Julian Bakery’s Continuing Pathological Lies

Julian Bakery’s Continuing Pathological LiesYou know, I truly did think I was done with Heath Squier and the Julian Bakery’s Continuing Pathological Lies but hey, we all make mistakes and I made one.  I got an email from one of their customers a couple of days ago complaining about the “new size” of the “new” Paleo Wraps and wanted to maybe know what to do about it.

Julian Bakery’s Continuing Pathological Lies

Picture Sent Courtesy Of A Julian Bakery Customer Who Feels Cheated

On December 9th Julian Bakery put up a picture of their “new” Paleo Wraps on Facebook saying they would be slightly bigger, stronger and even more flavorful.  The wrap looked quite familiar to me but wow, they looked pretty good and would be available in 4-6 weeks so I waited…with baited breath and…on February 17th the “real new” Paleo Wraps arrived and um, they didn’t even remotely look like the promised new wraps.  What were these things?  Supposedly were bigger which they are not.  The old wraps were not even close to the old advertised size of 8”x8” which was false as they were 7⅛”x 7⅛” at best and yes, I measured them.  Measured Paleo Wrap  At least their nearest competitor tells the truth on their website Nucoconut saying their coconut wraps are 7″x7″.  As you can see in the comparison picture above from their customer the “real new” wraps are even smaller.  My guess would be maybe somewhere north of 6½” but certainly not as advertised at 7½”.  Look at all the Surface Area that has been lost from square to round.  Right on the front of the package is says:  Now Larger, Holds More Filling.  How would it be possible for something with less surface area to hold more?

Meanwhile last June 7th, @SieteFoods re-tweeted a picture by @PrimalKitchenCo with a gorgeous picture of a Seite Wrap. (picture left)  This gets pretty twisted here so stay with me.  Doesn’t it seem a bit strange that the Julian Bakery’s 1st picture (center) looks suspiciously like the Siete Wrap?  And then I realized why that 1st Julian Bakery picture looked so familiar-they were probably using a Siete Wrap for their photo shoot and would worry about what was actually coming later.  Well, later has arrived and it seems the new wraps are not as promised.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that if you are using another company’s wrap and yours looks like a mud pie then it probably won’t go over very well with your customers and would you eat these things? (picture right)  I’m pretty sure that using another company’s product to advertise yours may be illegal and might be considered fraud and false advertising.  Anyway Heath, after you read this you might want to think about what you may have done.  No company worth their salt would advertise your December 9th picture and end up actually selling your new mud wraps.

Not many people have reviewed these new wraps on Amazon Reviews Here but thus far all are 1 Star Reviews.  Can’t wait for the “purchased” fake reviews to begin showing up…again.

Julian Bakery’s Continuing Pathological LiesOh and yea, the new wraps are being made in the US as stated alright…In Texas.  Now last we knew, Heath Squier owns a bakery so why would a bakery not be making their own tortillas for heaven’s sake?  Huh?  They say “they have modified the wraps and they are darker” and I say no kidding Sherlock.

Sorry Julian Bakery but I think you need to go back to your drawing board and this is why I continue to call Heath Squier, acting for the Julian Bakery, a pathological liar.  Is he frightened?  My guess is probably, very frightened, because I don’t think people are going to go for these brown mud pies.

Julian Bakery’s Continuing Pathological LiesIf everyone still believes in the tooth fairy and Santa Clause then I suggest you continue drinking the Julian Bakery “paleo” Kool-Aid.  Below Heath Squier is now saying that typhoon (Haiyan 2013?) (Nina 2016?) wiped out his manufacturing facilities?  Say What?  But hey the old coconut wraps will be back in a few months and I guess maybe that’s when he wins all the lawsuits. (see below)  A toast to Heath:  Here’s “mud wraps” in your eye.

Last statement:  Julian Bakery is in the middle of two huge lawsuits and one minor one (with me).  The first is Defense Nutrition LLC vs Julian Bakery Inc for non-payment of over $506,000  and the 2nd  is with Nucoconut over the use of the term Paleo Wrap or coconut wrap or some such crap.  And yes, I do have copies of all court filings and documents to date.

Ronald Reagan famously said, “Trust but Verify”.  At the signing of the INF Treaty, his counterpart Mikhail Gorbachev responded:  “you repeat that at every meeting,” to which Reagan answered:  “I like it”…I like it too.