Low Carb Thousand Island Dressing

Low Carb Thousand Island DressingLow Carb Thousand Island DressingLow Carb Thousand Island DressingLow Carb Thousand Island Dressing.  I should have posted this low carb 1,000 island dressing recipe a long time ago but you know how it is and better late than never.  I kind of messed up a little getting ahead of myself with pictures and kinda forgot to take a picture of the finished dressing and that’s why you see that puny little dish with only about ¼ cup in it.  Oops.

Anyway, back at the ranch (on one of those 1,000 islands), this recipe has been around forever.  Some will mix in a hard-boiled egg but I like the way a salad or most other things look with grated egg on top so that’s the way I do mine.  If you are going to top something like the Open-Faced Rueben then better to add your hard-boiled egg into the dressing or better yet, put the egg in the dressing and then more grated egg on top.

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1,000 Island Dressing
  1. ½ C Mayonnaise
  2. 3 T Sugar Free Ketchup***
  3. 3 T Horseradish Cream
  4. 3 T Sugar Free Sweet Pickle Relish***
  5. 3 T Minced Purple Onion (Or Shallots)
  6. 1 T Lemon Juice
  7. 1 t Distilled Or Apple Cider Vinegar
  8. ½ t Crushed Garlic
  9. 1 Hard Boiled Egg
  1. Grate cooled hard boiled egg.
  2. Mix all ingredients and refrigerate until ready to use.
  3. 12 Servings
  4. 84 Calories, .5g Protein, 9.2g Fat, 0.9g Carbs, 0.0g Fiber, 0.9g Net Carbs
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