Keto Blue Cheese Pork

Keto Blue Cheese PorkKeto Blue Cheese PorkKeto Blue Cheese Pork.  One of things I have learned over the years is that pork tenderloin is one terrific piece of meat and it is also often one of the most overcooked meats.  Now you can certainly eat pork the way you want to, but this keto blue cheese pork is an attempt to change your mind about overdone pork leather.  Any meat without much fat is going to cook quickly and pork tenderloin, as well as beef tenderloin, are perfect examples.  They have nearly no fat in which to bathe the meat so when overcooked it turns to…  Why do you so often see bacon wrapped beef tenderloin in a restaurant?  It’s to keep the meat, at least partially, surrounded by fat which is OK I guess but only if you like the flavor of bacon with steak which I do not.  Bacon is bacon and steak is steak.

“Pork, on the other hand, is cool. Farmers stopped feeding garbage to pigs decades ago, and even if you eat pork rare you’re more likely to win the Lotto than to contract trichinosis”. As said by the late great Anthony Bourdain.  As you can see, he advocated for underdone pork too.

That said, this is an extremely easy recipe assuming you have a good quality melty blue cheese and heavy whipping cream.  I personally think a large pork tenderloin will feed no more than 2-3 people so you may need to do a little adjustment here.  They have a tail which dwindles to nothing usable and for this recipe (excepting for children)  best to freeze the tail, use it in another recipe and buy a second tenderloin. Uh, that’s just my opinion.

If you prefer the flavors of Italy then my recipe for Italian Dipping Herbs works very well here too.  I ALWAYS have this herb combo on hand because I use it A LOT of it on pork chops covered in crushed garlic let alone its many other uses.

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Blue Cheese Pork
  1. 1½ Lbs or One Large Pork Tenderloin Room Temperature
  2. ¾ C Heavy Cream
  3. ¼ t Thyme
  4. ¼ t Sage
  5. ¼ t Cumin
  6. ⅛ t Chipotle Powder
  7. 1½ t Chicken Base***
  8. 1 T Butter
  9. 3 Oz Meltable Blue Cheese Crumbles
  10. ¼ C Minced Green Onions (Garnish)
  1. Cut room temperature pork tenderloin into approximately 12-¾” 2 oz. medallions.
  2. Crumble blue cheese.
  3. Add heavy cream to medium sauce pan set on medium low, add thyme, sage, cumin, chipotle powder, and chicken base, & reduce to desired thickness.
  4. In separate large sauté pan, on medium-high heat, add butter & get to very brown.
  5. Add room temperate pork medallions, sauté no more than 1½ minutes, turn, and cook no more than 1½ minutes longer. (You may need to do this in two batches as you need to maintain the high heat in order not to end up "stewing" your meat.
  6. Plate medallions, top immediately with blue cheese and then dab with sauce.
  7. Garnish with green onions.
  8. 4 Servings
  9. 650 Calories, 56.2g Protein, 43.0g Fat, 1.0g Carbs, 0.2g Fiber, 0.8g Net Carbs
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