Low Carb Steak TarTare

Low Carb Steak TarTareLow Carb Steak TarTareLow Carb Steak Tartare. In case you haven’t noticed I DO eat raw beef from time to time (think Carpaccio) and this is one I eat a lot.  Every time I see it on a restaurant menu which is not so often anymore I order it, and for as many times as I have ordered it, it is always different and I have to say I like my own recipe best. If you see it at all it is usually served with a raw egg or quail yolk but what the hey, I just blend it all together.  Steak Tartare is also always served with some kind of bread or toast but I just eat the meat and savor the flavor.  To tell the truth this is one of the few times I might use my own recipe for Carbalose Flour Bread and the bread is totally optional.  Another nice lowcarb option would be to serve and spread it on endive.

There are many beautiful ways to present a low carb steak tartare.  Some restaurants prepare the meat and then artfully add the other ingredients around it but for our purposes we are going to just gently mix all the ingredients and…eat it.

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Steak Tartare
  1. ½ Lb Chopped Beef Tenderloin
  2. 2 Egg Yolks
  3. 3 T Minced Shallots
  4. 3 T Minced Red Onions
  5. 2 T Capers
  6. 2 T Olive Oil
  7. 1½ t Dijon Mustard
  8. 1½ t Crushed Garlic
  9. 1½ t Worcestershire Sauce
  10. ¼ t Salt (+ More To Taste If Needed)
  11. Lots Of Freshly Ground Pepper
  12. 2 Finely Chopped Hard Boiled Egg (Garnish & Optional)
  13. 6 Slices Bread Or Buttered & Toasted Carbalose Bread (Or Not)
  1. Hard boil, cool, & chop eggs. (If using)
  2. Add shallots, mustard, garlic, Worcestershire sauce, egg yolks salt & olive oil to small processor and pulse.
  3. Add tenderloin and capers and pulse a couple of times. You want small chunks of meat-not hamburger.
  4. Blend in red onions.
  5. Toast bread if using, butter, and spread top with tartare.
  6. Garnish plate with hard boiled egg if using.
  7. Serve immediately.
  8. 6 Servings
  9. 185 Calories, 10.6g Protein, 14.8g Fat, 2.3g Carbs, .1g Fiber, 2.2g Net Carbs
  1. Nutritionals include the hard boiled eggs.
  2. You can make it look like the picture by yes, using PVC pipe and it is a great inexpensive way to form food. I have ancient tuna cans that I have used forever because they are the perfect size (height) for me.
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