Keto Mushroom Grillades

Keto Mushroom GrilladesKeto Mushroom GrilladesKeto Mushroom Grillades

Keto Mushroom Grillades. Somewhere on this huge site I have a recipe for Low Carb Grillades Over Cheesy Cauliflower Grits and for this recipe I have subbed mushrooms for the beef.  Despite the list of ingredients, it is very easy to make, and is a terrific side dish to just about any meal. (Or meat).  I have not listed it with the cheesy cauliflower grits but if you want them, then by all means use them for a great meatless meal.  I most often eat a meat of some sort with dinner but that is totally up to you.  I consider cremini and portobello mushrooms as a good stand-in for meat so…please, use your own best judgment.  Speaking of meat (who me)?  If you don’t think a good steak (or chicken or pork) nestled on top of these keto mushroom grillades isn’t good~please, think again.  Be sure you get “fresh” creminis. The ones I bought were particularly small but as it turns out were the perfect size for the dish.  If they are “open” and the gills are black, they are well past any prime-time playing.  I guarantee that you don’t want to clean out the gills and you might as well buy portobellos.

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Mushroom Grillades
  1. 1½ Lbs Cremini Mushrooms Room Temperature
  2. 2 T Butter
  3. 2 T Olive Oil
  4. 1 C Slivered Onions
  5. 1 T Butter
  6. 1 T Olive Oil
  7. 1 C Celery Cut Thinly On The Diagonal
  8. ½ C Roasted Red Peppers
  9. 1 Can Diced Tomatoes
  10. 1 C Water (More As/If Needed)
  11. ¼ C Red Wine
  12. 1 T Crushed Garlic Paste***
  13. 1 T Beef Base
  14. 1 t Crushed Thyme
  15. 1 t Porcini Dust*** (Not Essential But Really Good)
  16. 1 t Pepper (I Used ½ t Chipotle Powder To Give It A Little Kick)
  17. ¼ C Green Onion Tops
  1. Slice mushrooms rather thickish including the stems.
  2. Heat 2 T butter+2 T olive to brown and sear mushrooms quickly. Set aside.
  3. Turn down heat to low, add 1 T butter+1 T olive to pan, begin cooking onions & celery, and when translucent, add red peppers, diced tomatoes, wine, garlic, beef base, thyme, pepper, porcini dust (if using), and water.
  4. Turn heat to simmer, cover, and reduce until about half the liquid has evaporated.
  5. Add mushrooms and green onions to heat.
  6. 6 Servings
  7. 152 Calories, 3.1g Protein, 11.5g Fat, 7.3g Carbs, 2.9g Fiber, 4.4g Net Carbs
  1. I add a little orange pepper because I had it.
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