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One Good Low Carb Bakery & Some Good Internet Sellers

Healthwise Bakery

I have been contacted by Healthwise Bakery in Ft. Lauderdale, FL several times over the past eight or nine months to personally glucose test bread and bagel products for them and each time they have tested just fine.  I seem to be very sensitive to carbohydrate and am the perfect diabetic test subject because I take NO drugs of any kind.   A couple of the breads have not tasted that great but the last one he sent me a couple of months ago for Great Low Carb Bread was actually pretty tasty.  It is my humble opinion that their bread products need more fat in them and as a diabetic low carber I could care less about fat.  As far as I am concerned the more fat the better.  Healthwise Bakery has been in business for 22 years-far longer than the Julian Bakery in California or Sami’s Bakery and Carb Krunchers on the East Coast and until these crooksters came along with their falsely labeled breads you were assured that you were getting truly low carb products.  Healthwise bakery does do private labeling so your favorite bread may have been made by them and you’ve just never known it.

Linda's Diet DelitesAndrew Eckhardt & Linda’s Diet Delites 1049 Raritan Rd  Clark, NJ 07066 (732) 382-1099 seem to have people’s health at heart.  Yes, in the past he has carried some of the offending falsely labeled products and each time he has discovered them he not only has dropped them, he makes negative statements on his website regarding the products.  If possible, this is the best store on the internet to deal with whether you live in the East or the West.  They have a physical store if you are in the area.  The ThinSlim lowcarb breads are tasty & I have had it.

Web address: www.lindasdietdelites.com

Gluten Free ShoppeThe Gluten Free Shoppe 3918 16th Ave  Brooklyn, NY 11218 (718) 633-3200  This looks to be a terrific place to shop and if you are looking for gluten free they seem to have a whole host of products.  To my knowledge they are the only online store to carry Carb-O-Licious Muffins besides Amazon.  Not only are they GF, they are high fat and low carb.  I found and ordered the chocolate muffins through Amazon because I thought they might be falsely labeled but was I in for a treat.  I have no earthly idea why the bakery that makes these muffins wishes to remain anonymous but it seems they do.  Yes, I know who they are and no, please don’t ask me.  Carb-O-LiciousMy muffins were shipped from the bakery but had no bakery name on the otherwise perfectly good label.  All I can say is that most any prepared low carb baked goods, other than my own, have been pretty much like tasteless cardboard but these muffins are not only good-they are fantastic.  They are almost fudge-like.  I tested these and had virtually no blood sugar increase.  The package I received had a total net muffin weight of a whopping 5 oz more than advertised-what a bonus!

Web address: www.theglutenfreeshoppe.com

Healthy Joy BakesHealthy Joy Bakes-Omega Power Bread 1173 50TH Street Suite #302 Brooklyn, NY 11219 (718) 924-2266  Issac Sander was kind enough to send me a sample loaf, I did do a blood glucose and it was fine.  My assessment:  Somewhat dry, definitely not tasty but might improve with butter.  It had a very dark one quarter inch crust completely around each slice and at $10.00 plus shipping it would be a bit rich for my blood (no pun intended).  The taste of all food is subjective for all people so even though this was not the tastiest low carb bread I have tried you may think it is very good.

Web address:  www.healthyjoybakes.com

I want to emphasize that I DO NOT inject insulin and I DO NOT take any diabetic drugs which in my opinion makes me a perfect guinea pig to test any supposed low carb product.


March 16th, 2013 Complimentary From Omega Power Bread And Issac Sander

P-28 Protein Bread-This bread is not low carb and does not purport to be but it is very high in protein (14g) in one large slice (47g). By today’s standards one slice of this bread is nearly equal to 2 normal 1oz slices so a sandwich made with this bread would give you a whooping 28g protein and 20g net carbs or…You could cut a piece in half for a good size sandwich.  If this is your cup of tea they have a full line of bakery products.

Web address: www.p28foods.com this bread is also available from netrition: www.netrition.com

I can’t eat Dave’s Killer Breads anymore, but I sure used to.  Everyone in Oregon and Washington eats them.  If breads could be healthy these would be the breads to eat. They are chocked full of the best grains, seeds and nuts and they are good, great, fabulous.  Dave’s Killer Breads is literally, across the street from Bob’s Red Mill.  I am proud to say that I personally know Dave, and that he is one stand up dude.

Daves Killer Breads Daves Truck
Daves Just Say No Daves Healthy Bread Store

 Ronald Reagan famously said, “Trust but Verify”.  At the signing of the INF Treaty, his counterpart Mikhail Gorbachev responded:  “you repeat that at every meeting,” to which Reagan answered:  “I like it”…I like it too.

No Longer A Diabetic Needle In A Needlestack