Low Carb Umami Powder

Low Carb Umami PowderLow Carb Umami PowderLow Carb Umami PowderLow Carb Umami Powder.  If you have a spice grinder and/or a mortar & pestle this low carb umami powder will change your cooking life and I am serious. It is fabulous and will enhance nearly anything you can imagine.  Now I have used Pistol River Porcini Dust forever and it is in a lot of my recipes but with the addition of ground fermented black beans it is a powerhouse of flavor like no other and I’m rather surprised McCormick’s or some other spice company has not come out with something similar because it is so easy.  Two lousy ingredients of pure umami.  You can use it to jazz up soups, sprinkle it on salads and dress meats with it and just the smell is enough to give you inspiration.  Since I just came up with the idea the only other recipe I have done thus far is Umami Mayo which can be used as a dip with Fried Pork Skins or low carb crudité veggies. To read more regarding what umami is, please see the Umami Mayo recipe as I describe it more in detail there along with my take on MSG which is something I do not use but only for reasons explained there-it is a good short read. You will also see the ground ferment beans (and not porcini dust) in the recipe for Hoisin Sauce which is then use to make Peking Duck so you may as well grind extra beans if you plan to use hoisin sauce and I do use it in small quantities in several other recipes including the recently added Kung Pao Riced Cauliflower.  That little container you see in the picture probably has about ½ cup and I keep it in the freezer until I need a little more.

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Umami Powder
  1. 3 T Porcini Powder
  2. 3 T Ground Salted Fermented Black Beans Powder
Grinding The Fermented Black Beans
  1. Smash beans on the counter, transfer them to spice grinder, and add porcini powder.
  2. Begin pulsing and then grind until it all turns to a powder. The longer you grind, the lighter in color it becomes. The beans are black to start and end up a beautiful mahogany brown when finished.
  3. 6 Servings
  4. 0 Calories, 0.0g Protein, 0.0g Fat, 0.0g Carbs, 0.0g Fiber, 0.0g Net Carbs
  1. This is made with 3 T each ingredient, is used 1 teaspoon at a time which, and is then, ready to be used as wanted. The recipe is always equal parts each ingredient.
  2. You can very easily grind your own dried porcini mushrooms or...buy the dust from Pistol River Mushrooms here in Oregon.
  3. Since I came up with this myself I am afraid you cannot find ground fermented black bean powder. I did find some stuff on amazon but the color was so light it didn't seem like the same product. I know the product is available somewhere because it is called mejugaru and used to make Korean gochujang and also goes by the name Fermented Soy Bean Flour and not to be confused with Soy Flour. Since I use the beans for other thing I just ground it myself and you are certainly welcome to search it further on the internet.
  4. It must have something in the way of nutritionals but the amounts are so small they don't register so this is definitely a zero carb recipe.
  5. Can you add any other spices? Of course you can-anything you want.
  6. This is not necessarily a salt replacement although the black beans are fermented with salt so go easy on the salt until you know.
  7. To my tastes it seems mildly sweet with of course no sweetener of any kind in it.
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