ZeroCarb Flaxseed Meal Crêpes

Low Carb Flaxseed Meal CrêpesLow Carb Flaxseed Meal CrêpesLow Carb Flaxseed Meal CrêpesZeroCarb Flaxseed Meal Crêpes. Super easy to make and I try to always have some in the freezer as they thaw relatively quickly.  Just plain, we tear them and use as a scoop instead of bread for Baba Ganoush or Tzatziki and as breakfast pancakes once in a while but one of my favorite ways to use zerocarb flaxseed meal crepes is filled with cream cheese sweetened with liquid sucralose and pureed strawberries or raspberries. They make an elegant low carb dessert for dinner guests. Raspberry Almond Crêpes

Depending on what you intend to do with these versatile little puppies you can add flavoring extracts to the mix. Examples: 1 t orange extract if making strawberry crepes, or 1 t almond extract if making raspberry crepes. Experiment and come up with your own combos.  Here’s one dessert recipe Tiramisu Torta and here is an appetizer Crab Rangoon Bundles/Asian Drizzle

They can be just as good as a savory crêpe by adding your own herbs & spices, as a stuffed tortilla…for Chicken Enchiladas, or…an egg stuffed breakfast burrito. Seriously, the sky’s the limit.  Here is the latest recipe made with these crêpes Mushroom Ham Cheese Quesadillas

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Flaxseed Meal Crêpes
  1. 4 Eggs
  2. 1½ C Warm Water (Only More To Thin If Necessary)
  3. ¾ C Golden Flaxseed Meal
  4. ⅓ C Melted Coconut Oil
  1. Beat all ingredients together. Batter should be very thin. (I use my stick blender)
  2. Let batter rest at least 10 minutes (it will thicken slightly) and then add more water if necessary and if you are unable to "swirl" the batter.
  3. Make sure you keep your mixture stirred as you make each crêpe and you may (or may not) need to add a bit of water.
  4. Put an 8" non-stick pan on medium low-medium heat. Put a scant ¼ cup in center of pan and swirl to make a “crêpe”. Cover until dry on top and they may puff a bit because of the egg. I let mine get a little darker brown and curled on the edges. Do not try to turn. When dry, gently slide out of pan onto counter to cool. If they fold a little don't touch them until they are cool-they will unfold. If you have a crêpe pan all the better (I guess) and I do not, but you do need a good non-stick pan. You will know when they are finished as they will loosen and slide out onto your counter. I slide mine out onto a wooden cutting board because they do have coconut oil in them which will get on the counter and then need to be wiped.
  5. 12 Servings
  6. 115 Calories, 3.6g Protein, 10.5g Fat, 2.1g Carbs, 2.0g Fiber, 0.1g Net Carbs
  1. You may get more or less crêpes per recipe depending on the size of the flat part of the interior. The 8" pan I use has a pretty large flat bottom and that is how I calculated the number of crêpes per recipe. If your pan is smaller you will get more crêpes and if they don't seem large enough then use a 10" pan.
  2. As you are making your crêpes the batter will begin to get thicker so add a bit more water so you can continue to swirl it.
  3. Crêpes are very "tender" when hot so treat them gingerly. Once cooled they are easy to work with.
  4. As you can see these have nearly 0g carbs and are healthy, healthy, healthy as compared to any regular crêpe at 10.8g carbs. I mean seriously-WOW.
  5. If all you have is the darker flaxseed meal not to worry they will be just as good and just as healthy but they will not "look" quite like a crêpe.
  6. For my dinky family I put these 4 at a time in food wrap.
  7. They may look uncooked on the top but you will be filling that anyway and after rolling they look like any other crepe.
  8. Secret: Even with a good pan this is what I do. With the barest amount of coconut oil, I put in on the tip of my index finger and smear it over the bottom and up the sides about ¼". This way you will not lose the first crepe. Each crepe after that is clear sailing and will slide out very easily.
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