Low Carb Taco Seasoning

Low Carb Taco SeasoningLow Carb Taco Seasoning. This is  a very simple Taco Seasoning spice mix recipe to keep around. It certainly does not need to only go on tacos. I use to spice Cheese Tortilla Fajitas and it is good sprinkled in guacamole, and in many other things. It easily makes a good dip mixed with cream cheese, cheddar cheese & sour cream. I like to brown ground beef & slivered onions, add this taco seasoning, cover with cheese, a dollop of sour cream as Spicy Taco Hamburger. Easy easy & your children will love it.

 Making a low carb taco seasoning, or any seasoning mix yourself, is far less expensive than buying it and you can tweak you own recipes any way you want to. Now of course if you don’t use it much then buying small amounts make sense. I have so many herbs & spices it’s almost obscene.

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Taco Seasoning
  1. ¼ C Chili Powder
  2. 2 T Cumin
  3. 4 t Salt
  4. 4 t Pepper
  5. 2 t Oregano
  6. 2 t Paprika
  7. 2 t Garlic Powder
  8. 1 t Onion Powder
  9. 1 t Chipotle Powder
  1. Mix all.
  2. Makes ⅔ C
  3. 30 Servings
  4. No nutritionals it’s a total freebie.
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