Low Carb Chicken Parmesan Over Sprouts

Low Carb Chicken Parmesan Over SproutsLow Carb Chicken Parmesan Over SproutsLow Carb Chicken Parmesan Over Sprouts. A pretty study in the Italian flag colors of red, white, and green.  It is ridiculous that I have never posted a recipe for Chicken Parmesan but I am only human and as I was doing the Puttanesca Over Mung Bean Sprouts I realized instead of doing this over something like spaghetti squash why not also make a low carb chicken Parmesan over mung bean sprouts too. Heaven only knows how many recipes I have replaced flour using pork skins but this is at least the latest.  You need to trust me on this, fried pork skins keep EVERYTHING moist.  I have said I fry my own pellets but you can easily enough buy pork skins and even buy the ground Pork Dust here.  This is a very simple & easy recipe and I can’t imagine what the carb difference would be between real pasta and mung bean sprouts but I do know this, I can eat sprouts and I can’t eat pasta.

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Chicken Parmesan Atop Mung Sprouts
For The Chicken
  1. 6 Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs (Room Temperature)
  2. 2 Eggs (Room Temperature)
  3. ¼ C Sour Cream (Or Yogurt)
  4. 1 C Parmesan Cheese
  5. 1 C Ground Pork Skins***
  6. 1 T Garlic Powder
  7. ¾ t Pepper
  8. ¼ C Olive Oil For Shallow Frying + More If Needed
  9. 1 Lb Shredded Mozzarella Cheese (To Top)
  10. Fresh Chopped Basil (Garnish)
For The Sauce
  1. 2 Cans Plain Good Quality Tomato Sauce
  2. 2 T Good Red Wine+More To Taste
  3. 2 t Crushed Garlic
  4. 2 t Dried Italian Herbs
  5. 1 t Salt
  6. ½ t Pepper
For The Mung Bean Sprouts
  1. 1 Lb Fresh Bean Sprouts
  2. Boiling Water
For The Chicken
  1. Flatten thighs a bit but not too thin.
  2. Beat eggs and sour cream.
  3. Mix Parmesan cheese, ground pork skins, garlic powder, and pepper well.
  4. Add ½ of your oil to large sauté pan and heat to between medium and Medium-high. Do not smoke the oil.
  5. Add 3 thighs, cooking until crispy and juices come to the top, turn, and finish cooking.
  6. Cook remaining thighs repeating same steps.
For The Sauce
  1. Dump all sauce ingredients in medium sauce pan and heat.
For The Mung Bean Sprouts
  1. Boil water, dump sprouts in, turn to medium, simmer 4-5 minutes and drain well.
  2. Place sprouts on plate, top with chicken, immediately followed by the cheese to melt.
  3. Garnish with basil and ring the meat with sauce.
  4. Drizzle with additional olive oil if wanted and I did.
  5. Alternately, you can put all thighs on a sheet pan, top with sauce & cheese. and broil until melted. It’s what I do. I also top with a little extra Parmesan cheese.
  6. 6 Servings
  7. 501 Calories, 41.0g Protein, 33.6g Fat, 10.3g Carbs, 1.5g Fiber, 8.8g Net Carbs
  1. Depending on the quality and thickness of the tomato sauce you use, you may need to thin it a bit with water. I use Kirkland organic tomato sauce and I did need to thin mine.
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