Keto Tahini Almond Butter Walnut Brownies

Keto Tahini Almond Butter Walnut BrowniesLow Carb Tahini Almond Butter Walnut BrowniesLow Carb Tahini Almond Butter Walnut BrowniesLow Carb Tahini Almond Butter Walnut BrowniesKeto Tahini Almond Butter Walnut Brownies. I have, over the last eight years, tried more than several “supposed” low carb “moist brownies” only to be sadly disappointed one more time.  A while ago I posted a Tahini Almond Butter Walnut Balls cookie recipe using this exact same batter and the cookies, if not over done, were like fudge in the center. Thinking if the cookies were so fudgy what if I tried the same batter for brownies.  Did it work…Oh yeah, it sure did. The only other brownie recipe you will find on this site are Mocha Zucchini Brownies-Mocha Ganache but the reason these Keto Tahini Almond Butter Walnut Brownies might be so much better is that it is a dump & mix recipe and there are not many of them unless you do some kind of boxed mix. (Ugh)  This was just the first time I tried making these but the next time (if there is one) I am going to put the coffee ganache on them instead of the plain ole ganache I made.  I hope you can tell from the picture above how seriously moist these look because they are as stick-to-the-roof-of-your-mouth as any other really good brownie and I think the secret is all the oils in almond butter and tahini, I mean, come on. I believe these low carb tahini almond butter walnut brownies are absolutely the best.

I did make a batch of mocha brownies so I added a couple more pics.  Notice the nooks & crannies after baking which are filled with the ganache and I also allowed the ganache to drip over the edges which in my opinion keeps these moist brownies even more so.

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Tahini Almond Butter Walnut Brownies
  1. ½ C Almond Butter
  2. ½ C Tahini
  3. 2 Eggs
  4. 2 T Cocoa Powder
  5. 2 T Peanut Flour
  6. 2 T Water
  7. 1 T Melted Butter
  8. ⅔ C Just Like Sugar
  9. 2 t Vanilla
  10. 1 t Baking Soda
  11. ½ C Chopped Walnuts
  1. ½ C 40% Heavy Cream
  2. ⅓ C Good Chocolate Bar Cut Into Small Pieces.
  1. Preheat oven to 350°.
  2. Minus the walnuts dump everything else into a mixing bowl and thoroughly combine with an electric mixer.
  3. Fold in nuts.
  4. This batter is so thick you will need to push it into a paper lined 8x8 pan with a couple of fingers.
  5. Bake 12-13 minutes and no longer. You can’t tell that they are done but better a bit under-done than a bit over-done if you want them to be fudgy.
  1. Heat heavy cream to simmer and keep your eyes on it-you don't want to boil it or you will have a huge mess on your hands.
  2. I put my chocolate into the microwave on med-low for 20 sec, stir, and repeat until it is just beginning to melt.
  3. Add hot heavy cream to chocolate and stir constantly until all chocolate is melted and incorporated.
  4. Let brownies cool just a bit, cover & spread with ganache and cool in the refrigrator until ganache is set.
  5. Carefully lift brownies out of pan, cut & serve. You're in for a treat.
  6. 12 Servings
  7. 233 Calories, 6.9g Protein, 21.7g Fat, 7.1g Carbs, 3.5g Fiber, 3.6g Net Carbs
  1. I used Endangered Species 88% chocolate bar in my ganache.
  2. Notice that the fat content is 195 of the 233 calories. That's 84% Fat.
  3. If you want mocha brownies add ½ t instant coffee to mix and then add 1 t to ganache. I also added 2 drops EZSweetz into ganache with the coffee.
  4. CAVEAT: I use the ingredients that I feel are the best available, for me personally. If you decide to make this (and I sure hope you do) I am unable to vouch for substitute sweeteners. I have multiple reasons for NOT using eryritol with or without oligosaccharides, food grade glycerin, or anything with probiotic tapioca fiber. None of them are as low in carbs as you may have been lead to believe.
  5. I do occasionally used EZ-Sweetz liquid Sucralose as it adds a different depth of sweetness rather than leaving something one dimensional and neither of the products used here have any carbs in them no matter how much you use. None of the above mentioned can begin to say that which is why you see a nutritional label for 1 t or God forbid ½ t.
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