Keto Beef Burrito Crêpes

Keto Beef Burrito CrêpesKeto Beef Burrito Crêpes.  These Burrito crêpes are a very quick dinner and always a hit with children.  One of the great things about kids is when they are young they don’t have any preconceived ideas about the way something should be or look.  Think about this; if keto beef burrito crepes were the first ones they had ever had, they might think Taco Bell’s burritos were a little strange so…context is everything.  These are very easy to make even if you don’t have any of what you see on the plate.  I served mine with Pico de GalloCreamy Smooth Guacamole and sour cream and of course these items can also be purchase at you local grocery store.  The Flaxseed Meal Crêpes are zero carb which makes the burritos nearly zero carb too. To make your low carb beef burrito crêpes you will need one recipe of the crêpes.  I also of course used my own Taco Seasoning but you may use your own or again, something you can buy in the grocery.

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Beef Burrito Crêpes
  1. 1 Recipe Flaxseed Meal Crêpes
  2. 1½ Lbs Good Quality Hamburger Meat (At Least 15% Fat)
  3. 1½ Lbs Finely Shredded Cheese
  4. 1 Medium Onion Sliced Thinly Into About 1-1½” Strips
  5. 1½-2 T Taco Seasoning (More Or Less To Your Personal Taste)
  1. Put onions and ground beef in pan set to medium-low and slowly brown meat and until onions are transluscent.
  2. Spread 1 oz. shredded cheese on each crêpe.
  3. Divide meat & onion mixture onto each crêpe and roll.
  4. Top each two crêpes with 2 oz. more cheese. You may need to nuke then to completely melt the cheese.
  5. Garnish as desired.
  6. 6 Servings 2 Each
  7. 914 Calories, 57.4g Protein, 72.4g Fat, 6.1g Carbs, 4.5g Fiber, 1.6g Net Carbs
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