Keto Tiramisu Torta

Low Carb Tiramisu TortaKeto Tiramisu Torta. With my chefy background I went into the kitchen Sunday with the express intent of making this Tiramisu Torta. It has been on my mind for a while but until I got the crepes posted I couldn’t try the recipe. Tiramisu (the high carby version) had long been a favorite dessert of mine and I have not eaten it in years. There are times in our lives that call for a punt and this keto tiramisu torta dessert is one of them. We can’t eat lady fingers and we can’t eat sugar but we can still love tiramisu so…we are punting.  Since tiramisu calls for ladyfingers dipped into coffee we are going to put the coffee into the Flaxseed Meal Crêpes and you will need one recipe (12) of these. This is so spot on and I guarantee you will love it.  The picture is not mine but this is exactly what it looks like. Thanks to Chef Francisco Migoya, professor at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY.  When cut, you will see 12 delicately darkened crêpes between beautiful layers of espresso Zabaglione. I’m saying it again here folks, you can do most anything with the basic crêpe recipe.  If you don’t want to go to the trouble of making the torta (and it is very easily assembled) then just stuff your crepes and call it good to go. Not as pretty but just as tasty.  This low carb tiramisu torta is one of the lowest carb desserts on the site.

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Tiramisu Torta
  1. 5 Egg Yolks
  2. ⅓ C Just Like Sugar
  3. ¼ C Sweet Marsala
  4. 8 Oz Softened Cream Cheese
  5. ½ C Heavy Cream Whipped
  6. 4 Drops Liquid Sucralose
  7. 1½ t Espresso Powder
  8. 1 t Vanilla Extract
  9. 1 t Sifted Cocoa Powder
  1. To your basic Flaxseed Meal Crêpes you are going to add 8 drops of liquid Sucralose and 2 t espresso powder then proceed to make the crêpes.
  2. Beat egg yolks, sugar, & Marsala in medium metal bowl and put over very low heat beating constantly until thickened and nearly double in volume. This is basically a zabaglione. Remove from heat, keep beating until cooled a bit, and add to whipped & softened cream cheese. I use my mixer on low.
  3. Whip heavy cream. Add vanilla, sucralose, and espresso powder and whip a bit more.
  4. Blend whipped cream & cream cheese mixture making sure it is thoroughly combined.
  5. Place first crêpe on a 7"-8” plate. Spread thin layer of mixture to cover crêpe.
  6. Put another crêpe on top & repeat until finished.
  7. If you have enough filling put it around the sides to encase it.
  8. Gently sift cocoa powder over top.
  9. Cover with a large mixing bowl and refrigerate at least 6 hours and overnight is even better as all flavors will mellow.
  10. Nutritionals include crêpes.
  11. 10 Servings
  12. 230 Calories, 6.4g Protein 20.8g Fat, 4.4g Carbs, 2.6g Fiber, 1.8g Net Carbs
  13. 8 Servings
  14. 288 Calories, 8.0g Protein, 26.0g Fat, 5.5g Carbs, 3.2g Fiber, 2.3g Net Carbs
  1. Though this is an extremely low carb dessert I think you will also find it very rich. I suggest you cut this into 10 servings and if you seriously can eat more of it then do so...or...cut it in half and cut half into 5 pieces to see if you think it's enough and if not cut the other half into 4 portions.
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