Low Carb Ginger Curried Zucchini Soup

Ginger Curried Zucchini SoupLow Carb Ginger Curried Zucchini Soup is one bowl of spicy goodness. Ginger and curry are a spice marriage made in heaven and as far as I am concerned this soup captures it nicely.  Oh, for the good ole days when I could eat regular bread but alas they are gone and I will say a thick piece of Carbalose Flour Bread slathered with butter and dredged in the soup works pretty darned well.

Did you know that originally there really was no such thing as curry powder? Foods were “curried” which meant any particular dish was treated differently with different spices being put together. The word “curry” is a recent westernized word.

These are the many spices that a woman might draw upon for her own “special” curry and the spices changed depending what she was currying.  Coriander Seeds, Cumin Seeds, Fenugreek Seeds, Turmeric, Cloves, Garlic , Curry Leaves, Fennel Seeds, Ginger, Chillies, Mustard, Red Pepper, Salt, Cassia, Black Pepper, Poppy Seeds, Anise, Bengal Gram, Cardamom, Cassia buds, Celery Seed, Cinnamon,Dill Seed, Mace, Nagkeser, Nutmeg, Onion, Trifala, & White Pepper.  With all that said, I use ‘regular old curry powder’ and what a bag of wind I am.

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Ginger Curried Zucchini Soup
  1. 1 Pound Small Dice Zucchini (2-3 Medium)
  2. 2½ C Water
  3. 2 T Butter
  4. ½ C Small Dice Onions
  5. 1 t Crushed Garlic
  6. 1 t Powdered Curry
  7. 1 t Powdered Ginger
  8. 1 T Chicken Base (+More To Taste)
  9. ½ C Heavy Cream
  10. ¼ C Melted Butter
  11. ¼ C Slivered Green Onion Tops
  12. Dollop Sour Cream
  1. Sauté onions in butter, add water, zucchini, all spices, cover and cook until zucchini is tender.
  2. Remove from heat and with an immersion blender use until smooth.
  3. Add heavy cream, taste and correct seasoning.
  4. Drizzle soup with butter, add sour cream and top with green onions.
  5. 4 Servings
  6. 301 Calories, 2.0g Protein, 28.6g Fat, 8.8g Carbs, 2.6g Fiber, 6.2g Net Carbs
  1. This may be served hot or cold but…I think hot is preferable.
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