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Moores Law As Applied To Most Alternative Sweeteners

Lily PondMoore’s Law.  Do you know what it is? Question: A lily pad grows so that each day it doubles its size in (area). On the 30th day it completely covers the pond choking out all life. On what day of its growth was the pond half covered?  See bottom for the answer.

The lily pad coverage grows very slowly in the first several days and then as it exponentially grows, the time shortens very quickly. Continue reading

Beware The New Truvia Brown Sugar Blend

Beware The New Truvia Brown Sugar BlendBeware The New Truvia Brown Sugar Blend and why it is a very bad investment. Many diabetics & lowcarbers have been using Truvia® for years and the maker of this product (Cargill) realizes what brand identification & brand loyalty is and they are now playing on this. The original Truvia® is composed of erythritol (a sugar alcohol), stevia leaf extract, and ‘natural flavors’ whatever that is. (Be sure to read at the bottom regarding the two Truvia® lawsuits) The new Truvia® Brown Sugar Blend is a completely different animal consisting of erythritol, sugar, molasses, and stevia leaf extract. See any differences in the ingredients? Continue reading