CartoonsThese Cartoons are the artwork of Haidee Soule Merritt available at  Her book One Lump or Two? is available through Amazon at

Haidee also sells these as 11”x17” prints for the ridiculously low prices of between $5.95 and 16.95.

Diabetes is generally a serious business…Haidee Merritt, on the other hand, has made a business out of its less-serious aspects.   It is a collection of cartoons exploring the idiosyncrasies and frustrations of living with diabetes. Part comedy, part catharsis, part black humor, it’s a fascinating view through the eyes of someone coping with the disease on a daily basis—and laughing at the complexity of it all.

This is an insightful interview done with Riva Greenberg on the Huffington Post at

Haidee calls them cartoons and I call them art but whatever you call them please laugh, cry, empathize and most of all, enjoy these often very prophetic snippets of Haidee’s lifelong dance with diabetes.

This is a slide show and all you have to do is click on the image you are watching and it will change to the following image etc.


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