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Low Carb Cleaning Beef Tenderloin 101

Low Carb Cleaning Beef Tenderloin 101

In all the years I have been cooking I have cleaned many a Beef Tenderloin.  I think the idea of it intimidates most people but I l also think if they know how simple it is do it a lot more would at least give it a try and it’s really almost full-proof. Yeah, it can be messed up but only by a little and even that can be fixed.  Buying your Beef tenderloin is the easy part.  There is no rocket science to it.  You go into a trusted market and making sure it is a Choice slab of meat-buy it.  By the time we are finished we will have eaten everything.  The strap or chain meat all the way through the silver-skin which is usually  considered unusable scraps and to be thrown away.  Well, not this chicky.  I use and eat it all-with relish. From time to time you can will see that scrap pile get larger in the pictures.Low Carb Cleaning Beef Tenderloin 101

I didn’t show how to cut the silver-skin but I can only do so many things at once and using a knife and taking a picture is not possible for me.  The whole top of the tenderloin is encased in silver-skin which needs to be gotten to to begin your project. It is thin just like fish skin is and it is gotten rid of the same way.  The only difference is you can remove a fish skin with one swipe of your trusted flexible filet knife or chef’s knife, and because the tenderloin is rather round it must be done in more that several cuts (passes).  Always blade toward the large end of your tenderloin to keep from tearing the delicate flesh.  Yep, it may take a little time the first time you do this, but the satisfaction of finishing the job is extremely high.  Stick your knife between the silver-skin and the meat and cut upward, following the meat. Make as many passes as it takes but the idea is remove as much as possible and taking as little meat as possible. The pic below has a couple of tiny flecks of silver skin and they will have zero effect.  The slimey stuff on the side will come off by pulling it off with your fingers-it is not silver-skin.Low Carb Cleaning Beef Tenderloin 101

To clean the chain side meat.  OPPOSITE that little nugget of meat (the wing muscle) at the larger end of the tenderloin there is a natural side of fattty looking stuff. To separate it from the tenderloin follow with your fingers and then carefully following the side of the tenderloin,pull it straight back toward you. At both ends you will need to finish cutting it.  Believe it or not, depending how you cut it there are two good sized long rolled steaks and most restaurants (sensibly) use it for Beef Stroganoff.  I use them for 2-3 more steaks or cut up for Steak Tartare, or maybe even Grillades for Grillades & Cheesy Cauliflower “Grits”. I often enough cut some for Beef Blue Cheese Parmesan Bake.

Low Carb Cleaning Beef Tenderloin 101Now for the tricky part of that chain and once you have done it you’ll get it.  Cut off any fat off and put it in your scrap heap.  Now, there is some pretty tough stuff inter-twined in the chain (I just call it more silver-skin) which need to be scraped out.  So, you have to find it and…scrape it out.  Again, like taking fish skin off.  Starting at one end grab the offending skin and start pulling the meat off until you come to the other end.  My chain is still intact and ready to be cut any way I want to.  In this case I cut it into 2 6 oz. pieces to make 2 steak dinners.Low Carb Cleaning Beef Tenderloin 101

Turn your tenderloin around to the wing muscle.  This is a choice little one piece roast and perfect for two people.  Again, following the natural shape just gently pull it from the main tenderloin.  You will need to cut through that natural line until completely separated.Low Carb Cleaning Beef Tenderloin 101

Whew, an easy cut.  Nothing more with that baby.  Now you can finish any trimming of silver-skin and you are ready to begin cutting steaks etc. It is difficult for me to tell you how large to make your steaks, I can only tell what I do which is mostly 4 oz. steaks, the two chain pieces, 4-2 oz. pieces Carpaccio twice, 2-4 oz. packs for Tartare, maybe a 4 oz. package for Stroganofff  and lastly,  that sweet little wing roast.  Sometimes, the very ends can have a bit of embedded silver-skin that’s tough to get to so that’s what I may use for the Stroganoff.Low Carb Cleaning Beef Tenderloin 101 I couldn’t get all my cuts into the picture but for me, it was 22 total meals.  The tenderloin was 6.25 lbs. which means $2.84 per portion.  Again, for me and I told you I used everything which you will see below.  You will have some people with larger appetites than mine and then again, sometimes 4 oz will feed two people or like that gorgeous wing roast for two. A 5-6 oz filet is a pretty big steak and if you like them cooked any more than medium you may want to butterfly them.  That is all up to you.  You will not get what I did but it does show one thing, beef tenderloin is not nearly as expensive as you might think.

In the picture above I want you to look at that scrape heap in the back of the pic next to the scale. it’s now time to fix it.  The pan is probably 40 years old and has been pretty will dedicated to fat rendering for that long.  This is really fun.  Put all the scraps into the pan, lightly salt & pepper it, turn your oven to 350° and just put the pan into the cold oven. But wait..there’s more…                           

Cook for maybe 25-30 min. stir well, turn heat to 400° and cook until they turn into crispy critters. But wait, wait…there’s even more…

Appetizer for two

And then you hit gold-the rendered fat.  And there you have it.  No wasted tenderloin-at all.

Cleaning Beef Tenderloin 101
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Some Primal Some Paleo

some primal some paleoI have been thinking for a while now about the fact that many of my recipes are very nearly Paleo which can then sometimes make them Primal so I have decided to list some of them here. Many Paleo Lifestylers eat some dairy, some are 80/20, and some even use lowcarb sweeteners especially, if diabetic.

For most, Paleo is a lifestyle and not necessarily to be followed by someone else’s exacting dogma.

Some recipes have a bit of sour cream, some use Just Like Sugar©, some have Sucralose©, some use combinations and it is easy to substitute one sweetener for another if you don’t like what I use. One of the things I have found to be true for myself is that using several different  sweeteners give a better depth of flavor.  This way, if you want to expand your Paleo recipe repertoire you can use these and make changes as you wish.

Jane Barthelemy author of Paleo Desserts says Just Like Sugar© is her favorite lowcarb sweetener, uses it extensively in her book recipes, and believes the health effects are unique among sweeteners as a pre-biotic (inulin) that promotes healthy intestinal flora and I totally agree with her and to read her entire take on Just Like Sugar© please see further here: http://janeshealthykitchen.com/my-trip-to-the-just-like-sugar-factory/#.U9amo6PQq1g

So…this is just an experiment and I would love for you to make Comments on any particular recipe, whether you liked it…or not…and why.  If heavy cream, cheeses, and some alternative sweeteners are in your list of “sometime eats” then these recipes can be eaten “sometimes”.  As a diabetic, I would not have much left to eat if it were not for “sometime” foods.

Given up keeping this page current.  Way too many recipes & there are paleo people who eat some primal foods.  You will just have to peruse the site and find what’s right for you.

 As I am a Type II diabetic, all recipes on this website are low carb and diabetic friendly.

Porcini Dust

Porcini DustPorcini Dust.  I have been making and using Porcini Dust for over 25 years (long before Amazon ever existed) and it is the most ridiculously easy-to-make and best stuff I have ever cooked with.  Restaurant customers had no idea what the flavor was but boy oh boy they sure knew they liked it.  You will need a spice grinder to make it but if you don’t have a grinder you can actually order a 12 oz. jar of it for $18.00 at http://www.amazon.com/Porcini-Powder-12-Jar-Each/dp/B000RHUYC0 and $18.00 seems like a pretty good price to me assuming it is the same quality mushrooms that I use.   I can assure you it will last a long time as you only need a little at a time.  So no recipe card here, just information.

Porcini Dust

Porcini Mushrooms

Porcini Dust

Porcini Dust

These are the mushrooms I use and can be purchased at Pistol River Porcini Dust  In fact they have many different dried mushrooms available.  I also use their dried shiitakes and best of all, for me, they are an Oregon company.

This “dust” is used as an ingredient in many of my recipes.


As I am a Type II diabetic, all recipes on this website are low carb and diabetic friendly.

Keto LCHF Recipes

Keto LCHF Recipes

Keto LowCarb HighFat RecipesKeto LowCarb HighFat RecipesKeto LowCarb HighFat RecipesKeto LowCarb HighFat Recipes



Real Low Carb High Fat RecipesReal Low Carb High Fat Recipes



Keto LowCarb HighFat Recipes. You can eat all the foods you see above and lots more eating a Keto LCHF Recipes meal plan.  Yes I know they look like any other foods you may see and rest assured, they are not.  Your weight will drop off and you will feel so much better.  If it looks scary then you are in the wrong place.  I have maintained my weight for over 9 years so if anyone tells you low carb high fat can’t work long term they are either lying to you or they are ignorant.  There are millions of people worldwide who are eating this way and they don’t care what their doctors or other people say. I can tell you from experience, I am one of those people.  Yes, I am a diabetic and have never taken any medicine, including insulin, and expect I never will.  I am in the camp, as of this writing, that there is no “cure for diabetes” but you can sure help yourself by eating many keto LCHF recipes, and getting off at least some of your medications. I am not here to tell you what to do, but I do provide you with the tools to do it yourself.

That was then & this is now and it seems the whole world got it wrong. What follows are my takes on recipes I could not live without.  I can take most any recipe and make them into a Real Low Carb High Fat Recipe and they stay in my head and have never been put to paper.  Long ago and far away I wrote a tiny book on sauces and come to think about it some of them are already low carb in that I use 40% heavy cream by the half gallon and heavy cream is the base for many sauces and soups.  Yeah, maybe I’ll post some of them at some point.

You will notice that I do not advocate the use of organic fruits & vegetables or grass-fed & organic meats and there is a reason. Though this is mostly what I do, many people are intimidated and let’s face it-it is an extremely expensive life-style. I think if you cannot afford to eat organic then if you are at least eating REAL foods and cooking from scratch, you are way ahead of most people in this country. I do not like Whole Foods Market for reasons explained elsewhere but here in Portland Town we have New Seasons Markets which are kind of mini-Whole Foods and whatever New Seasons doesn’t have there are dozens of specialty markets to fill my needs quite adequately.

Cooking real food does take time.  It does not mean opening a can or grabbing something from the frozen food isle in the grocery.  It means picking the best ingredients you can afford and fixing yourself and/or your family meals from these ingredients. Living a LCHF lifestyle takes time, commitment, and usually a whole change to a Low Carb Pantry, refrigerator, and freezer and once it is done you may wonder why you didn’t do it long ago.

This will be slow for me, as I said the recipes are in my head and need to be put on paper.  So what you find here are just good, tasty, low carb from scratch food recipes.  Listen, I’m a chef, not an internet genius.  Many of the recipes may look more complicated than what you may be used to, but most come together quite easily and usually the more ingredients you incorporate the more complex the flavors.

For a list of products you may not be familiar with and used on this site, please read Low Carb Pantry EssentialsI am NOT sponsor-compensated for recommending a product that I use*** And here, in one tidy package, are over 550 Keto~Paleo~Low Carb~Diabetic Chef’s Recipes

As I am a Type II diabetic, all recipes on this website are low carb and diabetic friendly.