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Julian Bakery Fakery Crackery

Crackers Box Closeup 3The Julian Bakery has recently released two new products on the heels of their four recent epic paleo faileos which include Paleo Protein Bars, Paleo Almond Bread, Paleo Coconut Bread, and their original Paleo Almond Thin Crackers.  The new products are now available on Amazon Paleo Thin Crackers and a Do It Yourself Paleo Bread Mix. Continue reading

Amazon Sues Over Fake Reviews

Fake Amazon Reviews 1OK, I think I now have the final pieces to the Amazon Fake Reviews puzzle. One of the questions I have always asked myself was how, all of a sudden, the Julian Bakery’s 5 star reviews began showing as Verified Purchases and now I think I have the answer. Continue reading

Partial List Of Julian Bakery Paid Fake Amazon Reviewers

Moldy Paleo Bar VideoSince Amazon has chosen to cherry pick and take down just a few of the Paid Fake Reviewers (that I reported earlier) I am going to start listing them here and see if I can get some action this way.  I am only one person so of course it would be impossible for me to find the 100’s of 1,000’s of Amazon’s site-wide fake reviews but get this-the few they have taken down?  Many of the reviews still remain on the products reviewed. Continue reading

Anatomy Of An Amazon Sponsored Fake Reviewer

Fake Amazon Reviews 1Have you ever purchased anything from Amazon? This article is for you even if you are one of the few who have not. Amazon has allowed fake reviewing to continue for many years because the bottom line is: People read them, perhaps buy a product, thus lining the pockets of Jeff Bezos. Continue reading

Consumers Beware: Amazon Reviews Are Being Deleted, Hidden And Faked

Amazon Reviews HiddenFake Amazon Reviews 1Amazon Deleted Reviews

Oh yeah, you read it right and I have ample proof below.  Do you think Amazon cares? NO, NO, and HELL NO. Amazon is the company that allows a seller to “HIDE” any review they deem detrimental and which brings down averages. This is now not about Julian Bakery poisoning diabetics, this is about poisoning the whole of the Amazon Review system.  There is at least one Amazon “Vine Voice Reviewer” Linda R. Hendrex “Rubicon”VINE VOICE that believes it is impossible to delete a review and technically she is right but only technically.  What’s the difference between deleting, hiding or removing a review so that the public cannot make an intelligent buying decision based on ALL a seller’s product reviews? I am here to let her know that her beloved Amazon not only doesn’t care but lets it go unchecked after having been notified about it by multiple people, including yours truly.

Linda says:   Continue reading

Julian Bakery Is Breaking Amazon Seller Policies

Julian Bakery is now offering free Paleo Protein Bars on Amazon in exchange for a 5 Star Review and it is my belief this is against the Amazon Sellers Policies. Amazon says…”If you offer a free product, it must be clear that you are soliciting an unbiased review. The free product must be provided in advance; no refunds are permitted after the review is written. Review solicitations that ask for only positive reviews or that offer compensation are prohibited“.  So read the reviews below and you be the judge.  Kinda makes you question the Amazons Reviews System doesn’t it?  But hey, Amazon makes their $$$$$.  Julian Bakery has long been famous for purchasing 1,000’s of fake reviews but… Continue reading