for diabetics with their grandmother saying (about her grandson brothers) “They’re knowledgeable on diabetes and this will be good for Laurel.”  The food bar has personal-sized, low-carbohydrate bagels and pizzas…now I wonder…are they selling Carb Krunchers and EatRite to diabetics being as though they are so knowledgeable about all this stuff.  This is the headline of another local paper:  Health Food Store Opens New Diabetic-Friendly Snack Area.

These guys think they have it all figured out.  A quaint little store front with a dirty little back room secret.

Brothers Curtis and Phil Price and their mother Monica have a website at  dedicated almost exclusively to the sales of EatRite Products, Dreamfields, and Carb Krunchers breads & bagels. (The breads and bagels are in the upper left corner).  Are you kidding me, basically no other products but these when they have hundreds of other legitimate products?

These people now have the health food store that the grandparents opened 42 years ago (same year my parents opened their health food store) and look what they have turned it into-a place to bilk diabetics and the low carb community.  Good Grief!

Money RollsHey, let’s make a little money on the side.  We know these products are selling like hotcakes so why not get in on a little of the action.  We know diabetics are desperate and they are a huge internet market and really, who cares about them?  KaChing, KaChing.  The article says the Prices continue to offer customers advice on healthy eating.  Sure glad I’m not one of their customers getting that “healthy eating advice”.

If mom and dad were old school as the article says, I’m betting mom and dad have proverbially “turned over”.

This is so totally, totally disgusting.

The BIG Q:  Who is still making these products?  Is it Zomick’s?  Is it Sami’s? Or is it some other Mole?

Ronald Reagan famously said, “Trust but Verify”.  At the signing of the INF Treaty, his counterpart Mikhail Gorbachev responded:  “you repeat that at every meeting,” to which Reagan answered:  “I like it”…I like it too.

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