Keto Dilled Red Radishes

Keto Dilled Red RadishesKeto Dilled Red RadishesKeto Dilled Red RadishesKeto Dilled Red Radishes.  I am in the process of adding new recipes for red radishes as potato substitutes and this keto dilled red radishes is a dilly. Yeah, I think I’m so funny.  Anyway, I used to make Dilled Celery Root which of course has its own unique flavor and I think red radishes make an even better sub for this vegetable dish because it has a more neutral flavor, is more akin to potatoes, and certainly looks more like little red potatoes.  I love celery root but for the average guy it is more difficult to work with and hey, everybody knows what red radishes are. The recipe is so easy it’s ridiculous so…if you like potatoes (and butter) you will love these.  At this point there is one other recipe using red radishes, Garlic Rosemary Roasted Radishes, and I hope you get the idea that for any other recipe on this site that uses daikon radishes (and there are many), you can sub red radishes.  One other note:  Red radishes take about one third the time to cook as daikons and when you are cooking for your hungry family, time means a lot.  In my opinion the very best pairing with these keto dilled red potatoes is Stuffed Shrimp though they go with pretty much anything.

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Dilled Red Radishes
  1. 1½ Lbs Red Radishes Or About 2-3 Bunches Or about 24 Large
  2. 6 T Butter
  3. 2 t Dried Dill
  4. Salt & Pepper
  1. Cut radishes into quarters , bring to simmer, cover for about 8-10 minutes or until just fork tender.
  2. Drain until radishes are dry and the residual heat should do this in about 10-12 minutes.
  3. Heat butter to nearing brown, add radishes, and fry until radishes are beginning to brown.
  4. Sprinkle in dill and mix well.
  5. Salt & pepper to taste.
  6. 4 Servings
  7. 177 Calories, 1.0g Protein, 17.4g Fat, 5.1g Carbs, 2.4g Fiber, 2.7g Net Carbs
  1. You may think wow, this is a lot butter but the idea is not only to fry them in butter but also mash them with the butter for each bite. Oh Lordy.
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