Low Carb Blistered Bell Peppers And Onions

Low Carb Blistered Bell Peppers And OnionsLow Carb Blistered Bell Peppers And Onions. This post now becomes the most ridiculous recipe I have done to date and I am seriously embarrassed by it.  But the deal is, not only is it easy…it is silly good.  If you follow any of my recipes then you know they can sometimes seem a bit daunting with so many ingredients and I am hoping you find this not only easy but also tasty.  It has three ingredients: blistered peppers, onions, and olive oil.  If you ever get to the Firehouse Fresh Steak Chili recipe this is great in the chili base. With eggs for breakfast?  Oh yeah.

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Blistered Bell Pepper And Onions
  1. 2 Red Bell Peppers
  2. 1 Yellow Bell Pepper
  3. 1 Orange Bell Pepper
  4. 1 Medium Onion
  5. 3 T Olive Oil
  6. Salt & Pepper To Taste
  1. Cut peppers and onions in about 1" pieces.
  2. Heat oil to very hot and add peppers with as many as possible skin side down. Do not disturb until they are well on their way to blistering. Turn as possible and blister underside.
  3. Add onions, reduce heat a bit and the onions should caramelize as they finish cooking.
  4. 6 Servings
  5. 81 Calories, .7g Protein, 6.4g Fat, 4.8g Carbs, 1.2g Fiber, 3.6g Net Carbs
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