Amazon Sues Over Fake Reviews

Fake Amazon Reviews 1OK, I think I now have the final pieces to the Amazon Fake Reviews puzzle. One of the questions I have always asked myself was how, all of a sudden, the Julian Bakery’s 5 star reviews began showing as Verified Purchases and now I think I have the answer.  There was a(nother) big Brouhaha all over the internet yesterday about Amazon going after fake reviewers Amazon Sues 1,100 Fiverr Users For Fake Product Reviews and my take on this is 180° from Amazons. Once again Amazon goes after the Whores (Reviewers) and leaves the Johns (Julian Bakery) alone.  I say ban the Johns from ever selling on Amazon again.  As listed below #’s 9,10, and 11 pretty much tell the story. These are what Bess 98 has listed under her profile and what she can do for you for a measly $5.00. And I also now understand why some of the Julian Bakery’s Fake Reviews sound like they were composed and written by Heath Squier or one of his hokey minions. Too bad the actual products are so horrid.

For Further reading regarding The Corruption Of The Amazon Review System Please See:

In the Amazon Lawsuit Court Papers on Page 7 line 23. Amazon takes the integrity of its customer reviews very seriously. Amazon has developed sophisticated technologies and protocols to detect and remove such reviews from its websites. Amazon scours its site for fake reviews, removes them when it finds them, and suspends sellers that post or purchase fake reviews (Yea Right Amazon Liars-Hell I’m helping them and they still will not delete them) and Page 11 line 42. Amazon maintains contracts with each seller of goods or services on Amazon’s site, as each such user agreed to the Amazon Conditions of Use.

Notably, the company did not name the Amazon sellers who hired them in the first place. Under the company’s legal arguments, those sellers would be liable, too.

Love how they talk about a small fraction of Fake Reviews.

The Julian Bakery often bought 3, 4, or 5 Fake Reviews from one reviewer at a time for any of their various products and then go on to the next reviewer and repeat. If you look at #2 she has more that 30 different accounts & ips.

I will do, Amazon Reviews, for $5,” says Bess 98 on her profile banner.

  1. I will post awesome review on your amazon product, kindle ebook, ebook etc…
  2. more than 30+ different account and ip
  3. manual amazon reviews,
  4. 100% satisfaction guaranty
  5. 24/7 support
  6. money back guaranty
  7. For kindle review you have to provide me the review text.
  8. Quick Responsiveness.
  9. For verified purchases and kindle review , please send your own write text
10. Please send gift card/ coupon code for verified purchases
11. Verified Reviews: If you would like a verified amazon review, please provide me with a promo code or gift card so I can purchase the product for free.”