Keto Mint Caper Sauce

Low Carb Mint Caper SauceLow Carb Mint Caper SauceKeto Mint Caper Sauce.  I’ve not made it a secret that I love, love, love lamb and that I am always looking for a new sauce to go with it.  We have a new grocery store here in Portland and I have been buying most of my meats there now because 1.) It is all Willamette Valley Grass Fed Organic and 2.) It is by far, less expensive than the New Seasons store I have been shopping in for the last 13 years.  Thus far EVERYTHING I have purchased from them has been fantastic and I feel fortunate in that they are nearly in my backyard. As we know Portland, OR is a pretty good size city. I bought ½ lb. of ground lamb which I love all by itself but I thought it might be fun to try a new sauce with it.  The keto mint caper sauce below is not anything unique but it is different. Here are several other lamb sauces you might try:  A more traditional Low Carb Mint Sauce and an absolutely wonderful Garlic Rosemary Aioli.  All three of these recipes are really good with lamb and all three recipes feature lamb in their pictures.  Did I say I LOVE lamb?

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Mint Caper Sauce
  1. 6 T Olive Oil
  2. 1 T Anchovy Paste
  3. 3 T Capers
  4. 3-4 T Minced Shallots
  5. 1 T Distilled Vinegar (Apple Cider Works As Well)
  6. 2 t Dried Mint
  7. ½ t Crushed Garlic***
  1. Add all ingredients to small (mini) processor and pulse to desired chunkiness.
  2. Cover lightly and allow to sit on countertop for several hours.
  3. 4 Servings
  4. 198 Calories, .8g Protein, 21.7g Fat, 1.2g Carbs, .2g Fiber, 1.1g Net Carbs
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