The Low Carb WiO Diet Scam

WiO Diet is located in West Jordan, Utah and is now the newest and perhaps the worst low carb scam I have encountered to date…and…this is a dandy folks.  WiO Diet stands for Weight Is Over your last Diet pretty tricky huh?  The brains behind this low carb scam company?  Jason B. Whitney & Nirav Dhruv and this is charlatanism & quackery at its best.

WiODiet ComparisonsWiO Diet is not as large as the JULIAN BAKERY but make no mistake, they are at least as egregious.  This company is aggressively targeting diabetics and the lowcarb community along the East Coast and is now attempting to move west.  It is my opinion they targeted the East Coast first because of the population concentration in New York and all along the Eastern Seaboard.  They have even been so bold as to compare their products to some legitimate lowcarb breads and muffins.  Thin Slim pizza & muffins, Mama Lupes tortillas (I question these too), Godiva chocolates, & The Great Low Carb Bread Company. Click on the chart to the left twice and you can easily see the comparisons. It’s spelled out perfectly saying “apples-to-apples” with WiO products highlighted in green.  Speaking of apples look at their apple pie label below. 6g carbohydrate and 13g fiber.  Um…not possible.

I am making it easy for you to look at the products as well as their labels.  As you look at each label note the placement of “Net Carbohydrate”.  This listing in a nutritional label is totally illegal.  Many of the labels make absolutely no sense. I would strongly advise you not eat any of these products.  Of the pictures and labels shown I have had two products (the White Flour & Rolls) laboratory tested at Exova and the comparison labels are below.

WiO Diet Smart FlourWiO Smart Flour LabelWiO Diet Smart RollWiO Smart Rolls Label





My personal glucose testing of one Wio Diet Smart Roll.

I want to emphasize that I DO NOT inject insulin and I DO NOT take any diabetic drugs which in my opinion makes me a perfect guinea pig to test any supposed low carb product.
Blood Glucose Test WiO Diet

October 20th, 2014

Enlarge pictures below for a closer look and most of the labels have the ingredients listed. Will there always be believers?  Yep, and let em believe.  If food laboratory testing doesn’t change their minds then no matter what I say certainly won’t.

WiO Smart FlourWiO Smart Flour LabelWiO Smart Flour Whole WheatWiO Smart Flour Whole Wheat Label






WiO Smart Flour Gluten FreeWiO Smart Flour Gluten Free LabelWiO Smart RollsWiO Smart Rolls Label






WiO Smart Chocolate MuffinsWiO Smart Chocolate Muffins LabelWiO Smart Morning Glory MuffinWiO Morning Glory Muffins Label






WiO Mixed Berry MuffinWiO Mixed Berry Muffin LabelWiO Smart Chocolate Chip CookieWiO Smart Chocolate Chip Cookie Label






WiO Smart Croissant Egg-CheeseWiO Smart Croissant Egg-Cheese LabelWiO Smart Croissant Egg-Ham-CheeseWiO Smart Croissant Egg-Ham-Cheese Label






WiO Smart TortillasWiO Smart Tortilla Label WiO Smart Apple PieWiO Smart Apple Pie Label





WiO Smart Pizza PepperoniWiO Smart Pizza Pepperoni LabelWiO Smart Pizza Chicken AlfredoWiO Smart Pizza Chicken Alfredo Label






WiO Smart Chicken Pot PieWiO Smart Chicken Pot Pie LabelWiO Smart Quiche LorraineWiO Smart Quiche Lorraine Label





Ronald Reagan famously said, “Trust but Verify”.  At the signing of the INF Treaty, his counterpart Mikhail Gorbachev responded:  “you repeat that at every meeting,” to which Reagan answered:  “I like it”…I like it too.

  • Anastasia Fay Antipova

    definitely a scam! My ketosis got fucked because of their products, so mad!

    • Yes, most (but not all) times when it comes to a lowcarb product you had better do your homework. There are millions & millions of $$$$ to be had catering to the diabetic and lowcarb communities and this company is a great example. There are others and as I find them, I will expose them.
      Sorry to hear they messed you up and now you know.

      • Anastasia Fay Antipova

        gonna go back to the store I bought it from and asked for a refund. It’s run by a nurse who sworn by this brand, saying she has diabetes 1 type and it doesn’t spike her insulin.

        • Anastasia Fay Antipova

          Do you know much about Thin Slim Foods brand? It’s another one I bought from that store but so far my research showed they are more or less legit, though I dont know what to believe anymore, except my keto test strip.

          • Lauren d’ambra

            OMG Anastasia…do you happen to live in NY?? I just so happened to buy some of these products from a small store also run by a nurse…and I live in NY, so I’m wondering if we bought from same place…seems ironic lol

          • Anastasia Fay Antipova

            Staten Island? ;)

          • Lauren d’ambra

            GET OUT!!!!!! Email me when you can… :)

        • If it does not spike her glucose readings it is because she is injecting insulin as a T1 diabetic. The nurse is giving you wrong info. The whole idea behind the use of insulin is to temper blood sugar spikes. Tell her to eat any of the WiO products without insulin and see what happens to her blood sugar. You can tell her I said that she’s full of it and go get your money back.

          Did you see the graph above & what one WiO roll did to my blood sugar? That’s the real story-I do not inject insulin or take meds of any kind.

          Here’s what happened to a T1 when he didn’t inject enough insulin to cover the real carbs in a product.

          Yes, the ThinSlim products should be just fine.

  • Patricia Mitchell Broholm

    I gained 4 lbs. overnight eating just a little of this crap. I was so excited by the low calories on the Internet that I ordered about $180.00 in the products. I begged Nirav for a refund who always claimed he was working on it. Didn’t know he was part owner of this scam company.

    • Patricia,
      I have already filed a formal FDA complaint and word of this scam is definitely getting out.

      • Cynthia Toohill

        Hi Deborah, I was wondering what info you received back from the FDA

  • Kevin Anderson

    I use the products and am type 2. It never spikes my blood sugar, I stay rather normal actually. I am now no longer taking any of my medications for my diabetes and I have lost 35 pounds in the last few months. You can obviously feel the way you want with this, but I myself have see amazing results using Wio and I have see others that are having the same success.