Eat-Rite Foods Busted And Out Of Business

Choc-O-HolicLow Carb Pizza CincoI said I was going to finish the job that Arnold Diaz at Fox5TV in New York started and I have done it.  These criminals has been poisoning diabetics and the low carb community for over 20 years and that has now stopped.

Rossana ForzantiRed CentThe crook to the left, Rossana Forzanti, who owns Viva Low Carb online superstore is still selling the few items she has left rather than take the lose of one red cent but her days are now numbered.

 Rest In Peace Eat-Rite & Hasta Luego Ya Crooks


Ronald Reagan famously said, “Trust but Verify”.  At the signing of the INF Treaty, his counterpart Mikhail Gorbachev responded:  “you repeat that at every meeting,” to which Reagan answered:  “I like it”…I like it too.