Can Diabetes Really Be Cured? Yet?

Can Diabetes Really Be Cured?Can Diabetes Really Be Cured? I started writing this post at least a month ago and because of “other things” it has been on the shelf percolating. We all know that when something sits for a while thoughts can change. I am now ready to charge after Dr. Jason Fung and his cadre of supporters now saying that diabetes can be “CURED” and I say:  The Emperor Has No Clothes.

It is my opinion they use the term “cured” as nothing more than website clickbait.  I am not the only person questioning this but up against “experts” and other doctors? I will be no match.

Most people tend to believe the words said by someone using the prefix Dr. (as in medical). They are expected to know what they are talking about and certainly (but not always) they mostly do. They have gone to school for many years and believe they have the right to be respected.  In my world there is no “right” to respect-it needs to be earned.

In Dr. Richard Bernstein’s Book Dr. Bernstein’s Diabetes Solution he tells in his story that though he knew carbohydrates were the problem for both Type I and Type II diabetes absolutely no one paid any attention to him until…he went to medical school, got his degree, and earned that prefix Dr.  As the years passed he became, and still is, the foremost and preeminent authority on diabetes.  He used his knowledge well and for good.  Dr. Richard Bernstein is considered by many including myself as the world’s leading expert on blood glucose control for diabetics and still takes the high ground.  In all his years he has never used the terms cured or reversed when referring to diabetes.

As I know it, there is no cure for diabetes. It may certainly be controlled via KETO or a LCHF eating program which is what I do, but a cure?-No. There are thousands of doctors and research scientists world-wide looking for that magic bullet cure for diabetes and you can bet your bottom dollar if and when it happens, it will be shouted from every mountain top in the known universe and there will be Nobel Prizes being handed out.

A nephrologist is a medical doctor specializing in kidney care and the treatment of diseases of the kidneys.  At least here in Portland, Oregon almost all nephrologists are associated with either OHSU or a renal dialysis center because their patients either need to be closely monitored or worse, are already on dialysis. I know of what I speak as my husband was a twice kidney transplant patient and over the years I ask many, many questions of his nephrologist. We actually became pretty good friends. A nephrologist sees the sickest of patients with amputated limbs who sadly can be in the throes with end-of-life problems mostly brought on with the advent of uncontrolled diabetes. (This was not the case with my husband-he did not have diabetes and it was never ascertained why his kidneys failed at age 42).

Rally Round The Flag Boys.

The big squawk arose when a well known Canadian nephrologist, Dr. Jason Fung began talking about a “cure” for diabetes. When I, and others, began questioning his use of the term “cure” many of the LCHF doctors began surrounding this nephrologist’s wagon.  I met several of these doctors on the Low Carb Cruise last summer and I do not remember any of them talking about curing diabetes. This seems to be something new.

It’s been pretty well documented that Bariatric surgery helps with Type II diabetes and they are not even sure why but we do know this-it is mostly used with severely or morbidly obese patients and let’s face it, once you have this surgery your food intake is vastly reduced and at any given time you are not able to consume many carbohydrates anyway (or much of any other food for that matter) which seems to me to perhaps be a key.

The slide show below is taken from Dr. Fung’s videos.

If you don’t think people are desperate (they are) then read the hundreds of Comments following each video and as far as I read them, Dr. Fung does not answer many of the questions and only uses very generalized statements like:  A LCHF whole foods diet.  Eat real food.  It can include animal protein but not in excess.  It’s a high fat (natural real fat) diet not a high protein. Ketogenic or LCHF has been used by many to reverse diabetes.  We add intermittent fasting. Dr. Fung talks of different cultures who fast and notes Ramadan, yet the Middle East has some of the highest numbers of cases of diabetes in the world. I have been in Dubai and I can attest there are many obese and diabetic Middle-Easterners and to tell you the truth I was flabbergasted. Does anyone have any idea what the percentage of the general population, let alone diabetics that will fast and my question is: Are you kidding me?

Learned HelplessnessDr. Fung puts his patients on fasts anywhere between 18 hrs. to 200 days depending on their level of insulin resistance. What is the percentage of people who can stick with this? Does fasting hurt you?  No, I don’t think fasting hurts anyone short-term but the problem is fasting is not a very easy, sustainable way of life. How many of the people who have watched Dr. Fung’s three videos have gotten pumped up about fasting only to fail yet again at controlling their diabetes?

Outsmart DiabetesThese are the covers of  magazines for Pete’s sake.  The ADA is famous for it’s promotion of “Learned Helplessness”.  They continually say that diabetics deserve to eat the same way everyone else eats.  Really?  Keep eating the same high carby crap that got them to diabetes in the first place?  Hey ADA, keep pushing that s**t and keep people feeding at the trough of BigPharma.  Who is really being outsmarted here?  Say Yes to the donut?  In the future you may be saying yes to death. All 13 magazine covers have sugary desserts splashed across them.

Click on the pictures. Most of the headlines are simply criminal. Love the one that says stay on your feet…that would be…if you still have feet to stay on.

EmperorBottom line: Long term fasting is not a way of life but eating LCHF is.

  • Dr. Fung says the truth is:
  • Diabetes is a curable dietary disease
  • Diabetes is a disease of high insulin resistance and treatment is directed to lowering resistance

Now if Dr. Fung and others are able to get diabetics eating low carb by telling them they can be “cured” then so be it, but I believe truth is the best policy and using the word “cured” as clickbait…is not truth and the emperor…has no clothes.

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