Julian Bakery Is Falsely Labeling Their New Paleo Protein Bars-They Are…Not So Tasty…And…They Are Moldy Too

 Moldy Chocolate Mint BarI have no idea how the Julian Bakery & Heath Squier come up with the information they put into a Nutritional Facts Label but there are only about four ways to come up with the figures. 

Notice the expiration date.

  • 1.)  Heath Squier has no idea how to read a lab report and translate that to a label.
  • 2.)  He makes a wild guess.
  • 3.)  He never really had these products tested.
  • 4.)  He simply lies.

Isomalto-Oligosaccharides In Nutrition Bars: Not So Guilt-Free

This is now the 6th Julian Bakery product I have had laboratory tested and not one of them has ever been remotely correct.  There are so many things wrong with these products I hardly know where to begin. As you look at the pictures and graph below you will notice:

  • 1.)  The nutritional label on every bar is cut in half making it nearly impossible to read.
  • 2.)  Most of the bars had nearly past due expiration dates and several had 1990’s paper stickers with different expiration dates.
  • 3.)  And the worst thing… the Nutritional Facts Labels are way off.  I tested my blood sugar on Saturday January 24th, 2015 and the results were again disastrous. Bar eaten was their Paleo Chocolate Brownie Bar.

Julian Bakery Paleo Protein Bar

January 24th, 2015

As a diabetic I DO NOT inject insulin and I DO NOT take any diabetic drugs which in my opinion makes me a perfect guinea pig to test any supposed low carb product.

After looking at my results does this remotely look like 2g Net Carbs?  Well not to me it doesn’t.  My observation:  These bars taste absolutely horrible.  It took me 17 minutes to gag it down, another 15 minutes to get it out of my teeth and my blood glucose level skyrocketed.

Nutritonal FactsExpiration Dates 1Expiration Dates 2











Let alone the diabetic and low carb communities who are being poisoned once again by the Julian Bakery, is the Paleo community now also being duped?  These two images below are the centerfold of the new Paleo Magazine.  On the right Heath Squier says:  “Ah heck, they’re just good for you and delicious too”.  Well I say:  Ah heck, they are definitely NOT good for you, they are definitely NOT delicious,  and could actually be POISONOUS for many of you. See the moldy pictures below.

Paleo Magazine AdPaleo Magazine Ad Text



On the Julian Bakery website this is what they are calling Lab Results.  We know that a Nutritional Facts Label in no way resembles any laboratory tested analysis results. It is simply a Nutritional Facts Label from some testing company in Canada.  And why all of a sudden is Heath Squier using a testing lab in Canada?  Yes, I verified it, they did have the bars tested in Canada.  Anyone wishing to look at a nutritional lab report can (Click Here) and this is why I do not put mine up.  Not many people can make heads nor tails of them.  The good news:  The FDA knows exactly how to read one.

On the left is the generated Exova Laboratory Nutritional Label and as you can see it bears no resemblance to what the Julian Bakery says on the right.

0126112 D Krueger; Julian Bakery Chocolate Brownie Paleo BarJB Nutritional Label








I sent Cain Corticott at Paleo Magazine samples of the Paleo Protein Bars and in conjunction, I have filed (another) formal FDA complaint with a small part of the text reading:

  • The Julian Bakery stated Calorie count is 153% lower than Exova testing (170 vs 260)
  • The Julian Bakery stated Fat is 260% lower than Exova testing (5g vs 13g)
  • The Julian Bakery stated Net Carbohydrate is 600% lower than Exova testing (2g vs 12g)
  • The Julian Bakery stated Fiber is 371% higher than Exova testing (26g vs 7g)

Another good question may be asked:  Where does this put Qwest Bars as they are made with nearly identical ingredients?

Pictures of moldy Paleo Protein Bars are now beginning to show up on the internet.  Yum.

Moldy Paleo Protein Bar 5Moldy Chocolate Mint Paleo BarMoldy Bar 3






 Moldy Bar 2Moldy Paleo Protein Bar 4Moldy Chocolate Mint Bar






The first picture was posted on Amazon March 15th, 2015 and we will see how long is stays. The second is a picture of a moldy Chocolate Mint Bar from Yelp, and the others on Twitter. Click on any picture for an up-close & clear view of the mold. I’m keeping my bars with the expiration date of 1/13/16 for awhile and see if they mold inside the packaging. (See video above as yes, they did mold).  More moldy pictures here: Julian Bakery Moldy Paleo Bars

To show the lengths Heath Squier will go, he has once again put his Paleo Protein Bars on Amazon and in 1 day absolutely buried all the negative Reviews. On February 25th  22 people posted 5 star Reviews. They are FAKE, FAKE, FAKE, and the English; is absolutely atrocious.  This was the link but it has now been broken. http://www.amazon.com/Paleo-Protein-Carbs-Glazed-Donut/product reviews/B00RDL7NTU/ref=cm_cr_pr_top_helpful?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=0&sortBy=byRankDescending A disgusting practice and Amazon?…allows it. Why? Because Julian Bakery sells all their crappy Paleo products thru them and Amazon makes $$$$$.

These are the Deleted Amazon Reviews and some are actually pretty funny. You won’t find them anywhere else as Heath is unable to control what people say (other than on his own websites) but he did the next best thing and had many of them deleted.

I am so sorry but I had to close the Comments below. Heath Squier was spamming it. I allowed him to put up his first Comment and in my reply, which is still visible, I said it was going to be his only one. The first thing he did was add to his original and then continued adding the same Comment over and over about every 15 minutes. They appeared to be coming from some robot machine. As I deleted them another would come in. As well he should be, it is my belief Heath Squier is quite worried about this Post.
Heath Squier has some rather girlie tendencies and one of them is he believes he always deserves the last word.  Well this is my blog, not his, and I have no intention of allowing him to spew his lies, venom and vitriol here so…Man Up Heath.
In the end it will be the FDA who determines whether these bars are what they say they are. Not Gary Collins and certainly not Heath Squier.

Meanwhile, Loren Cordain & The Paleo Diet Recommend Julian Bakery-Scroll to the bottom past D’Artagnan Meat which are true paleo foods.

If you are interested in more please see here:  JULIAN BAKERY

Since Heath Squier continually began spamming the Comments below I had to stop allowing them but since he can’t stop them on Amazon here are a few recent choice ones:

Eat Julian Bakery’s new Protein Bars at your own risk. ‘Forewarned is Forearmed’

Ronald Reagan famously said, “Trust but Verify”.  At the signing of the INF Treaty, his counterpart Mikhail Gorbachev responded:  “you repeat that at every meeting,” to which Reagan answered:  “I like it”…I like it too.

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