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Julian Bakery Moldy Paleo Bars

Julian Bakery Moldy Paleo BarsJulian Bakery Moldy Paleo Bars. They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words so this ought to be a 6,000 word moldy essay. Love the expiration date and I do kinda like the rainbow effect of the different moldy colors.  Click on any picture for an up close and personal view. Update that to a 7,000 word moldy essay, no  9,000 words…Ack I’ve lost count but you can see lots more below.  Make that a 9,000 word moldy essay.  If this keeps up maybe we can make a cocktail table picture book. Plus one more. The video below is one of my moldy paleo bars. Continue reading

Julian Bakery Is Falsely Labeling Their New Paleo Protein Bars-They Are…Not So Tasty…And…They Are Moldy Too

 Moldy Chocolate Mint BarI have no idea how the Julian Bakery & Heath Squier come up with the information they put into a Nutritional Facts Label but there are only about four ways to come up with the figures. 

Notice the expiration date.

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