Low Carb Divine Chicken Divan Casserole

Low Carb Divine Chicken Divan CasseroleLow Carb Divine Chicken Divan CasseroleLow Carb Divine Chicken Divan CasseroleLow Carb Divine Chicken Divan CasseroleLow Carb Divine Chicken Divan Casserole. Back in the day, you know, like the middle ages, this was cheap college fare and we made it with Cream of Mushroom & Cream of Celery soups with a potato chip topping. And as Robert Burns wrote; those days are Auld Lang Syne or times gone by. But then again, I did not cook with heavy cream and certainly not Port wine.  Gruyere cheese? Porcini dust?  Never heard of ‘em.

There are probably about as many recipes for this as there are cooks and this is just my own tasty version of low carb divine chicken divan casserole.

This is one of those all inclusive meals and pretty complete with a big salad of greens and maybe a wee bit of dessert.  If you opt for the topping you will need Carbalose Flour Bread to make the crumbs and they are included in the nutritionals. Otherwise you may subtract 1.3 Net Carbs.

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Divine Chicken Divan Casserole
  1. 1½ Lbs Pulled or Shredded Chicken (4 Cups Or About 4 Large Chicken Breasts)
  2. 1 Lb Blanched Broccoli Florets Or Pieces
  3. ¾ C Mayonnaise
  4. ¾ C Sour Cream
  5. 1½ C Shredded Gruyere, Cheddar Or Combination
  6. 1 T Chicken Base
  7. ¼ C Port Wine
  8. 1½ C Heavy Cream
  9. ½ t Porcini Dust
  10. ½ C Chopped & Sautéed Mushrooms
  11. 1 C Carbalose Flour Bread Crumbs (Optional)
  12. 2 T Melted Butter
  13. ¼ C Parmesan Cheese
  14. Pepper
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Lay broccoli on bottom of 8” glass baking dish and sprinkle with chicken.
  3. Mix mayo & sour cream, spread over chicken and top with cheese.
  4. In large pan heat heavy cream with wine, porcini dust & chicken base and cook until thickened slightly.
  5. Add sautéed mushrooms and pour over casserole.
  6. Sprinkle with pepper.
  7. Mix bread crumbs with Parmesan cheese, mix in melted butter and sprinkle on top.
  8. Bake just until crumbs begin to brown.
  9. 6 Servings
  10. 608 Calories, 41.9g Protein, 44.6g Fat, 9.8g Carbs, 3.3g Fiber, 6.5g Net Carbs
  1. You could also sprinkle this with just equal parts Parmesan cheese and pork rinds and it would probable take about ½ cup each.
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