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Julian Bakery Going Around Coming Around

Julian Bakery Going Around Coming AroundThere is a term for what the Julian Bakery has practiced over the years called Economically Motivated Food Fraud EMFA and a more crude way of saying it might be “lying to make money”.  It has just come to light that not only is the Julian Bakery embroiled in a 3rd Lawsuit, they are also enmeshed in their 4th Lawsuit in as many years.  They 100% brought it on themselves, and this time as defendants in  Defense Nutrition LLC vs Julian Bakery Inc. I don’t know the charges yet but I imagine it may have to do with non-payment in the manufacturing of Paleo Bars, Paleo Protein Powders, and which may also include SAF Berberine, and Glycozin.   As they say:  What Goes Around Comes Around. 

So now I think I kind of get it.  Their Paleo Bars are being sold everywhere, including even E-Bay.  Julian Bakery hasn’t had the Coconut Shred flavor for at least 6 months and I think maybe much longer. Here are the Cinnamon Rolls, the Sunflower Butter, the Blueberry Tart, the Almond Fudge, and of course you get the idea.  These are probably people who ordered them directly from either Amazon or the company itself, realized how absolutely revolting they are, and thought what-the-heck let’s try E-Bay.  So on to the Paleo Wraps story… Continue reading

Julian Bakery, Cain Credicott, & Paleo Magazine

Paleo Magazine Logo 1I began contact with Cain Credicott, founder and editor of Paleo Magazine, regarding his centerfold advertising of the new Julian Bakery Paleo Protein Bars on February 17th. I sent a “care package” for him to try the bars, including the falsely labeled bars test results and told him I had filed yet another formal FDA complaint. His brief response was that he had gotten the package and he would be looking into it.  Fast forward… Continue reading

Julian Bakery Moldy Paleo Bars

Moldy Chocolate Mint Paleo BarJulian Bakery Moldy Paleo Bars. They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words so this ought to be a 6,000 word moldy essay. Love the expiration date and I do kinda like the rainbow effect of the different moldy colors.  Click on any picture for an up close and personal view. Update that to a 7,000 word moldy essay, no  9,000 words…Ack I’ve lost count but you can see lots more below.  Make that a 9,000 word moldy essay.  If this keeps up maybe we can make a cocktail table picture book. Plus one more. The video below is one of my moldy paleo bars. Continue reading

Julian Bakery Is Being Sued By FedEx

Julian Bakery Is Being Sued By FedEx     VSJulian Bakery Is Being Sued By FedEx


Whew!  Julian Bakery is being sued by FedEx for $241,274.27  This is the initial filing by FedEx and as more becomes available to me I will post it here. Court Docs FedEx vs Julian Bakery. Whether this continues or is settled at some point seems immaterial to me as FedEx had to sue them in the first place.

Ronald Reagan famously said, “Trust but Verify”.  At the signing of the INF Treaty, his counterpart Mikhail Gorbachev responded:  “you repeat that at every meeting,” to which Reagan answered:  “I like it”…I like it too.

Julian Bakery Protein Bars Being Sold On Craigslist

Some guy is selling his slightly used Julian Bakery Glazed Donut Flavored Protein Bars on Craigslist.  11 of the original 12 left. This is an absolute scream. Continue reading

More Evidence Of Heath Squier’s Pathological Lying

More Evidence Of Heath Squier's Pathological LyingMore Evidence Of Heath Squier's Pathological LyingIt seems to me that Heath Squier, owner and speaking for the Julian Bakery, is unable to tell the truth yet again.  Below is a screen shot of Heath answering the question on Amazon: How big are the wraps? Heath’s answer:  8”x8”.

Clearly from the picture I took they are 7”x7”. OK that’s settled: The Wraps are only 7”x7”.

Continue reading

My Googled Website Terms For Heath Squier & Julian Bakery

JB LabelMy Paleo WrapsThese are some of My Googled Website Terms For Heath Squier & the Julian Bakery that people have used to land on my site to get information regarding JULIAN BAKERY  Most are pretty funny…but maybe not to Heath Squier.  Enjoy. Continue reading

Are You Being Duped And Do You Like It?

FAKE Followers, FAKE Likes, FAKE Amazon Reviews-Do you really want to Follow, Like, or watch videos by someone buying FAKE anything, attempting to con you into believing they are far more popular than they are? Heath Squier of the JulianBakery & Gary Collins of the Primal Power Method have long been welded at the hip and Continue reading

Julian Bakery Lawsuit Dismissal

Heath Squier has dismissed his own lawsuit

This is my explanation of the whole story and why he dismissed it.  Julian Bakery Lawsuit

Ronald Reagan famously said, “Trust but Verify”.  At the signing of the INF Treaty, his counterpart Mikhail Gorbachev responded:  “you repeat that at every meeting,” to which Reagan answered:  “I like it”…I like it too.



What is a lagniappe you ask?  It is something given as a bonus or unexpected gift.  It is a French word and is primarily used in Southern Louisiana.  The 13th donut in a baker’s dozen would be considered a lagniappe.


This is important stuff.  As particle size decreases surface area increases.

FOOD LAGNIAPPES-A LITTLE SOMETHING EXTRASurface area is nature’s way of making materials more available for exploitation. As Mother Nature has it, most physical and chemical events happen on the surfaces of materials, not in the mass. When you pop a square of chocolate into your mouth, your taste buds sing in response to the chemical reaction that takes place when the flat of the square dissolves on your tongue. Liquid phase chocolate meets solid phase taste bud. In lab lingo the point where chocolate meets tongue is called an interface. Whether you knew that or not, you intuitively know that when it comes to chocolate bars, more surface means more flavor. So you crush the morsel between your molars and the slab’s original six surfaces, suddenly become hundreds of smaller surfaces, much to the glee of the neglected taste buds on your cheeks, lips and every other bud-bearing cranny in your oral cavity. Suddenly your whole mouth is singing like a boy’s choir. Why? Because you created more places for chemical reactions to take place – more interfaces. You increased the surface area of the chocolate by liberating its internal mass. Mmmmmm. Same mass – more surface area-tastes better!

I didn’t make this up and it’s not original but I have always known it as it pertains to food and cooking. http://www.science-communications.com/editorial/nano_technology/scratching_nanos_sweet_surface.html

Spilled FlourMother Nature’s cookbook says that as particle size decreases surface area increases geometrically. To illustrate, imagine this: first, spill the contents of a five- pound bag of flour on a gymnasium floor and spread it out as thin as possible. Then slice the empty bag open and lay it flat, next to the powdery mess you just made. The surface area of the bag would be equal to the surface area of the flour, if the flour were a solid block instead of a powder. At this point, it should be pretty easy to conclude that the surface area of the flour on the floor would be much larger than that of the laid out bag. If we count the sides and bottoms of each and every flour particle, the difference in surface areas becomes astounding.

So knowing this, it makes sense that though porcini mushrooms are God’s gift to your taste buds, if you turn them to dust it will get them into every nook & cranny of your mouth allowing you to use far less just like dried herbs vs fresh and then rubbing them in your hands to intensify their flavors even further.

Bottom Line:  Bigger is definitely not always better.


Porcini Powder 4I could not live without this.  I use at most 1-1½ teaspoons in any given recipe and it has more flavor-bang for your buck than anything else I can think of.  I guarantee it will change your foodie life.

PISTOL RIVER MUSHROOMS right here in Oregon are the real deal and I have been using this brand for many years.  The price is a scant 1.69oz. (26.95 when you buy a l pound canister) and is totally worth every penny. The mushrooms are grade A and imported from Italy. Piston River Porcini Dust or Pistol River Porcini Mushrooms

The reviews on Amazon for OliveNation Porcini Powder are mixed and at 2.75oz. are the lowest AB grade Porcini.  Porcini powder can also be purchased through D’Artagnan in Newark, NJ but know this:  You can get lost on this website.  D’Artagnan services the very finest restaurants in this country and while the quality of their products is incomparable…they are very expensive…so if you do decide to visit this website hold on to your wallet because they have things you cannot buy anywhere else.  Their mushroom powder is 3.03 per ounce plus shipping. http://www.dartagnan.com/Dried-Porcini-Mushroom-Powder/MDCPF029-1,default,pd.html

So, always remembering that you get what you pay for, get a good grade A Porcini Powder and your mouth (and your family & friends) will thank you a thousand times.  You will see Porcini Dust used in recipes throughout this site.


EggsWhile porcini dust may be the best tasting stuff in the world nothing beats an egg for versatility.  Eggs come into this world with a protective film from the hen and never need to be washed.  In fact if you wash away the film the egg becomes susceptible to bacteria, will get old much faster, and will begin to dry out.  The older the egg the more watery the whites, the flatter the yolks and yes, the easier they are to peel.

They say that the folds in a chef’s hat are attributed to the numbers of ways to use eggs.  (I have never figured out who “they” are).

ChalazaeThe chalazae are those nauseating little short twisted white cords (#’s 3&4) wrapped around the yolk to keep it in place which always seems to be in the way and difficult to remove.  I don’t know about you but biting into a chunk of cooked chalaza in an otherwise smooth custard or Lemon Curd is a total turn off.  The reason many recipes call for straining is to remove them but I think it is much simpler to get rid of them before they are incorporated and cooked.

Eggs improve the texture of custards, act as binders for meats and Carbalose Flour Bread Stuffing, emulsify fats and liquids, add volume to baked goods, and make pastries shine. Plus, they’re nutritionally complete and delicious. Good eggs from good pastures can be found all over the country, and they’re about the best bang for your buck in terms of high-quality protein you can get.  A meal of eggs will always cost far less than any meat dish.  Alas, man cannot live by eggs alone but we can darn sure use them in hundreds of ways.  The coolest thing of all is that now we all know we can eat eggs all day long everyday…because they are good, good, good for us.

To make the best and most successful omelets & scrambled eggs you need to break and beat your eggs and then let them rest in the refrigerator for at least several hours and over night is best.  In the restaurant biz back in the 70’s & 80’s we used to do this.  Now, the restaurant police make you break and scramble your eggs individually or whatever constitutes a serving so there is no “rest period”.  The scrambled eggs & omelets of today are not nearly as tender and good as yesteryear-how sad.

Broken Egg ShellsEggshells.  Did you know that no matter how small a piece of eggshell is, it will not float?  Well they don’t so any shards of shells will always sink and will be the only thing left in your bowl after you pour your eggs into a pan.  Try it and see.

Funny Personal Story:  I worked in a very fast  breakfast-lunch restaurant in Telluride, CO in the mid 80’s and my station on the line was the “egg” person.  At the end of the day we had to have a full case of beaten eggs ready for the following morning.  Loren and I would each take half the case (15 dozen each) and “race” to see who could finish the fastest.  We would each hold 2-3 eggs in each hand, crack them on the side of a huge mixing bowl and have it.  At times a whole shell could be dropped in with the eggs.  Did we sweat the small stuff?  Hell No.  The following day it was my job to pour the liquid eggs into manageable bowls to use on the line and some days you wouldn’t believe the shells at the bottom but for the thousands and thousands of omelets and scrambled egg dishes I put out not once, not one time, did one come back because it had a shell piece in it.  Alas, the process of “pooling eggs” has passed into history.


OnionsEating low carb, for me, has never been about a diet and has been everything about my way of life.  The word “diet” denotes something that begins and ends vs “a way of life” which begins but definitely has no ending.

For a low carber onions in all but the smallest amounts have considerable carbs so this is what I mostly do.  I cut them into a very fine dice-like mince and better yet as you will find in some of the recipes, I grate them.  Making anything as small as possible allows for the greatest surface area, hence more intense flavor.  (See USING SURFACE AREA TO YOUR ADVANTAGE)  A tablespoon of grated onion will give you the flavor of about ¼ C of small dice or about ½ C of large dice.  All the flavor but not all the carbs.

On occasion I use different cuts of onions and when you see them in a recipe here is what they look like.

The difference between sweating and sautéing onions is your cooking temperature.  Sweating is a medium heat until translucent and sautéing is higher heat until they just begin to brown and caramelize.

I use the green tops of spring onions very liberally.


What to say.  Cranberries, and sour as they are, have a relatively high carb content but eaten in moderation can be a terrific meal accompaniment Cranberry Orange Relish and even make for some great desserts.  Cranberry Orange Mousse  I buy about 15-20 lbs of cranberries in October-November and fill 1 gallon freezer bags for use all year round.  They freeze beautifully and the only difference between fresh and frozen cranberries is how you process them.  Below is an Oregon company you can directly order cranberries from and they will not cost you an arm and a leg.  Last year Carol charged 1.00 a lb + shipping.  I don’t know what they will be this year but her prices compare to 3.00-4.00 for a 12oz. bag in a grocery store.  Think about it-90 acres of beautiful red cranberries.  The Russell family has been on this farm since 1876 and growing cranberries since the mid-30’s.  Can you imagine starting a business in the middle of the Depression that takes 5 years to bear fruit?  I hope the next time you think about buying cranberries you will buy from this small grower and not the all powerful Ocean Spray and if you call, Carol is the one most likely to answer.  Orders are taken in September and October.  See a very short video of the Bandon Cranberry Company here.

Russell Cranberry FarmCarol Russell
Bandon Cranberry Company
89358 Cranberry Lane
Bandon, Oregon 97411
(800) 293-0510
(541) 347-4423
(866) 814-0803Fax



MushroomsHow many times have you begun to sauté mushrooms only to have them begin stewing in their own juices?  The secrets to good sautéed mushrooms are:  room temperature, never wash them, do them on high heat and don’t slice them too thinly.  When I am doing mushrooms I use a combination olive oil and butter and get it very hot.  Watch the butter and let it get really brown before adding the mushrooms.  The reason you never wash mushrooms is because from the moment they are harvested they begin to deteriorate.  They are picked, sorted by size, sent to a produce distributor and then on to your local grocery where you finally buy them.  Now I will say it right here that Alton Brown  and I disagree about washing mushrooms.  He says it’s OK to wash them-I say no, brush them, and only  if they really need it.  He says you can store them in a paper bag-I say no-buy them fresh and cook them soon, they get leathery in a paper bag.  We do agree on one thing-don’t overcrowd your pan.  Put your mushrooms in the hot, hot fat mixture and do not move, mix or stir for 3-4 minutes.  As long as your shrooms are sizzling you are OK.  The idea is that as the moisture is coming out, it is also evaporating just as quickly so I say, why wash them when the idea is to get rid of the moisture as quickly as possible?  As they begin to get their nice darker brown on, quickly turn as many as you can and leave them alone again.  If, they do get to stewing all is not lost but you will need to let the liquids evaporate before any browning will occur.

Mushroom BrushIf your mushrooms are really that dirty (it’s only sterile peat for Pete’s sake) then use a mushroom brush.  Yes, I mean a brush in the shape of a mushroom.  I have had mine for probably 25 years and it looks just like the picture.

Salt & PepperThe same principles apply when sautéing vegetables since most all vegetables are mostly water.  Never salt your vegetables until just before you are ready to serve them because though they may seem dry they are not and salt draws out moisture.


Now here is a subject I could probably discuss with a lot of people for a long time.  My sweeteners of choice are all three of the Just Like Sugars and liquid Splenda (Sucralose) and I have also now begun mixing them because each one brings something a little different to the table.  I tried to like Stevia but it was a total no-go.

EZ-SweetzI know lots of you guys out there are going to disagree with me about using Splenda and I feel, after reading for days about artificial sweeteners of all kinds, that I am totally comfortable with this product.  I DO NOT USE granulated Splenda because it has 24g carbs per cup and these carbs are totally unneeded-they are for people to comfortably think they are really kinda using real sugar. Please read Sugar Alcohols And Why I Don’t Use Them


Small DessertsDessert is the essence of what a lagniappe means. It should be its own little lagniappe which translated means “a little something extra” as a thank you for your patronage.

Somehow here in the good ole US of A we got to the fact that desserts should somehow be a major pig out of 500-700 calories and 60g-85g carbs. Example:  1/8th slice of a 9” pecan pie is 500 calories and 64g of carbohydrate.  WHAT?  And I can tell you that nobody eats 1/8th of a pie-it is usually 1/6th which would translate to about 675 calories and 85g carbs.  WHAT?  I believe dessert should be served 15-20 minutes after eating to allow the sensation of “satiety” to settle in completely.  If you are truly eating LCHF the feeling of fullness from the consumption of fats and proteins will have occurred in this time period and should easily carry you to your next meal.

Mini-Dessert-ShootersOne of the things I like about Carolyn Ketchum is that when she figures her desserts she makes them very small portions.  Now if you decide to eat more than a couple of bites that’s your business but here’s the deal.  If you have just had a satisfying meal why on earth would you force down more than a couple succulent bites of dessert?

These three pictures of pies in a cake are abominations and they are really served in some restaurants.  The third one has 1800 calories PER SLICE.  WHAT?  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  In my book 1800 calories in one serving of any dessert can be called nothing short of obscene.

PAKE-Pie Inside A Cake

Pie In A Cake

Pumpple Cake






Wow, this has always been a toughie for me.  Having been in the food business most of my working life you learn to eat quickly and drink cold, or at best, lukewarm coffee…and with cream and sugar…forget about it.  By the time you try to add anything to black coffee you can’t get to the first sip.  If you don’t eat quickly-you end up not eating at all.  Eating slowly is very important and it will also help you eat less.  Since I eat LCHF it takes a little time for your brain to catch up with what you are putting in your mouth and if you eat too much too quickly you will end up feeling uncomfortably full for the rest of the day/evening.


Use your microwave to its best advantage.  I use mine to heat casseroles quickly or melt cheese on/in something and then finish in the oven or the toaster oven.  This will save you lots of electricity use and lots of time.


If something you are preparing from scratch for two people takes 15 minutes and cooking for six people takes 20 minutes then why not cook for six?  In the hustle & bustle of everyday life we often enough use the excuse that we don’t have the time to cook and one of the ways to get around this is to what I call “future cook” and here is a giant plus-you only have to do cleanup, pots & pans, and dishes once.  A couple of examples might be:

1.  Mashed Cauliflower.  It takes just as long to cook one head of cauliflower as it does three.  When you are finished mashing it scoop it into small film lined bowls and freeze them and the next time you want cauliflower it is there waiting for you.
2.  Yogurt.  For those of you who do make your own yogurt why not make it by the gallon?  We eat Yogurt, Granola, and blueberries every morning for breakfast and by the gallon it lasts us 18-20 days.  One quart or one gallon-they take the same time to incubate.
3.  Mushrooms.  It takes almost the same amount of time to cut and sauté a mess of mushrooms as it does for one meal so why not cook a bunch, divide them into 2-3 oz. portions and freeze them.  Voila, ready at a moments notice.

I future cook many of the recipes on this site plus many more and even though I am retired, since I do cook everything we eat from scratch, it is sometimes difficult even for me to keep up.  Future cooking requires nothing more than planning and then using a day devoted to cooking or, if you are retired, keeping things on a rotating schedule.

DJ Foodie is a guy I pay attention to. He does not know me from Adam but here is a terrific post he just made about cooking for two (long) days and then having enough food for 30 days. What a terrific idea and what I am talking about.


Omega 6 Vegetable Oil PoisonThis may gross some of you out and I could care less.  I do not use oils at all (except olive & coconut).  1.  90% of them are GMO.  2.  They go rancid.  3.  They don’t taste good.  4.  Are mostly Omega 6’s with almost no Omega 3’s to accompany them.

Tallow has about a 6:3 ratio so if I am going to get Omega 6’s (which of course we all do) I’ll do it as a 2:1 ratio (optimal) and not something as ridiculous like 20-25:1 or even higher and I will get it from something good.  If I die from fat overload (I won’t) I at least want it to taste good.  Anyway, I don’t sit and eat this by the spoonful but when I fry foods, which is not all that often, this is what I use and because of its stability under heat I am able to use it several times.  If you don’t remember the 60’s when everything was fried in beef fat then you don’t have any idea how good fried food can be and my Eggplant French Fries are a terrific example.  They are to die for.

 Originally, when we began grading beef it was based on the amount of fat on the carcass which could be as much as 200 lbs.  Every household in America used it for cooking, frying, lubricating metals, and making soap & candles.  It has often been dubbed liquid gold.  Sadly, today most of it goes to biodiesel production, feed for animals or uses other than eating.

Tallow is ridiculously easy to render.  I do 12 lbs. of ground like hamburger fat in the oven, it melts in about 30-45 minutes, and I have enough to fill 2 coffee cans.

Basically same as above.

The absolute CRAP to stay away from is ALL TRANSFATS AND ALL VEGETABLE OILS.

“Fat gives things flavor.”
― Julia Child


Shrimp SizesThe most important thing to know about shrimp is how they are sized.  Have you seen grocery store ads for “JUMBO” shrimp?  Well there is a “jumbo” size shrimp (not pictured) and they are anything but-they are 21-25 per pound and when shelled and cooked it takes about 9-10 or more to feed the average person. The ideal size shrimp is a U-15 or Colossal-about 13-15 per pound and they are difficult to find. I get mine at Costco. Pictures are not full size.

Shrimp Size ChartShrimp ChartOh, those pesky little shrimp.  Easy to cook and so easy to over cook and, how oh how, do you keep them from curling?  The short answer is to sever the stringy swimming muscle that powers all the legs on their underbellies by taking scissors and cutting into each segment about ¼” and then carefully straightening them.  This will go a long way.  As you start cutting you will see the muscle as a very thin white cord.

Shrimp is the most popular seafood eaten in this country and virtually none of it comes from US waters.  It is farmed (in huge ponds) and comes from as far as Ecuador, Brazil, Thailand and Vietnam.  The average shrimp farm lasts about 7 years before diseases wipe them out.  Parasites and the use of hefty doses of antibiotics, disinfectants, and pesticides take their toll over time.  China’s shrimp industry was all but wiped out and has never really recovered.

Umm, I could go on and on about the shrimp we eat (me included) and I am not into making anyone sick thinking about it.  I do try to eat as much organic as I can and after reading Joel Salatin’s books I don’t really have much faith in the whole US Organics programs.

GET IN YOUR KITCHEN & COOK & EXPERIMENT & FAIL or…how to get your husband to sweetly take you out for dinner.

There are a gazillion stories of famous people that have come into success through “failure”.  This was just recently Gingerbread Waffles and Milk Chocolate Candy was awhile ago.

“The only real stumbling block is fear of failure. In cooking you’ve got to have a what-the-hell attitude.”
― Julia Child
 “Once you have mastered a technique, you barely have to look at a recipe again”
― Julia Child

You have all heard the old saying “you can’t make an omelet without first breaking the eggs” and this is true of cooking in general and failure is inevitable.  Whether you are going LCHF, Paleo, or through some other eating change you are going to have to break some eggs.


Joel Salatin“When faith in our freedom gives way to fear of our freedom, silencing the minority view becomes the operative protocol.”― Joel Salatin, Everything I Want To Do Is Illegal: War Stories from the Local Food Front


What to say about Joel Salatin.   Joel Salatin is my all time, all around capitalized HERO.  I can’t think of anything he has said or written that I could much disagree with and/but…I have not read everything-maybe there is something somewhere.  Just so you know, Joel Salatin is that crazy Virginia farmer featured in Michael Pollans book The Omnivores Dilemma and the documentary Food Inc.

ConfidenceA year and a half into my diabetic low carb life when I came across the Julian Bakery and their falsely labeled low carb breads, little did I know I was about to embark on the most exciting ride of my life and in 66 years I have been on some pretty exciting rides.  I had no idea I would catch a crook, be sued by the SOB and write a website-which people would actually read.  So when Heath Squier and the Julian Bakery came across my life I did what I have always done-hit him head-on.  I have not been afraid of many things in my life and I am certainly not afraid of Heath Squier.

I have pretty much always met life head-on and diabetes has been no exception.  OK, so now I have diabetes-let’s read and learn as much as I can, apply some, discard some and try to find some small balance.

Any of you reading on this site, please try not to be afraid of anything.  I know it can be difficult at times and I believe adversity makes us all stronger.

You know, when I decided after my professional foodie chefy days to make quilts for a living it never occurred to me that I might fail.  Despite the numbers of people who said there are a million people making and trying to selling quilts and they can barely give them away so what makes you think you can sell yours?  Well, I did sell my quilts-for lots of money.  People realized they had never seen quilts like mine and that they had been looking forever to find a quilt that would actually fit their bed.  The first time I sold a quilt it was to someone in New York who subsequently purchased three more.  I even sold a quilt to someone famous.  In my mind failure wasn’t a remote possibility and all this despite the facts that to this day 1. I  have never taken a quilting lesson, 2. I have never taken a quilting class, and 3. I do not own one quilting book.  I wouldn’t know how to follow a pattern in a book if my life depended on it. Click any picture to enlarge or you can see lots more at www.kingsizequilts.com

Garden Of Eden

Garden Of Eden-San Diego, CA


Handkerchief-Spring TX

Bear Mountain Cabin

Bear Mountain Cabin-PDX, OR

Blazing Star

Blazing Star-Dallas, TX




Rows Of Houses

Rows Of Houses-NY, NY

Jewel Box

Jewel Box-Alexandria, VA






Don’t be afraid to stick out and stick up for what you believe in.  If you have never heard the name Joel Salatin now that you have, you will probably see his name begin to pop up from time to time.  I even Google Alert him.  

Below are eight of the books Joel Salatin has written and most of the titles show his thinking may not be anywhere near what most of us call conventional but to me he makes total sense.  You may visit him at http://www.polyfacefarms.com/ and know this:  Joel Salatin knows what it is to be free and he lives his freedom every day.  Joel is courageous, Joel is defiant and Joel is a dying breed.

Ronald Reagan famously said, “Trust but Verify”.  At the signing of the INF Treaty, his conterpart Mikhail Gorbachev responded:  “you repeat that at every meeting,” to which Reagan answered: “I like it”…I like it too.


Food Lagniappes

Breaking News And Updates

09/10/13 BREAKING NEWS:  I have just received this threatening letter from Heath Squier and his attorney Frederick Taylor.  ATTORNEY THREAT LETTER

09/17/13 BREAKING NEWS:  To be continued…On July 22, 2013 a class action lawsuit was filed against the makers and sellers of Dreamfields Pasta for false advertising.  Please see Mirakay et al. v. Dakota Growers Pasta Co., Inc. et al., Case No. 13-cv-04429, D. NJ.   Only the first 48 pages need be perused and you will get the gist of things.



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09/18/13 This is just pretty funny.  Eau De Toast: Combating Low-Carb Diets Through Bread-Scented Perfume.  



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10/14/13 My Chobani Experiment:  Apples To Apples

All the President’s Men

All The President' Men BookThere are three fraudulent major players on the West Coast, and two on the East Coast joined by several smaller players with a scattering in between.  All three players on the west coast have multiple sites and the Lord only knows why.

What is their common denominator?  They are all knowingly selling products that are fraudulently labeled.  One might say caveat emptor (let the buyer beware) should apply and I say-no, it should not.  A seller in the business of regularly selling a particular type of goods has still greater responsibilities in dealing with an average customer. One such warranty is the Implied Warranty of Merchantability.  A person purchasing any low carb product is justified in his or her reliance on the expertise of the seller.  Only if both the buyer and the seller are negotiating from equal bargaining positions, and only then, should the doctrine of caveat emptor apply.

This rule (caveat emptor) is not designed to shield sellers who engage in fraud or bad faith dealing by making false or misleading representations about the quality or condition of a particular product. It merely summarizes the concept that a purchaser must examine, judge, and test a product considered for purchase.

The Big Internet Players

Bonnie Parker MugshotThese are the multiple websites owned by Rossana Forzanti located on the West Coast in California.  After being exposed, this crook has gone from selling falsely labeled low carb products to diabetics online, to hawking Mexican candy. What a piece of work.

NixonThese are the multiple websites owned by Jason May located on the West Coast in California


Bernie Madoff These are the multiple websites owned by Julian Bakery and Heath Squier located on the West Coast in California


The Smaller But Not Insignificant Internet Players:


John Deanwww.buyeatritenow.com Leland Turner Coralville, IA  OUT OF BUSINESS



G. Gordon LiddyThese are the websites of Patricia & Richard LaPlante OUT OF BUSINESS



valentine heart shape made by dollars isolatedIf we can’t trust a label, which affects how we make our decisions, what are we able to trust?  Do we really want to support the businesses that have been and continue to sell us falsely labeled products for the love of money at the expense of our health?

Ronald Reagan famously said, “Trust but Verify”.  At the signing of the INF Treaty, his counterpart Mikhail Gorbachev responded:  “you repeat that at every meeting,” to which Reagan answered:  “I like it”…I like it too.

Whoopie PiesPointless Dull Needles

Julian Bakery and Heath Squier The “Bernie Madoff” of the Low Carb Internet Scam Artists

Julian BakeryLike all true diabetics I went onto the internet trying to find a “recipe” for low carb bread.  Anywhere and everywhere I went ads popped up for Julian Bakery and the absolute natural thing to do was, at some point, click on one.  My first thoughts were to look at the ingredients to see if I could re-create a bread of my own.  Pretty much my working life had been dealing with food in one way or another.  The ingredients, which may have looked Greek to many, looked very high carby to me.  Their Smart Carb #1 original ingredients listed as:   Fresh Ground Whole Grain Wheat, Sprouts of Kamut, Spelt, Rye, Lentils, Sesame Seeds, Millet, Quinoa, Amaranth, Ground Flaxseed, Wheat Bran, Oat Bran, Eggs, Undenatured Whey Protein Isolate (90%), Chicory Root (Inulin Fiber), Wheat Gluten, Yeast & Sea Salt.  Other breads listed Teff, Brown Rice Flour, (and many more) all extremely high in carbohydrates.

The first thing I did was visit the Bob’s Red Mill website and make a chart of the carb content in 1/4 cup of each ingredient. Please See Here  (How lucky am I that I live in Portland, OR the home of Bob’s.  I have been there and what a spectacular place).  I then took an educated guess as to the amount of each ingredient that might be in the breads’ compositions and came to a far different conclusion as to the stated carb counts on the nutritional labels.

For additional reading to see the numerous ways the Julian Bakery has been lying to you:

Here is a YouTube Video of my own Moldy Paleo Bars.

Late Breaking News. A giant of the shipping industry has had to sue Julian Bakery for $241,274.27 Court Docs here FedEx vs Julian Bakery

The FDA has stepped in…again.  This time with a warning letter http://1.usa.gov/1t2SH7N regarding…you guessed it…more falsely labeled breads. They have four Paleo breads and two Carb Zero breads that are now under suspect according to the FDA. So, let’s hope the Julian Bakery Paleo Breads are all but toast.

Julian Bakery ScamI suspect the ingredients in their “Paleo Coconut” and “Paleo Almond” breads, but at this time the technology does not exist to test for a particular ingredient that is being used.  The reason for this suspicion:  Coconut flour has a very pungent, sweet, and distinctive taste and smell and neither of these products have the slightest odor or taste of coconut.  Any of you who have used coconut flour know this.  It takes very little flour to get that sweet coconutty smell.  If you dare, try it for yourself and see if you get any hint of the taste or smell of coconut.

JB BreadI stewed about all of this for several weeks with my own suspicions when I came across a website where Jeff Roaderick, a friend of the site author Shelley Schlender, did a blood glucose test on himself with Julian Bakery’s most famous product-Smart Carb #1 bread.  Please spend the 3 minutes to see what happened to him.  This is what happens to an insulin dependent diabetic when the carb count is falsely listed.  This is such an interesting story. Jeff Roaderick vs Julian Bakery’s SmartCarb #1 Bread  There is also a terrific dialog between Shelley and Heath Squier, the owner of Julian Bakery and I highly urge you to read it.

LghtbulbA light-bulb moment:  I had found something I could do; test my own blood glucose levels with this same bread.  I hiked over to my local Whole Foods Market, purchased a loaf, and on May 19th, 2012 I tested 2 slices of the Smart Carb #1 bread with its supposed 1g net carb.  As I said on the home page my blood sugar went from a fasting 106 to a high of 249.  Yikes!  I got so angry I was nearly beside myself.  As you look at the graph notice an 11:15 reading just before lunch.  I had crashed at 76.  At the time, being an uninformed fool, I thought oh good at least it came down nicely-but now I know this is not a good thing-blood sugar way up then way down-crashing-definitely not good.

I want to emphasize that I DO NOT inject insulin and I DO NOT take any diabetic drugs which in my opinion makes me a perfect guinea pig to test any supposed low carb product.


May 19, 2012 Purchased From Whole Foods Market

Julian Bakery Scam

Julian Bakery was poisoning diabetics one slice of bread at a time, day by day, week by week and year by year.

There had been much suspicion and many blogs regarding the “net” carb contents in the Julian Bakery breads.  I took the bull (bread) by the horns and had it tested by Exova Laboratories which happens to have a lab located right here in Portland, OR.  The results surprised even me.  Each 42g slice contained 14g net carbs and since I tested 2 slices at a supposed 2g net carbs I truly felt I had been poisoned.  Not poisoned as in arsenic which does the trick rather more quickly but poisoned never-the-less.  Any diabetic eating these breads was being poisoned one day and one slice at a time. The result of my testing and FDA complaints; these original 21 breads are no longer available. YEA!  21 Now Defunct Julian Bakery Breads

Every reviewer on their website was raving and gushing about their breads but many independent reviewers didn’t match.  What was the deal?  I then began reading real reviews on Yelp La Jolla and Yelp Oceanside Yep that’s right, Julian Bakery is so disliked they have two Yelp sites and  as soon as they moved their operations from La Jolla to Oceanside Yelp followed them.  There are literally 100’s and 100’s of negative reviews.  As stated by many people around the web this company immediately deletes any negative comment made on their own website or Facebook page.  Julian Bakery has never sold nor allowed any of their vendors to sell any of their breads through Amazon because…they could not control any negative comments.

Julian Bakery Scam

Moldy Paleo Bread

This is a picture of moldy Paleo Coconut bread uploaded with a review written on Yelp by Andi G. 09/09/2013.   How lovely. How appetizing.  Andi lives in Benicia, CA so he is not very far from Julian Bakery.  I ask:  How could his bread have arrived moldy if it is baked and shipped fresh daily?   Click on picture for larger view.


How is this place still in business? Wish I’d read the Yelp reviews before I ordered two loaves of bread. They arrived in around a week. There is no way the loaves were fresh. They smelled funky, like an old unwashed dishrag. Silly me, I tasted a little of the coconut bread. No flavor whatsoever. That night, I was up with stomach cramps that lasted into the next afternoon. Now I know what happens when you eat something that’s gone moldy. It wasn’t until the next day that actual green mold sprouted on the loaves (see my uploaded photo). The bread had been immediately refrigerated upon opening the shipment.

Maybe the psyllium also got to me. Another reviewer mentioned something about Metamucil. Seriously, who uses this as a filler?
Does the local board of health monitor this place?  I wrote to the company to alert them of the situaiton and request a refund. It’s been over 72 hours and there’s still no reply. No surprise, based on what others have reported. I’ve alerted PayPal because I have a shred of hope and will also write to the BBB.

And this is from LS in Houston, TX on 10/13/2013

HORRIBLE customer service.  I ordered online and received sour, moldy bread that they refuse to give me a refund for.  They charge outrageous shipping costs, even for spoiled food.  I wish I would have read these reviews before giving them my business and letting them steal my money.
Shame on you.

Julian Bakery Scam

Moldy Bread

Julian Bakery Scam

More Moldy Bread

Julian Bakery Scam






And yet more moldy bread uploaded by Palak Q in Lombard, IL on 11/15/2013

Where do I start? Both the bread had mold on ALL the slices! I opened the package the same day it arrived, so it’s not that it was sitting in my refrigerator or anything. I almost puked when I saw mold in the bread I had a few bits of. See pictures I posted.

Conclusion: DO NOT BUY!

Julian Bakery Scam


Julian Bakery Scam


 Julian Bakery Scam





Now, if this many people have posted pictures of moldy Paleo Bread on Yelp how many people do you think have actually ordered and received  moldy Paleo Bread?

Moldy Chocolate Mint Paleo BarMoldy Paleo Protein Bar 1Speaking of moldy Paleo products these are the Julian Bakery’s newest #epicfail.  Moldy Paleo Protein Bars.  One from Amazon and one from Yelp. Click on either picture to get that up close and personal. BUT WAIT… THERE’S MORE Julian Bakery Moldy Paleo Bars

The quote below is during the Heath Squier Panic of 2012 in answer to questions about why Julian Bakery had changed their Smart Carb breads.

Julian Bakery Scam

Heath Squier

“Our diabetic customers were experiencing sugar spikes after eating the breads; we had to change it due to liability issues; thus, the Original will not be offered; a comparable bread is the Amazing Sourdough. It is low carb, low in calories, and the texture is extremely similar to that of the Original #1 with just a hint of a sourdough taste.”  Notice, now he was telling people a comparable bread was the Amazing Sourdough.  What an utter crock.  I also had this bread lab tested and it was nearly as bad.  Please see Other Personally Glucose Tested Products 


I had a total of five Julian Bakery breads tested and all failed miserably.  Please see Five Julian Bakery Breads vs Lab Results Compared Side By Side The consequences:  As I said, of the original 21 breads produced, none are currently being sold.  They have developed six new products and God help the people who are eating them.  I guess my question might be:  My Paleo WrapsWhy would anyone want to support Julian Bakery by buying anything from them when they have literally made millions and millions of dollars off the backs of diabetics and the low carb community, let alone pay 10.00-12.00 for a tiny 6 inch (yes I measured it) loaf of bread?

MillionsThey had developed a total of 21 breads deleting some, changing names, and adding new ones.  They did not make one low carb product but boy oh boy they sure knew how to make millions of dollars hawking on the internet.


Whole Foods1Regarding Whole Foods Market:  It took five letters, five bread tests, and about nine months but I finally (at least) got this company’s products out of their Pacific Northwest regional stores where I live.  As of this writing they have not been taken out of any other regions.  Shame on you Whole Foods Market

UPDATE:  Julian Bakery breads are again back in my region of Whole Foods.  I wrote a sixth letter yesterday September, 24th, 2013 to Pete Bourgeault and Venus Lewis and all six letters may be read here.  6 Letters To Whole Foods  They are in order as written.  John Mackey the head honcho at Whole Foods wrote a book not long ago entitled Conscious Capitalism.  Conscious Capitalism?…Are you kidding?…I don’t think so.

Julian Bakery has gone back to using some original very high carb ingredients in their 2 best selling breads including:  Kamut, Spelt, Rye, Lentils, Millet, Quinoa, & Amaranth.  I suspect the carb counts may again be incorrect.  Check daily as the ingredients change often.  Several weeks ago I copied and pasted: Teff, Millet, Amaranth, Kamut, Quinoa, Spelt, and Brown Rice Flour. If the ingredients are always changing why would you trust their “Verified Lab Results”?

Now, I totally understand that there are people, who for health reasons of their own, want to eat low carb breads but there are other companies which I will explain to you on another page that serve the same purpose and these companies have not bilked, cheated, and made millions from the diabetic and low carb communities.

Another deceptive practice used by Julian Bakery:  On their website they use reviews submitted years ago when their products were riding high…and high carb, to sell today’s skunky products.

If you want to read real reviews go to Yelp.   This is one of the best and funniest videos I have ever watched.  I had streaming tears when I was finished with it.  Title: Julian Bakery Sponge Or Bread  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IdDfF4hXfj4  As of the date of this writing there are over 429,000 hits to this video and actually many more as other people have posted this same video elsewhere on the internet.  Yeah!

My bottom line:  Though of course I can laugh with the best of them, this has been, and is, very serious business for me.  The effects of Diabetes are accumulative and that is anything but funny.

Julian Bakery lied through their teeth for years about the carb content in their breads but I can say this with absolute certainty, their internet marketing is very, very, good and…bad on themComplaints Filed With The BBB-Rating D+Update October 12th, 2013: Julian Bakery has now been downgraded to an F by the BBB.  Notice these complaints were made in a very compacted period of time and that Heath is saying due to their increase in business…blah, blah, blah.  This had absolutely nothing to do with his increase in business and everything to do with the fact that the FDA had come after him.  He was trying to get his new Paleo Breads out, he had to stop production of his falsely labeled breads, and he had to come up with new formulas for his bad breads all while continually trying to process orders.  In other words-Heath Squier was in full blow panic mode.

I also want to add here that the FDA did its job.  I do not know if I had not had their help, that I could have accomplished what I did.  So, though I would not take my hat off very often to any government agency, in this case, my hat goes off to the FDA.

Julian Bakery Scam

 Heath Squier and his company Julian Bakery have now begun selling their “Paleo Wraps” using a manufacturing company in the Philippines. However, there is a patent pending on these coconut wraps.  Improv’eat has been making and offering them under the brand name “The Pure Wraps” for several years. Along comes Julian Bakery who has been forced to cease producing their signature bread products, and is now going to cut Improv’eat and their “Pure Wraps” off at the knees by violating a patent.  Heath and Todd Fitts, owner of Improv’eat and home of “The Pure Wraps” spoke on December 3rd, 2012.  Heath apparently seemed rather panicky and wanted Todd’s company to make and private label a duplicate of “The Pure Wraps” for Julian Bakery telling Todd they would buy by the pallet load and wanted pricing. Todd politely told him that they did not private label at this time but he could check back next year and that there is a pending patent for these coconut wraps. Heath continued to express interest in buying wholesale from Improv’eat knowing they would not have Julian Bakery’s brand name on them.

Pure Wraps

 Just posted Thursday June 27th by Todd Fitts on Pure Wraps Facebook page:  “Received a letter from another company claiming they and the USDA have a patent that covers The Pure Wraps coconut wraps.  Interestingly, we have a pending patent on making coconut wraps and have found another company has violated our patent”.

 June 26th, 2013 Todd Fitts and Heath Squier spoke, with Todd  reminding Heath once again of the pending patent for coconut wraps, the first being the above December 3rd, 2012.  Heath told Todd that Julian Bakery could have them made in the US instead. Heath also asked for a licensing agreement from Todd and then had the audacity to ask Todd to buy his wraps from Julian Bakery.  What??? Why on earth would Todd Fitts buy from Heath Squier and Julian Bakery when Todd owns the patent?  A very good question indeed. Todd said he would get back with Heath soon and that Improv’eat would need to protect their employees, those in the Philippines involved in making “The Pure Wraps” and Improv’eat itself. If needed, he would seek legal remedies under the patent laws.

Now forward less than a week to July 1st, 2013 and Todd gets confirmation that Julian Bakery is contacting stores who have been carrying “The Pure Wraps”.  Julian Bakery, in an email to a store who has been selling “The Pure Wraps” said, “You might as well order them from us as the other company is looking to buy them from us”. This store forwarded the Julian Bakery email to Todd asking:  “Todd, Is that the case?  If not I want to call these people on their misinformation”.  Now I ask you, why would a company (Improv’eat) having rights to a patented item, buy from Julian Bakery who does not have a production license from Improv’eat to make anything?

 BriberyTake a look below at what a difference a little over two and a half months make.  How do you go from the first picture and get to the fifth picture in two and a half months, producing what is probably hundreds of thousands of Paleo Wraps and dealing with the people and rampant bribery and Julian Bakery Scamcorruption in the Philippines?  Heath uploaded a video on April 30th with his “new” Paleo Wraps and the three  stated ingredients are the same three ingredients as “The Pure Wraps” including the Himalayan Salt which Heath subsequently does not now tout.  Now Heath says his Paleo Wraps only have two ingredients.  Does Heath think somehow that by dropping the Himalayan Salt that he is no longer violating Todd’s patent?  What are the odds that the wraps are the same size at 7 ¼ x7 ¼ inches?  The only difference I can see is that Heath packages 7 Paleo Wraps for $9.00 (1.29 ea.) and Pure Wraps packages 4 at 4.29 (1.07 ea.)  What are the odds that the Paleo Wraps are the same weight (14g) as “The Pure Wraps”?  Are Heath’s early coconut Paleo Wrap pictures his own or are they actually pictures of Improv’eats “The Pure Wraps?  Sure makes one wonder.

 January 7 2013February 2 2013February 5 2013April 30 2013




Julian Bakery Scam

aka Heath Squier

Julian Bakery went from using cauliflower in their round, dark, and ugly Paleo Wraps in January and February to the final good looking Paleo Wrap at the end of April.  His first “Verified Lab Results” were submitted to Medallion Labs on April 29th, 2013.  Then the lying weasel took out the Himalayan Salt and had another test done on September 29th, 2013 so his wraps wouldn’t be “exactly” like the Improv’eat wrap. (Click Here)

Heath Squier and the Julian Bakery have been in business raping the low carb and diabetic communities since 1990 and the first three videos indicate this is the best product they could come up with?… on their own until…they found Todd’s company Improv’eat, and were denied private labeling?  What did Heath Squier do?  Why, he supposedly hiked on over to the Philippines and had his own coconut wraps made.  Who cares if Todd has a pending patent?  Nothing has ever stopped Heath from bilking anyone before-why would he have any qualms about bilking Todd Fitts and Improv’eat?  Well, it appears he doesn’t have any qualms.  Can you see now why I call him Bernie Madoff?   It seems once a crook always a crook.

Given the long shelf life of “The Pure Wraps” Improv’eat did not want anything leaching into their wraps so they made their packaging biodegradable non-GMO cellulose. In English: there are no plastics with phthalates or dioxins (these are baddies) that could potentially contaminate the wraps.  Is it possible Heath copied this too or did he just not know about it?  Perhaps when Heath reads this he will copy their packaging too.

Julian Bakery has uploaded literally hundreds if not thousands of videos over the years, let alone saturated the internet with its false advertising.

The Paleo Wraps began selling nationwide near the 1st of July with the Paleo Cereal to follow shortly.  Heath boasts over 200,000 customers & brags about being in 30,000 stores.

Heath Squier Julian Bakery ScamBernie Madoff Julian Bakery ScamHeath Squier or Bernie Madoff  Take your pick-I see no difference.





Ronald Reagan famously said, “Trust but Verify”.  At the signing of the INF Treaty, his counterpart Mikhail Gorbachev responded:  “you repeat that at every meeting,” to which Reagan answered:  “I like it”…I like it too.

Waging WarSmoke & Mirrors







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Deborah Krueger

Deborah KruegerMy name is Deborah Krueger, I am 70 years old, a diabetic chef, and I live in Portland, OR.

My (real) working life was in all phases of the restaurant business.  Until about 5 years ago, I had been making quilts for ten years, selling them to people around the world.  You may see many of these quilts at www.kingsizequilts.com

In 1972 my parents, already in their early 50’s, opened The House of Health in Greensboro, NC and had it for over 20 years.  They are gone now but that store is in the same location and is still in my family today, owned and operated by one of my parents’ grandsons.  My brother and sister-in-law have two health food stores, one in Winston-Salem, NC and the second in Cana, VA.  Most of my adult life has revolved around food in some way.

I was a chef most of my foodie life and it has been very easy for me to take most recipes and make them LCHF so I hope you at least enjoy reading the recipes and certainly trying some of them. Some may look more complicated than others but really, most come together quickly. I use lots of herbs & spices and tried a lot of them with my restaurant customers so I know they are good…Please Enjoy.

Low Carb Food PyramidMy life took a drastic turn when on September 17th, 2010 I was served with the diagnosis of diabetes.  Starting that day I began a food diary and testing my glucose levels 3-4 times a day.  Though I now know pretty much what I can and cannot eat, to this day I still diary all of my food and test 2-3 times a day.  I wanted the opportunity to see if I could turn this around with diet.  I was 5’6” and weighed 175 lbs which, though not grossly overweight, was way too much.  I lost 40 lbs. and have maintained 135-137 lbs. for the last six and half years.  In the past year and a half I have lost an additional 15 lbs. and am now down to a very respectable 120 lbs.  I have chosen a low carb lifestyle which may not be for everyone but it has worked very well for me.  When faced with taking medication or worse, injecting insulin, I wanted to try controlling my diabetes with what I ate and to this day, I am very carbohydrate sensitive and drug and insulin free.  The foods I eat are the recipes posted.

If you are interested, all my personal statistics are listed and charted on Odds & Ends
And Personal Statistics

American Diabetes AssociationI do not adhere to much of anything the American Diabetes Association advocates and I certainly do not believe eating “whole grains” is the answer to anything but your lifestyle and what you chose is your business.  This is not about what I believe.  The whole purpose of this website is to expose the (dis)honest and false labeling of internet food products directly targeted and marketed to diabetics and the low carb community so that informed decisions may be made.  Some of these products have managed to infiltrate themselves everywhere. (Think Julian Bakery  Dreamfields Pastas and Eatrite Foods

Toilet PaperThe above label says the diabetes resource you can trust?  I say, would you trust this toilet paper?  Well not me baby, not me, but I think I would trust the toilet paper before I would trust the ADA.  When you put your trust in what they say you will be put on & stay on drugs for the rest of your life.  Is that what you want?  A drugged up life?  Well, it was not what I wanted and I put my diabetes in my own hands where it remains almost 7 years since being diagnosed. No drugs for this old chicky-at least not yet.

This chart is taken from the ADA website.  Are you kidding me 180 1-2 hours after eating?

Glycemic control  
A1C 7%
Preprandial plasma glucose (before a meal) 70–130 mg/dl
Postprandial plasma glucose (1-2 hours after beginning of the meal)*  <180 mg/dl

In the early 1970’s when the original late Dr. Atkins’ book appeared I thought the premise made sense and I tried it.  My weight as the time was what I weight now-135 lbs.  I went from this weight to 118 lbs and being the idiotic 24 year old that I was, I thought I looked great while my friends were telling me I was too thin.  When I started eating (normally?) again I went back up to about 130 lbs. which I maintained for many years.  Yes, I worked in and owned restaurants and it was also a demanding life and my weight seemed to stay in check without much thought.  Things changed for me at about age 60.  The reasons could be many but as we age our metabolisms slow and so did mine and in conjunction, I was living a more sedate (sane) life making quilts.  I slowly (it is always slowly) gained weight.  Today, I can pretty much eat as much as I want.  I use heavy cream (40%) by the half gallon and so much butter, lard, tallow, coconut oil, and olive oil that it’s almost obscene.  Because of my life’s involvement with food, and my vast repertoire of recipes, it has been very easy for me to convert just about any recipe to low carb.  I have listed a few of my favorite things under recipes.  I feel so, so grateful that as a chef, I can so easily cook.  Too many people struggle with the business of work and/or children that they don’t have time to cook and in far too many cases they don’t know how to cook.

MetforminDiabetes is a progressive disease and rarely is the person taking drugs or injecting insulin ever able to get off them.

Something to remember as you look at my personal glucose testing results of various products dotted throughout this site:  I have never taken either oral drugs or injected insulin so I am a perfect diabetic candidate to test any purported low carb food item.  Many diabetics, when on one medication or another, can and do eat many carbs at a time.  The medications they take are designed to allow this.  If a non-diabetic tests a product and their insulin systems are working well they will not see an appreciably significant blood glucose increase.  I have a dear friend who can easily eat 75-100 carbs at a time and her glucose level stays within 20-30mg/dL of what it was before she started eating and is then back down from her small increase within 1-1½ hours.  She has what’s called very tight glucose control.  When you see different people on the internet who have tested various supposed low carb products it is very important to know if they are diabetic and if they are, do they take medication or inject insulin.  Otherwise any product can indeed be stated and tested as low carb and not actually be.

Ronald Reagan famously said, “Trust but Verify”.  At the signing of the INF Treaty, his counterpart Mikhail Gorbachev responded:  “you repeat that at every meeting,” to which Reagan answered:  “I like it”…I like it too.

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