Keto Buerre Blanc

Low Carb Buerre BlancLow Carb Buerre BlancLow Carb Buerre BlancKeto Buerre Blanc. This is an elegant, spiffy, easy little sauce that goes particularly well with just about any meat depending on the herbs used.  I used tarragon/tarragon vinegar for use on a ribeye but changing to thyme/rosemary makes it good on poultry of any kind or use lemon juice for seafood. Think a steak with a little crab & asparagus. Very simple to make but oh, so flavorful.  Though keto buerre blanc may look a bit reminiscent of a Béarnaise, it has no egg yolk.  It instead relies on a touch of heavy cream and the sauce is strained making it smooth as silk. The next time I fix it, it will probably be for a calamari steak and a little goes a long way. If you have leftovers? Put it on your breakfast eggs. Yum.

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Buerre Blanc
  1. 3 T Tarragon Vinegar
  2. 3 T White Wine
  3. 2 T Minced Shallots
  4. ¼ C Heavy Cream
  5. 12 T Cold Butter
  6. Salt & White Pepper To Taste When Finished
  1. Put shallots, wine, and vinegar in a small saucepan. On very lowest setting reduce, until you have about 2 T liquid left. The idea is to soften the shallots to extract their flavors.
  2. Strain out shallots and (tarragon) & add heavy cream to vinegar mix.
  3. When all is warm, begin adding butter 1 T at a time, mixing until nearly incorporated, then add the next 1 T butter until all butter has been used.
  4. Serve immediately.
  5. 8 Servings
  6. 185 Calories, 0.2g Protein, 20.3g Fat, 0.4g Carbs, 0.0g Fiber, 0.4g Net Carbs
  1. If you don’t have tarragon vinegar then use white wine vinegar and 1 t dried tarragon.
  2. As you can see if you are keto this is nearly an all fat condiment.
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