Partial List Of Julian Bakery Paid Fake Amazon Reviewers

Moldy Paleo Bar VideoSince Amazon has chosen to cherry pick and take down just a few of the Paid Fake Reviewers (that I reported earlier) I am going to start listing them here and see if I can get some action this way.  I am only one person so of course it would be impossible for me to find the 100’s of 1,000’s of Amazon’s site-wide fake reviews but get this-the few they have taken down?  Many of the reviews still remain on the products reviewed.

Many of the names have changed (morphed) 3 or 4 times over the months but as I said, their reviews remain and it is my opinion that if the offending companies were no longer able to sell through Amazon ever again it would send a chill through the rest of the sellers buying or contemplating buying paid fake reviews.  It is also my opinion that it is not the fault of the paid reviewers or the websites thru which a company can buy fake reviews but the myriad companies buying them and ultimately for Amazon allowing it to happen.

Amazon, you do not need to sue anyone, you just need to bar sellers for life from selling thru Amazon when they are caught purchasing reviews which would be a very easy task.  Perhaps it might show that you care less about greed and money than the people you are cheating and who depend on Amazon reviews before buying a product because the bottom line is, at this time, you make money from fake reviews.

For Further reading regarding The Corruption Of The Amazon Review System Please See:

What I Want:  All the 1000’s of fake Amazon Reviewers and all their attending reviews to be permanently removed from Amazon and it should be easy enough for you to accomplish this. I also want Julian Bakery, Paleo Inc., any other names Heath Squier markets under, as well as any of the third party sellers on Amazon selling Julian Bakery products to be barred from ever selling through Amazon again. As I said this would send a chilling message to your other sellers that are buying or contemplating buying paid fake reviews. Do an interview with the NY Times, making it known to everyone. Shout it from the rooftops. It might allow people to begin trusting the Amazon review system again because at this point it is infested and severely broken.

NOTE:  These are the fake reviewers purchased to date by Julian Bakery for their inedible and moldy Paleo Protein Bars.  What you are about to see below (if you look at any of them) is the most convoluted crap I have run across in my 68 years of life. Number of reviews in ( ). I have now listed all the ones I can verify as FAKE reviews.

As you can see a few of these reviewers have only a few but many have several hundred and a few have 300, 400, and more.  Many are now choosing to hide some of their activity.

Below is a little slide show of many (certainly not all) of the reviewed products these FAKERS have in common and something else they have in common?…Nearly 100% 5 Star Reviews.

Jeanne LaFave (307) Tbep (54) Carlos (34) Amazon Customer (181) Zied Waridat (32) Allison (186) Merk (5) Toby Trefren (18) Jayke T. (41) Jonah Harrison (112) Sammy (54) Aleksandar (87) Dana Rock (80) Michael S. (483) Sam (176) Mystery2decor (274) Justin Hennings (631) Cindy (172) Amazon Customer (309) Taylor (886) Constant Reader (198) Amazon Customer (581) Jenn (151) A.E.M. (278) Victoria Alexander (330) Ace 174) Kevin Ly (76) Brandon (163) shubham (79) peter (11) chase robbins (12) Tyson (11) govind (16) Lisa Huesen (45) Edwin Kurose (6) Carlos (38) John Carter (19) Hanny (50) emcgilto 26) D.Wells (8) Andrew Smith (15) Lashawn Henry (185) Matthew (402) Earl 19 Amazon Customer (18) Sam (95) Sandra Miller (87) James (25) Lucy (11) Jimmy (13) Karsun “Horror Fanatic” (631) Jani (473) Amazon Shopper (381) Reymont Vera (201) Rex Onyia (44) austin jones (11) Cole (80) Andre Phillipe (19) vadim adam biteau (213) Nick Massaro (39) Stover conner (8) Lee M (63) Eddie (114) Monica 69 (114) chase robbins (12) Jesse (134)  Patrick Kim (73) Lil Cookie (52) Kristie (9) Tania (58) Jaime Gootz-Diaz (13) OnSpecials “OnSpecials” (412) micky (302) Brand_Skill (125) Jaipal Yadav (21) Alan Black (311)  Jessica Brown (9) carson (76) Bobby (103) Joshua Roush (5) Nick Massaro (10) Matt McCully (9) Ngo (74) Kelly Heta (20) Kelly (402) Nick (151)  rafael (227) C.Saiteja (120) Big Mike (133) MaryPoppins (131) Jesse (357) Storm (191) Sarah (148) Nick (487) Alberto (19) Juanma Velázquez (473) Devit (62) FJ (473) Azi (100) Nasser “-N.R” (187) William B. (9) Nichole (198) xian (150) Jason Jackson (23) James (25) Braden (108) Keiji Shou (201) Ariana (83) Chelsea (322) Nicole (1) Ashley Hankings (179) Robyn (241) Stacy Litz (164) Jessie B. (139) Tommy D. (125) Nick Araceli (125) Devit (473) Tech Savvy (209) Henry (64) Jaime Jordon (398) Martín Sayago (206) Alexis S. (429) Laurel Horan 159) Teah Mist “Teah” (374) Stefanie (166) Umaro (36) Amorous (295) Hugh Kinnett (455) Vanessa D. (157) CM (712) just a girl (210) Chris (318) Samantha (107) Maik (209) Louise Summers (102). This is perhaps the most prolific reviewer Jesse M. (1237) and the counts can go up daily.

A lot of these fake reviewers like the cover name Amazon Customer (359) This one is an obvious faker and seems to love writing for the paleo and low carb community. He (she) made 54 reviews (3 for Julian Bakery alone) on September 18th, using one or two words like:  great, awesome, excellent, good, love it, my fav, & the best.

This Amazon Customer (100) wrote 64 fake reviews on September 6, 2015 with 42 reviews simply saying: Perfect order. No problems. Even at $5.00-$10.00 a pop that’s $320-$640. Not a bad haul for 1 days work.

Be sure to read these two product review gems this guy wrote: Jay Soliz or click below. Can you imagine what their Star Rating would be without all the paid fake reviews? Whoa Dogie!

This is not fun for me and I did not seek out the Julian Bakery. As a diabetic the Julian Bakery targeted me, bombarding me over and over on the internet with their falsely advertised and falsely labeled low carb breads. Over the months and as a result of that experience, I became seriously committed to ferreting out low carb scam artists who, for the love of money, poison thousands of diabetics daily. The Julian Bakery is by no means the only company targeting diabetics, but they were the largest and targeting us since 2009.

Though my attention seems to be focused on the Julian Bakery, it has also been focused on these companies:

With the help of the FDA and the California Dept of Health I have put these two low carb scam companies out of business Eat-Rite Foods and my interview with Fox5TV in NYC sealed the demise of Carb Krunchers.  Again, with the help of the FDA and the Utah Dept of Health I am working on The Low Carb WiO Diet Scam

Thank you for the consideration of all.

Minus the pictures and with a link to the post, this letter has been signed and emailed to

Ronald Reagan famously said, “Trust but Verify”.  At the signing of the INF Treaty, his counterpart Mikhail Gorbachev responded:  “you repeat that at every meeting,” to which Reagan answered:  “I like it”…I like it too.