Low Carb Parmesan Artichoke Heart Shrimp Salad

Low Carb Parmesan Artichoke Heart Shrimp SaladLow Carb Parmesan Artichoke Heart Shrimp Salad.  I have actually begun making and eating a few more salads than I used to.  I have been and continue to be an avid carnivore but a small accompanying salad has now made its way to my table and…this salad has shrimp so…hey.  A salad, in this country, is traditionally eaten before a meal whereas in Europe it comes at the end of a meal.  Me? I tend to eat my salad with my meal. There is nothing particularly special about this salad except it is really tasty.  It has a little dairy, a little seafood, a few veggies and a few greens and how much more balance could you want?  Now I would normally make my own Caesar Salad Dressing but for this salad and for simplicity I am going to recommend Briannas Asiago Caesar Salad Dressing.  Though I certainly don’t like the canola oil or a couple  of the other ingredients, the taste is really pretty spot on and eating it every once in a while is not going to hurt anyone.

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Parmesan Artichoke Heart Shrimp Salad
  1. 8 Quartered Packed In Water Artichoke Hearts
  2. 16 Cooked & Peeled Medium Shrimp (16-20 Per Lb And Using Frozen Is Fine)
  3. 12-16 Oz Mixed Salad Greens (And Anything Works)
  4. ½-¾ C Briannas Asiago Caesar Dressing (+ More If Necessary)
  5. ¼ C Parmesan Cheese
  6. Freshly Ground Pepper
  1. Mix salad greens. 3 T Parmesan cheese & dressing in large bowl. Gently blend in artichoke hearts and plate.
  2. Grind on pepper, decorate with 4 shrimp each salad and sprinkle remaining cheese on top of shrimp.
  3. 4 Servings
  4. 259 Calories, 15.8g Protein, 18.3g Fat, 7.3g Carbs, 3.0g Fiber, 4.3g Net Carbs
  1. Disgustingly, all I had was a choice of either head lettuce or bok choy so for this salad I chose both with bok choy for a little color and of course romaine would be the lettuce of choice here.
  2. I forgot the pepper for the pic, I put it on later and you really do need it.
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