Low Carb Shrimp With Andouille Sausage

Low Carb Shrimp With Andouille SausageLow Carb Shrimp With Andouille SausageLow Carb Shrimp With Andouille SausageLow Carb Shrimp With Andouille SausageLow Carb Shrimp With Andouille Sausage. This is New Orleans food at its best and mine is served over Cauliflower Grits.  I want you to notice the fat distribution in the andouille.  It is quite irregular and the way it should look.  Those are chunks of fat which means it is not some over-processed crap sausage and that fat absolutely make the andouille taste fantastic. And the pork is in chunks so you know you are getting whole muscle pieces.  Yes, I do order mine from Cajun Grocers in LA but they come frozen, in a 1 lb. roll, and last a very long time in the freezer.  The link will take you to the andouille I buy.

If you want the best grits ever you might try the one that go with the Grillades Over Cheesy Cauliflower Grits.  Not only do they have cheese in them, they also have thyme in them and we all know one of the predominate flavors in Louisiana cooking is thyme.  So, if you love New Orleans food & you love grits you can’t go wrong with low carb shrimp with andouille sausage.

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Shrimp & Andouille Sausage
  1. 1 C Celery Cut On The Diagonal
  2. 1 C Onions Chopped
  3. 1 C Green Onions Tops Only
  4. 1 C Andouille Sausage Bite Size Pieces
  5. ½ C Roasted Red Peppers Chopped
  6. 2 C Heavy Cream
  7. ½ C Water
  8. 2 T Olive Oil
  9. 1 Lb Shrimp Cut Into 3 Chunks Each
  10. 2 t Chicken Base
  11. Chipotle Powder To Taste
  12. Favorite Cajun or Blackening Seasoning To Taste
  1. Sauté Andouille in olive oil and set aside.
  2. Put water in same sauté pan, add onions & celery and cook until soft and water has evaporated.
  3. Add red peppers, Andouille & heavy cream and cook until slightly thickened.
  4. Add chicken base and spices to taste.
  5. Add shrimp chunks & green onions and cook for 2-3 minutes until shrimp is cooked-this will not take long.
  6. 4 Servings
  7. 758 Calories, 32.0g Protein, 61.7g Fat, 8.7g Carbs, 2.8g Fiber, 5.9g Net Carbs
  1. I serve this over mashed cauliflower or cauliflower grits with a side salad and for the pictures above I used the cheesy grits in the Grillades Over Cheesy Cauliflower Grits recipe.
  2. I also like to spread them out and up the sides of the bowl so that it is very easy to get grits with every bite.
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