Keto Vichyssoise

Keto VichyssoiseKeto VichyssoiseKeto Vichyssoise. Served warm or cold this easy vichyssoise is a very sophisticated soup and topped with a drizzle of melted butter, a dollop of sour cream and sprinkled with chives?… Oh My.  Soup may be served cold, hot, or just barely warm.  Serve this keto vichyssoise to any connoisseur, don’t tell them what’s in it, & they will happily praise your soup making skills.

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  1. 2 C Daikon Radish-Rough Chopped Small Pieces
  2. 2 Diced Small To Medium Leeks
  3. 2 Rough Chopped Medium Onions
  4. 4 C Water
  5. 2 C Mashed Or Riced Cauliflower
  6. 2 C Heavy Cream
  7. 2 T Chicken Base Or To Taste
  8. ½ C Sour Cream (Garnish)
  9. ½ C Melted Butter (Garnish)
  10. ¼ C Finely Chopped Green Onions (Garnish)
  1. Slice and wash leeks.
  2. Rough chop onions.
  3. Put all ingredients down to heavy cream in large sauce pan, cover, and simmer 35-40 minutes or until daikon is tender.
  4. With your immersion blender, blend until smooth.
  5. Add heavy cream, chicken base and blend again. Correct seasoning.
  6. If serving room temperature just let sit on counter for a couple of hours.
  7. If serving cold, refrigerate for 3-4 hours.
  8. Put soup in bowls, drizzle with 1 T butter, 1 T dollop sour cream, and ½ T green onions.
  9. 8 Servings
  10. 410 Calories, 1.3 Protein, 235.9g Fat, 7.8g Carbs, 2.2g Fiber, 5.6g Net Carbs
  1. All ingredients included in nutritionals.
  2. If you use riced cauliflower don't fret as if will look horrible until blended. I use it as a soup thickener but the taste is quite nice too.
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