Low Carb Hoisin Sauce

Low Carb Hoisin SauceLow Carb Hoisin SauceLow Carb Hoisin Sauce.  For more years than I almost care to admit I ate a LOT of Peking Duck.  It’s a very simple dish to make and I was seriously addicted to the whole combination of roast duck, hoisin sauce, & green onions all wrapped inside a Mandarin pancake.  If you have ever had Moo Shu Pork, which you probably have, it is also made with hoisin sauce.  I used made it all from scratch, including the Mandarin pancakes and excepting the Koon Chun brand hoisin sauce, which I bought in HUGE cans.  The really nice thing about that sauce is that it didn’t need to be refrigerated…ever. Now, there is hoisin and there is real hoisin and Koon Chun hoisin is considered THE best and used in most restaurants. It has been so many years, even before my diabetes diagnosis, since I have eaten Peking duck that all I have is a vague memory of it.  Besides loving it I remember it as rather sweet, very smoother, dark and somewhat thick.  I’ve not made it a secret that I make and eat a lot of roast duck.  Not only do I love the duck, I also get about 2 cups of duck fat gold which I use to sauté things with and it is by far my favorite fat flavor. One other dish I serve this sauce with is Crispy Pork Belly and it does not take much. A little dab of low carb hoisin sauce will do ya just fine.

So, by making this sugar-free low carb hoisin sauce I am going to be able to have my beloved Peking Duck (minus the pancakes and who needs them anyway) for the first time in many, years. Whoopee. Now if I want a wrap of some time I just make myself a batch of Zero Carb Flaxseed Meal Crêpes which I use to make my Moo Shu Pork. Given my memory, the sauce is not as dark as the Kung Chun in looks but for taste? NAILED IT.  Oh Yeah, it is danged near perfect. First I’m going to try it with just duck, green onions, and sauce and the next time maybe using butter lettuce as a wrap.  I got so excited about this I went back to the grocery store and got myself a head of butter lettuce so, it’s now in the picture.  I could go on and on about my love of duck but I’ll leave it alone for now.  Next thing up will be a recipe for Peking Duck and it is easy, easy.  I do, probably, have a top 10 favorite meals and Peking Duck is maybe number 2 or 3.  I think my favorite might still be Stuffed Shrimp.  Another wonderful dinner/appetizer you can make with this hoisin sauce as an ingredient is Chinese BBQ Pork Loin-Oh Lordy, it is so good.

If you are so inclined, there may be an easier product to use Fermented Black Bean Powder. I googled the term and this is all I could find.  If it is real, it would make hoisin sauce so much easier but since I ground my own fermented beans I have a nice stash now so I have not tried it. You should be able to buy salted fermented black beans in any Asian market.

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Hoisin Sauce
  1. ¼ C Tamari
  2. 2 ½ T Just Like Sugar Brown***
  3. 3 T Smooth Peanut Butter (No Salt No Sugar Added)
  4. 1 T Tahini
  5. 1 T Rice Wine Vinegar (Sugar-Free)
  6. ½ t Chili Garlic Sauce
  7. ¼ t Crushed Garlic
  8. ¼ t Five Spice Powder
  9. ¼ t Crushed Fermented Black Beans (I Did Mine In The Mortar & Pestle & Then In The Spice Grinder With The 5 Spice Powder-Much Faster)
  1. Put all ingredients into a small bowl, mix well and refrigerate. It will seem thin and will thicken as it sits and then even more after refrigeration.
  2. 4 Servings
  3. 110 Calories, 5.3g Protein, 8.1g Fat, 4.3g Carbs, 1.4g Fiber, 2.9g Net Carbs
  1. Confession; I ALWAYS make a double batch of this.
  2. My sauce is a little lighter in color because of the absence of molasses and it has tiny chunks of peanuts because though I grind my own peanut butter, it is not really that smooth. I have & use molasses in small quantities on occasion but I didn’t want any added carbs.
  3. Sauce is best made a day or so ahead of time as all the tastes marry with time. It will also last nearly forever in the fridge but once you've had it-you'll just want more of it.
  4. As you are making and tasting your sauce, and if it tastes salty to you, remember that it should be going with totally unsalted items which are then also spiced by the sauce. If it still seems too salty then use a lighter sodium tamari or soy sauce.
  5. This sauce is certainly not limited to only duck. It can of course be used with roast chicken, pork, and in stir fries, of any strip.
  6. Hoisin will darken and tighten a little in the fridge so bring it to room temperature before using.
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