Low Carb Cheesy Bacon Creamed Cabbage

Low Carb Cheesy Bacon Creamed CabbageLow Carb Cheesy Bacon Creamed CabbageLow Carb Cheesy Bacon Creamed CabbageLow Carb Cheesy Bacon Creamed Cabbage. Um Yum Oh Boy!  This is so easy and can be baking while you are fixing the rest of your meal. It is the perfect accompaniment to Braised Short Ribs, Southern Deep Fried Chicken, or Beef RouladenI don’t have my heavy cream in the group picture because it was reducing with the bacon grease; I forgot and put it away.

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Cheesy Creamed Cabbage/Bacon
  1. 6 C Cabbage Chopped Into Large Pieces Or About 1 Small Cabbage (I Squeeze Mine To Eliminate Extra Moisture)
  2. ½ Lb Bacon Diced & Sautéed
  3. 1 t Chicken Base***
  4. ½ t Pepper
  5. ¾ C Heavy cream
  6. 3 Oz Gruyere Cheese Shredded
  7. 1 t Paprika To Color
  8. ¾ t Liquid Smoke
  9. ¼ C Parmesan Cheese To Top
  1. Preheat oven to 400°.
  2. Boil cabbage for 6-7 minutes, drain and put in mixing bowl. Add Gruyere cheese.
  3. Fry bacon until crisp, remove, and drain all but 2-3 T of grease. Add heavy cream, chicken base, and cook until thickened or to the consistency you want. Add pepper, paprika, and liquid smoke.
  4. Blend bacon into cabbage, pour the sauce over it, and mix.
  5. Pour into casserole dish, top with parmesan and bake for 15-20 minutes or until bubbly and cheese turns light golden brown and delicious.
  6. 6 Servings
  7. 397 Calories, 11.3g Protein, 35.3g Fat, 5.7g Carbs, 1.3g Fiber, 4.4g Net Carbs
  1. It is really a good idea to squeeze your cooked cabbage as it will leach more as it bakes and I would suggest letting your heavy cream thicken as the liquid will thin it even with baking.
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