Julian Bakery Going Around Coming Around

Julian Bakery Going Around Coming AroundThere is a term for what the Julian Bakery has practiced over the years called Economically Motivated Food Fraud EMFA and a more crude way of saying it might be “lying to make money”.  It has just come to light that not only is the Julian Bakery embroiled in a 3rd Lawsuit, they are also enmeshed in their 4th Lawsuit in as many years.  They 100% brought it on themselves, and this time as defendants in  Defense Nutrition LLC vs Julian Bakery Inc. I don’t know the charges yet but I imagine it may have to do with non-payment in the manufacturing of Paleo Bars, Paleo Protein Powders, and which may also include SAF Berbering and Glycozine.  As they say:  What Goes Around Comes Around. 

So now I think I kind of get it.  Their Paleo Bars are being sold everywhere, including even E-Bay.  Julian Bakery hasn’t had the Coconut Shred flavor for at least 6 months and I think maybe much longer. Here are the Cinnamon Rolls, the Sunflower Butter, the Blueberry Tart, the Almond Fudge, and of course you get the idea.  These are probably people who ordered them directly from either Amazon or the company itself, realized how absolutely revolting they are, and thought what-the-heck let’s try E-Bay.  So on to the Paleo Wraps story…

pure-wrapsAbout 4 years ago when Heath Squier, owner and CEO of the Julian Bakery couldn’t get the company Improveat to private label their Original Pure Wraps coconut wraps he went to the Philippines and began having his Paleo Wraps made which he in turn imported.  Who cared if another successful company had legally been doing the same thing for years?  Fast forward and now another company, NuCoconut has/is doing the same thing to the Julian Bakery.  Heath has lost his manufacturer and apparently is no longer able to get his coconut Paleo Wraps made (hence the lawsuit) and awe, what a shame.  Oh, he may still have wraps stashed away as the shelf life is 8-9 months but it appears he is unable to import any more of them and if you click to the Julian Bakery Paleo Page they are no longer listed.

My Paleo WrapsJulian Bakery is also no longer selling their Paleo Wraps on/thru Amazon and worst of all, if they haven’t already run out; they will soon be off the shelves of his two largest buyers-Whole Foods and Sunfood.  Both of these companies are huge and Whole Foods will care less about carrying Paleo Wraps but Sunfood may be a different matter.

sunfoodIf Sunfood wished to continue selling their wraps they could, possibly, have NuCoconut private label for them. This of course cuts out the ole Julian Bakery.  Quite noticeable on the older Sunfood label in the lower right corner it says developed by: Julian Bakery, Inc.  Julian Bakery no more developed a coconut wrap than I can fly-all they did was steal it.

turmeric-wrapsJulian Bakery On Thrive Market is already out of Turmeric Paleo Wraps and how long before they run out of the regular wraps?  And speaking of Turmeric Wraps NuCoconut has that covered too.

NUCO On Amazon is the only company selling on/thru Amazon besides the Original Pure Wraps by Improveat.

Yes, the Julian Bakery still has old labeled wraps on Amazon but they are being sold by some third party seller going by the name PowerForApple  and at $2.00 per wrap+shipping how many to you think are being sold?

nuco-coconut-wrapsNuCo has their bases covered with all the sparkly little bells & whistles and one very important little teeny tiny thing at the very bottom of the label where it says Patent Pending:  Philippine Intellectual Property Office.


julian-bakery-patent-pendingpaleo-wrapspaleo-wraps-2Now Heath Squier has been all over the internet bragging about a pending patent on his Paleo Wraps, he touted it on his website and then printed it on his packaging but it seems he does not really have any pending patent and we all know you can say anything you want on the internet.  The NuCoconut Team appear to all be Philippine Nationals and one is…ready… an attorney specializing in Intellectual Property Rights so…good luck with that one Heath.

coco-farm-wrapscoco-farm-turmeric-wrapsLastly, there was this little Julian Bakery miss-adventure trying to get a foot-hold in Australia for a short time.  These wraps had been distributed by Across The Pacific Trading Company Pty Ltd located in Pelican Water QLD Au and now owned by So Delicious Dairy Free which make some absolutely fabulous sugar-free products.  Elsewhere on this site I have likened the Julian Bakery to an octopus and this is just further evidence.  I have to say that there must be a pot-load of money in coconut wraps world-wide as so many companies seem to want to steal the idea from the guy ahead of them.

It is my opinion that the Julian Bakery may finally be out of their league and about to meet their Waterloo.  Their Falsely Labeled Paleo Bars, which are about all they have left to sell, are horrible as attested by many people.  The Julian Bakery has poisoned, lied to, and bilked the diabetic and the lowcarb communities for far too long and I believe it is high-time for it to stop.  I am hoping this may finally be the death knell of the Julian Bakery.

Ronald Reagan famously said, “Trust but Verify”.  At the signing of the INF Treaty, his counterpart Mikhail Gorbachev responded:  “you repeat that at every meeting,” to which Reagan answered:  “I like it”…I like it too.