Keto Ranch Dressing

Keto Ranch DressingKeto Ranch DressingKeto Ranch DressingKeto Ranch DressingKeto Ranch DressingKeto Ranch Dressing. I distinctly remember where I was and what restaurant we were in, the very first time I ever tasted buttermilk ranch dressing. It was probably in about 1978-79 in a kind of upscale steakhouse joint just to the right off I-25 headed north in the Denver Tech Center.  You know the routine; waitress lists off the salad dressings and then tell us about this new dressing called buttermilk ranch.  I bit, ordered, and oh Lordy, It. Was. So. Good.  Of course I had never had anything even close and was obsessed to figure out how to make it. I never did need to learn to make it on my own because the next thing you know it was being shown at all the restaurant shows and it was suddenly available everywhere.  Now, it had actually been invented by a dude ranch owner in the 1950’s but as I used to eat in a lot of different restaurants, I had never come across it until this time. One of the first things you see in the ingredients list on a ranch dressing dried powder packet is sugar in the form of maltodextrin and though mine tastes like the original ranch I had had, it does not have any added sugar.

The reason I finally made my own keto ranch dressing from scratch all these years later is that I wanted to do a recipe for Chicken Milanese and I wanted it sugar-free.  I also eat Buffalo Wings from time to time and now…I have my very own keto ranch dressing so I made wings the  next night.  I would like to give a huge shout-out to Chef Taffiny Elrod from NY who became a real life friend from Twitter when she came to Portland to attend a conference a couple of weeks ago. Met and had a fabulous dinner at Ox restaurant after. Ran into Nora Gedgaudas  that night, we spoke briefly, and you know if Nora eats at Ox it’s a gonna be good.  Taffiny and Nicole gave me my own swag bag with a couple of cheeses and some of it is in the upper left picture.

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Ranch Dressing
  1. ½ C Mayonnaise
  2. ¼ C Full Fat Sour Cream
  3. 2 T Full Fat Buttermilk
  4. 1½ T Dried Parsley Flakes
  5. ½ T Lemon Juice
  6. 1 t Maggi Seasoning (More To Taste Later If Needed)
  7. ¼ t Garlic Powder
  8. ¼ t Onion Powder
  9. ¼ t Fresh Ground Pepper
  1. Mix all ingredients, refrigerate for at least 4 hours and overnight is best.
  2. 8 Servings 2 T
  3. 119 Calories, 0.5 Protein, 13.3g Fat 0.8g Carbs, 0.1g Fiber, 0.7 Net Carbs
  1. This will make 1 C dressing which is about the amount you get in a bottle of store-bought stuff. If you decide you love this dressing it is probably a good idea to double the recipe because 1 C is not enough. Besides being better than Ranch Dressing making your own is a lot cheaper.
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