Low Carb Jicama Strawberry Cucumber Salad

Low Carb Jicama Strawberry Cucumber Salad Low Carb Jicama Strawberry Cucumber SaladLow Carb Jicama Strawberry Cucumber Salad. I have been on a jicama kick lately and this jicama strawberry cucumber salad, with only a hint of sweetness, is about as light and tasty as it sounds.  I have eaten jicama for many years, know a lot of different ways to use it and it is a naturally low carb food. Here are a couple other salads with jicama as an ingredient Saucy Crunchy Peanut Salad and Bacon Almond & Avocado Salad  Might be a good idea to look at  Using Surface Area To Your Advantage as It applied here in reverse. You know how when you wash raw chopped or grated potatoes you need to rinse them well with cold water several times?  Same thing with any vegetable you are able to wash.  Fill a bowl with water, soak the grated or julienned jicama and out will come the starch (carbs). So when you are eating larger chunks of even a low carb vegetable like jicama, you end up with more carbs than you possible want or need to ingest.  I most often juilienne my jicamas now because I put them in lots of other things but make no mistake, if you are able to simply wash away carbs down the drain with cold water and without harming the vegetable in question, why not just do it?

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Jicama Strawberry Cucumber Salad
  1. 4 C Julienned Or Grated Jicama
  2. 1 Medium Cucumber Peeled & Halved With Seeds Removed
  3. 16 Medium Strawberries (2 Each Person)
  4. ¼ C Chopped Cilantro
  5. ⅓ C Olive Oil
  6. 2 Limes Juiced
  7. 2 T Low Carb Sweetener Of Choice* (Just Like Sugar To Keep It Paleo)
  8. 1 t Poppy Seeds
  1. Julienned or grate jicama and put in mixing bowl.
  2. Cut cucumber halves into three lengths each cut into ½” pieces and add to jicama or...you can julienne them too by cutting on the bias, turn them and cut again.
  3. Quarter then halve strawberries (8 pieces each) and add to bowl.
  4. Mix rest of ingredients, pour over veggies and toss lightly.
  5. Plate.
  6. 8 Servings
  7. 109 Calories, .7g Protein, 8.9g Fat, 7.9g Carbs, 3.6g Fiber, 4.3g Net Carbs
  1. My opinion: Julienned vegetables make a rather pretty presentation and itsn't that the idea? To present food to yourself and your loved one that make them grateful they are at your table?
  2. One of the cool things about jicama is that it will not turn brown so if you want to grate it ahead of time it will be fine.
  3. If you end up with leftovers it will turn pink from the strawberries but will of course taste great.
  4. *I use 2 drops of liquid Sucralose.
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