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Low Carb Simple Greek Salad

Low Carb Simple Greek SaladLow Carb Simple Greek SaladLow Carb Simple Greek Salad. For those of you who might love a Simple Greek Salad this one is as simple and easy as it gets.  The secret:  Shallots instead of purple onions.  It is said that the taste of shallots is a subtle combination of garlic and onion and people ask then why not just combine the two.  My answer is: because the combination of garlic and onion DO NOT taste like a shallot and not by a long shot.  Shallots have their own delicate taste.

I pretty much always have  the ingredients for this salad so for me it’s no sweat.  Notice the HUGE 1 gallon jug of Kalamata olives.  No I don’t go through it in a week or two but I do  probably buy 3-4 of them a year and the Puttanesca Sauce is another great recipe that uses them.  Now if you like a little more complex salad then you might like to try the Greek Salad With A Creamy Feta Dressing.  My personal preference is pretty much a peeled & seeded cucumber and this is up to you.  It has to do with the toughness of the skin which can some times accompany them and…I just don’t like it.

As I am a Type II diabetic, all recipes on this website are low carb and diabetic friendly.

Simple Greek Salad
  1. ½ C Olive Oil
  2. ¼ C Red Wine Vinegar
  3. 3 T Lemon Juice
  4. 2 t Crushed Garlic
  5. ½ t Dried Mint
  6. ½ t Dried Oregano
  7. ¼ t Dried Dill
  8. ¼ t Salt
  9. ¼ t Pepper
  10. 1 Drop Liquid Sucralose Or Not (To Offset The Acid In The Vinegar & Tomatoes)
Salad Guts
  1. 2 Thinly Sliced Shallots
  2. 2 C Quartered Cherry Tomatoes
  3. 1 C Halved Kalamata Olives
  4. 1 Chopped Peeled & Seeded Cucumber
  5. 2 Very Thinly Sliced Shallots
  6. 6 Oz Feta Cheese
  1. Put all salad ingredients in a medium bowl.
  2. Put all dressing ingredients in a smaller bowl, whisking briskly.
  3. Drizzle dressing into salad blending well.
  4. 6 Servings
  5. 301 Calories, 4.6g Protein, 128.8g Fat, 7.8g Carbs, 1.3g Fiber, 6.5g Net Carbs
  1. Completed salad can be made and refrigerated for more than several days.
  2. Best served in a small bowl as you can then contain a bit of the dressing & juices with each bite.
  3. Adding a soft lettuce like bibb or butterhead will extend the number of people you can serve with this but my advice is to eat it as stated because the flavors are far more intense.
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Low Carb Greek Salad With Creamy Feta Dressing

Low Carb Greek Salad With Creamy Feta DressingLow Carb Greek Salad With Creamy Feta DressingThis Low Carb Greek Salad With Creamy Feta Dressing is so good on a warm summer day.  Everything is fresh with the flavors of oregano and mint which the Greeks are so famous for.

My personal theory is:  To put anything you want into a salad so if you have your own favorite ingredients then…go for it.

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As I am a Type II diabetic, all recipes on this website are low carb and diabetic friendly.

Greek Salad With Creamy Feta Dressing
Dressing Ingredients
  1. ½ C Mayonnaise
  2. 2 T Olive Oil
  3. 1 T Fresh Lemon Juice
  4. 1 T Red Wine Vinegar
  5. 1 T Dried Oregano (Can Use More)
  6. 1 t Dried Mint (Can Use More)
  7. 1 t Worcestershire Sauce
  8. 1 t Crushed Garlic
  9. 1 t Dried Parsley
  10. ¼ C Crumbled Feta Cheese
  11. Salt & Freshly Ground Black Pepper
Salad Ingredients
  1. 1 C Pitted Kalamata Olives
  2. 1 C Tomato Chunks
  3. 1 C Diced Orange, Yellow Or Red Peppers (Or Mix & Match)
  4. 1 C Chopped Green Onion Tops
  5. 1 C Artichoke Hearts
  6. 1 C Cucumber
  7. 1 C Feta Cheese
  8. 1 C Diced Purple Onion
  1. Process dressing ingredients in small Cuisinart except the salt & pepper until blended and mostly smooth.
  2. Add salt & fresh pepper to taste.
  3. Refrigerate for at least 2 hours before serving.
  4. Cut salad ingredients into chunky pieces and toss with dressing.
  5. May be served with an underlayment of lettuce as a garnish but Greek salad would not generally be served with lettuce.
  6. 8 Servings
  7. 228 Calories, 3.1g Protein, 19.9g Fat, 9.5g Carbs, 1.9g Fiber, 7.6g Net Carbs
  1. If there is one thing the Greeks do it is to use oregano and mint liberally.
  2. I think it easier to let people salt and pepper their own salad as the dressing is so tasty piquant they may not need any.
  3. All ingredients listed are included in nutritionals.
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