Low Carb Stuffed Shrimp

Low Carb Stuffed ShrimpLow Carb Stuffed ShrimpLow Carb Stuffed Shrimp. I have had a lot of really good food in my life and this Stuffed Shrimp is in my top 5.  I was unable to eat it for several years until I came up with the Carbalose Flour Bread recipe and now I can finally have it again so YeeHaw.  I also have for many years loved dilled potatoes with low carb stuffed shrimp and I now I can eat something very close as I can eat it with Dilled Red Radishes.  Pretty tricky huh? And this is drool worthy in my foodie world.

You will need Carbalose Flour Bread Breadcrumbs  and the recipe for Sauce Béarnaise to complete the dish.

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Stuffed Shrimp
  1. 1 Lb. Very Large Shrimp (Hopefully 16 Per Pound)
  2. 3 C Carbalose Flour*** Breadcrumbs
  3. ¼ C Grated Onions (I put mine is a small processor which will get them very small)
  4. ½ C Sour Cream
  5. ¼ C Melted Butter
  6. ½ t Tarragon
  7. ¼ t Thyme
  8. ¼ t Pepper
  9. ¼ t Salt
  10. 2 T Melted Butter
  1. When ready to cook preheat oven to 375°.
  2. Carefully peel shrimp trying not to lose the tail meat.
  3. Put bread crumbs in a bowl.
  4. Mix next 8 ingredients together and then mix well into bread crumbs.
  5. Count your shrimp making sure you have that many little flattened stuffing balls. Use about a tablespoon for each which will sit atop your shrimp.
  6. Foil line a pan and smear last 2 T of butter. I like to sprinkle a little salt, pepper, and garlic salt on the butter but it is not necessary. The garlic salt just adds a little something extra-a lagniappe if you will.
  7. Take the shrimp and make a circle tucking the tail inside if possible.
  8. Top each shrimp with a round puck of stuffing.
  9. Bake 10-12 minutes and finish by browning the stuffing under the broiler.
  10. Serve topped with Sauce Béarnaise.
  11. 4 Servings
  12. 529 Calories, 35.1g Protein, 50.4g Fat, 16.3g Carbs, 7.6g Fiber, 8.7g Net Carbs
  1. All ingredients, including sauce, are listed and included in nutritionals.
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