Low Carb Cajun Chicken Thighs

Low Carb Cajun Chicken ThighsLow Carb Cajun Chicken Thighs. Boy do I use a lot of boneless chicken thighs.  For all I care you can have the rest of the chicken (most of the time).  Dark meat has all flavor and white meat is blah, blah.  That’s not to say that white meat is useless because I do use whole poached chicken for the Cream Cheese Chicken Burrito and a white meat chicken salad sandwich on Carbalose Flour Bread is divine but to me a breast is not as good as a thigh and thighs make an absolutely wonderful sandwich too.  Anyway it works out well because…drum roll please…my husband likes breast meat.

As I am a Type II diabetic, all recipes on this website are low carb and diabetic friendly.

Cajun Chicken Thighs
  1. 4 Boneless Chicken Thighs
  2. ¼ C Peanut Flour
  3. Cajun's Choice Blackening Seasoning
  4. 1 C Heavy Cream
  5. 1 t Chicken Base
  6. 2 T Butter
  1. Pound thighs until evenly about ¼" thick.
  2. Liberally sprinkle with blackening seasoning.
  3. Dredge in peanut flour.
  4. Heat butter until beginning to brown and put thighs in pan top down.
  5. Cook until juices begin coming to the top and turn.
  6. Plate thighs.
  7. Turn up heat, pour in cream, add chicken base and more blackening seasoning to taste.
  8. Heat for 3-4 minutes or until thickened.
  9. Pour over thighs.
  10. 4 Servings
  11. 363 Calories, 17.8g Protein, 3.4g Carbs, .8g Fiber, 2.6g Net Carbs
  1. I pretty much always serve these with mashed cauliflower and if you do too then double the gravy. If you do not serve this with anything else then the nutritionals are good to go. Everyone has their own idea of a good Cajun or blackening seasoning and I have tried them all. For me the Cajun's Choice is by far the best.
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