Keto Monkey Bread

Keto Monkey BreadKeto Monkey BreadKeto Monkey BreadKeto Monkey BreadKeto Monkey BreadKeto Monkey Bread.  It’s been a whirlwind of recipes since I came up with Keto Rum Caramel Sauce.  and this will probably be the last recipe for more than a couple of reasons but have given you enough to branch out and come up with your own.  I have had this recipe for keto monkey bread on the drawing board for about 5-6 months.  It’s not that I’m not busy because I am, but one would think that with all the other new Carbalose Flour dessert recipes I have done recently, that I should have done this before now.  Every once in a while I have to hit myself in the head and say oops, I coulda had a V-8.  This is one of those times.  My problem was getting the nut mixture in between the little dough balls and of course it really turned out not to be a problem at all.  Several months ago I did a recipe for Rich Rum Sticky Buns and this keto monkey bread uses nearly identical ingredients (a bit more butter) and just put together a little differently.  So stop monkeying around and get to makin.  I have shown the keto monkey bread on a couple of plates but the idea is really to individually pull each ball by hand and eat it.  Incredibly, it is not sticky, yes it is messy, and your kids will love eating it with their fingers.  I personally think about 4 balls is plenty enough as they are filled with so much fat but…that is up to you. Really easy to eat and very easy to overeat because of the oh-so-high fat content.

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As I am a Type II diabetic, all recipes on this website are low carb and diabetic friendly.

Monkey Bread
Caramel Topping
  1. ¼ C Butter
  2. ¼ C Heavy Cream
  3. 2 T Sugarfree Maple Syrup***
  4. 1 T Rum
  5. ½ t Vanilla Extract
  6. 6 T Just Like Sugar Brown***
  7. ⅔ C Un-Toasted Pecans (To Be Used Later)
  8. 1 t Butter (To Be Used Later)
Nut Filling
  1. ½ C Pecans
  2. ¼ C Just Like Sugar Brown***
  3. 1½ t Cinnamon
  4. 6 T Melted Butter (To Be Used Later)
  1. 1½ C Carbalose Flour***
  2. 2 T Coconut Flour
  3. 2 T Gluten
  4. ½ t Salt
  5. ⅛ t Guar Gum
  6. ⅛ t Xanthan Gum
  7. 2 T Golden Flaxseed Meal
  8. 2 T Warm Water
  9. 1 Large Beaten Egg
  10. 2 T Heavy Cream
  11. 2 T Refined Coconut Oil (Un-Refined Is OK Too But Will Add What I Consider Too Much Coconut Flavor).
  12. 12 Drops Liquid Sucralose***
  13. ⅓ C Warm Water + More As/If Needed 1 T At A Time
  14. 1½ T Yeast
  15. ½ t Sugar
  16. 1 t Orange Extract (This Is An Important Essential Ingredient)
  17. 1 t Butter (To Grease Bottom Of Pan)
Caramel Topping
  1. This can and should be made a day or two in advance (for time’s sake). Be sure to hide it in the fridge or someone will get into it. Bring to room temperature the day of final assembly.
  2. In a small sauce pan barely, and I mean barely, melt butter, take off heat, add heavy cream, syrup, rum & vanilla.
  3. Begin mixing in Just Like Sugar 2 T at a time until all is incorporated.
  4. Bring to very slow simmer, stirring occasionally and cook for about 15-18 minutes. It will begin to darken and get a little thicker. The idea is to have an overall bit of bubbling for the total cooking period.
  5. The color will start out very light, get darker with cooking, and then lighten again.
  6. Cool to warm.
Nut Filling
  1. Put pecans, cinnamon, and just Like Sugar in small processor and grind until nuts are finely ground. Set aside. This can also be done a day or two ahead of assembly and trust me, it’s easier. I do mine the night before and it only takes a couple of minutes at most to do.
  1. Put first 6 ingredients in processor.
  2. Add 2 T warm water to flaxseed meal for 10 minutes, add to dry ingredients and pulse to mix.
  3. Bloom yeast with sugar in warm water for 10 minutes.
  4. Add Sucralose, orange extract, and melted coconut oil to top of bloomed yeast.
  5. Beat egg and add cream.
  6. Add egg mixture to bloomed yeast mixture.
  7. Start processor, add liquids, and process for 1-2 minutes or so.
  8. If needed, add more water 1-2 T at a time.
  9. Carbalose flour is not sticky but eggs are so this time your dough might be a little sticky to begin with and as you are cutting and forming dough to put into your pan it will then end up pretty much non-sticky. It's kind of like magic.
  10. Place dough in a small round pan, cover with film and let rise about 15 minutes.
Final Assembly
  1. Preheat oven to 350°.
  2. Begin bringing caramel sauce to room temperature and when ready, heat slightly until warm and slightly liquified.
  3. As lightly as is possible grease bottom of pan with 1 t butter. Evenly distribute ⅔ C un-toasted pecans (they will get roasty-toasty in the oven). Butter is to hold the pecans in place more than anything else as the monkey bread will slip out with no help after baking.
  4. Invert dough onto countertop (or your trusty Silpat is perfect), cut dough in half and them cut into 24 pieces. Repeat with second half of dough for a total of 48 pieces.
  5. As best you can roll into balls and they DO NOT need to be perfect. (See Picture)
  6. Place 24 dough balls in kind of a zigzag around the bottom and on top of the pecans. Sprinkle with ½ of the nut filling and then drizzle with ½ the melted butter. Repeat with last 24 dough balls, nut filling and butter.
  7. Cover and allow to rise for about 20 minutes.
  8. Place monkey bread in oven for 25-30 minutes.
  9. Invert onto serving plate with the pecans on top.
  10. Allow to cool for 8-10 minutes.
  11. Drizzle warmed caramel topping all over top & down the sides and voilà, it’s ready.
  12. 12 Servings
  13. 279 Calories, 6.6g Protein, 26.3g Fat, 9.3g Carbs, 5.7g Fiber, 3.6g Net Carbs
  14. 8 Servings
  15. 418 Calories, 9.9g Protein, 39.5g Fat, 14.0g Carbs, 8.6g Fiber, 5.4g Net Carbs
  1. CAVEAT: I use the ingredients that I feel are the best available, for me personally. If you decide to make this (and I sure hope you do) I am unable to vouch for substitute sweeteners. I have multiple reasons for NOT using eryritol with or without oligosaccharides, food grade glycerin, or anything with probiotic tapioca fiber. None of them are as low in carbs as you may have been lead to believe.
  2. I do occasionally used EZ-Sweetz liquid Sucralose (and have for over 9 years with zero ill effects) as it adds a different depth of sweetness rather than leaving something one dimensional and neither of the products used here have any carbs in them no matter how much you use. None of the above mentioned can begin to say that which is why you see a nutritional label for 1 t or God forbid ½ t.
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