Keto Ginger Cheesecake Tarts

Low Carb Ginger Cheesecake TartLow Carb Ginger Cheesecake TartLow Carb Ginger Cheesecake TartLow Carb Ginger Cheesecake TartKeto Ginger Cheesecake Tarts.  Not long ago I published a recipe for Giant Ginger Cookies and quickly realized I could probably do a couple more based on the cookies and this is the first one that popped into my mind.  Since the cookie recipe make 15 very large ones, and they are crispy, why not make a kind of graham cracker crumb and use it as the crust base for a cheesecake.  Well, it worked really well and I am here to tell you they are deliciously sinful.  If you do not have the same 4½” tart pans I do then of course a larger pan will work beautifully and just not quite as easy to deal with since the filling only uses 8 oz. cream cheese.  These keto ginger cheesecake tarts are extremely dense and very filling, especially after a dinner.  Nutritionals include the ginger cookies crumb base and you will need a recipe of them to complete the tarts.  Take a good look in the first picture and you can see how dense the crumb is…just like a graham crumb.  Always remember that the longer you can leave it in the refrigerator, within reason, the more dense and thick the cheesecake becomes.  If you do not intend eating them in more than several days, they freeze beautifully.  The tart shells are also really good using anything that goes with the flavor of ginger like maybe a sugar-free ginger cream or whipped cream and raspberries & strawberries. If by some chance you are here and you don’t like ginger, you can always use your favorite low carb cookies for cheesecake or this dandy recipe for a thick creamy New York Cheesecake with the Two Crust Sizes For Most Nearly Any Pie recipe which is nearly identical to graham cracker crust. Yes keto ginger cheesecake tarts can also be made into a larger tart cut into 8 slices.  I just thought the smaller versions were a nice touch, especially for company and portion control.

You may question the use of ground chia seeds and it has to do the the bindability of sugar-free baked goods and it is one of the things that helps and that also includes the flax seed meal.

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Ginger Cheesecake Tart
4-4½” Removable Bottom Tart Pans
  1. 4 Giant Ginger Cookies Ground To Crumbs (Should Get about 1-1¼ C)
  2. ½ T Just Like Sugar Brown
  3. ½ T Flaxseed Meal
  4. ½ T Ground Chia Seeds
  5. ⅓ C Melted Butter
Cheesecake Batter
  1. 8 Oz Cream Cheese
  2. ⅓ C Just Like Sugar Brown
  3. ¼ C Heavy Cream
  4. 1 t Vanilla Extract
  5. 1 Egg
Sour Cream Topping
  1. ½ C Sour Cream
  2. ½ t Vanilla Extract
  3. 1 t Just Like Sugar Brown
  1. Mix all crust ingredients and let sit for 10-15 minutes then gently pat ¼ of the crumbs into each tart pan making sure to push up as high as you can to cover the sides the of the pan. The finished tart will pop out very easily if after you fill them carefully with the batter, it is all kept inside the shell. (I could have pushed my cookies filling up into the top of the tart tin a little further).
  2. Bake at 350° for 9-10 minutes, remove to counter to fill and turn down heat to 300°
  3. Meanwhile with cream cheese at room temperature beat with Just Like Sugar beating until well incorporated & scraping down a couple of times to get it mixed to smooth..
  4. Add vanilla and heavy cream and incorporate, again scraping down well.
  5. Now add egg and on low barely mix into batter until just incorporated and stop scraping to smooth. At this point you don’t want any more beating because it creates bubbles which are a no-no.
  6. Add ¼ of the batter to each shell and bake 23-24 minutes.
  7. Put on cooling rack in for at least an hour until completely, completely cool.
  8. Turn oven to 400°.
  9. Mix all topping ingredients.
  10. If you have a small offset spatula this is a time to use it. If you don’t have one then use the back of a small spoon.
  11. Take ¼ or about 2 T of the topping and put into the center of a cooled tart and spread it only to the very edge, and no more trying not to get it on the crust or pan.
  12. Pop into the oven 6 minutes and again put on cooling rack to cool, cover gently & refrigerate for at least 4 hours and more if possible as the longer they are refrigerated the thicker and more dense they become.
  13. When ready to serve, pop the tart out of the pan and quarter. Don't forget to take the removable bottom off.
  14. 8 Servings
  15. 266 Calories, 5.4g Protein, 25.2g Fat 7.3g Carbs, 2.7g Fiber, 4.6g Net Carbs
  1. Don’t worry if you overcook them a bit they will settle down and be just fine.
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