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Internet Low Carb Writers & Bloggers

Internet Low Carb Writers & Bloggers

Internet Low Carb Writers & BloggersSteve Cooksey www.diabeteswarrior.com


Internet Low Carb Writers & BloggersKyndra Holley www.peaceloveandlowcarb.com


Internet Low Carb Writers & BloggersLisa MarcAurele www.lowcarbyum.com


Internet Low Carb Writers & BloggersLibby Jenkinson www.ditchthecarbs.com


Internet Low Carb Writers & BloggersLinda Genaw www.genaw.com


These are only the home pages of these websites-don’t be fooled.  They are vast and full of so, so much information and so many recipes.

Internet Low Carb Recipes & Book Authors

Carolyn KetchumCarolyn Ketchum alldayidreamaboutfood.com  fabulous desserts


Jennifer Eloff PictureJennifer Eloff www.jennifereloff.com everything about cooking with Splenda


And there are hundreds more talented low carb cooks and websites.

As a former chef I have always been particularly partial to desserts.  Pastries, cakes, and the like.  Not necessarily in the eating of them but in the artistry of making them.

One Samurai Tradition says:  from the moment you awake, devote yourself to the perfection of whatever you pursue.  I admire this practice and strive to emulate it.

“Yesterday is but a dream, tomorrow is but a vision.  But today well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness, and every tomorrow a vision of hope.  Look well, therefore, to this day.” ~Sanskrit Proverb

Recommended Cook Books

Volume OneVolume TwoSplenda Low Carbing







 All the Low-Carbing Among Friends cookbooks and maybe a couple of Jennifer Eloff’s books are mostly all you’ll need.  Some people just love collecting cookbooks and if you are one of these people then have at it.

Where To Buy Low Carb Products

www.netrition.com  Hands down the best.  They sell some (in my opinion) dubious products and they don’t have everything but they sure have a lot.

You can also buy through www.amazon.com but personally, I prefer Netrition.

Ronald Reagan famously said, “Trust but Verify”.  At the signing of the INF Treaty, his counterpart Mikhail Gorbachev responded:  “you repeat that at every meeting,” to which Reagan answered:  “I like it”…I like it too.

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