Low Carb Yogurt

Super High Fat Low CarbREAL” Greek Yogurt

We eat this yogurt every morning with my Granola and blueberries, come rain or shine.  (In Portland, Oregon that would be mostly rain).  I don’t exactly know how to tell you what the nutritionals are for this yogurt because 1.)  I strain mine to make real Greek yogurt (the whey has lots of carbs), and 2.)  I use 40% heavy cream which has fewer carbs than 36%.  Anyway I know it is very low carb and very high fat. There are 60 calories and 13g carb in one cup of liquid whey and this recipe, when strained, gets between 4-4½ cups of whey liquid or a little over a cup per quart.  This is a link to Post Foods Honey Bunches of Oats-GREEK.  You have no idea how sad this makes me.  This is what unsuspecting parents are feeding their children every day perhaps thinking they are giving them “nutritional” yogurt in some form.  The only ingredient even remotely related to yogurt is whey from milk which is what provides carbs and is why I strain mine. http://www.postfoods.com/our-brands/honey-bunches-of-oats/honey-roasted/ In the Middle East strained yogurt is called labneh, has salt added to it, spices if desired, is drizzled with olive oil and then using an olive, a slice of cucumber, or any number of other vegetables used as a scoop, is dipped into the yogurt and eaten with the fingers.  It is often eaten at breakfast or as mezze before a meal.  I had the opportunity to visit Dubai about 6 years ago and was introduced to this way of eating.  It was truly heavenly. If you strain your you can also use it in this manner.


Low Carb YogurtJust the other day I was looking at ingredients in different yogurts and came across a Key Lime Flip at Chobani http://chobani.com/products/flip-key-lime-crumble/  If you go there, there is a small vertical slide show with things like “all natural ingredients” etc.  As I was looking at it, up scrolled GLUTEN FREEA quick look at the ingredients listed “Whole Wheat Flour”.  WHAT?  Gluten free and whole wheat flour to describe the same product?

I got on the phone to Chobani immediately and talked to Sarah M. who said she would talk to her boss Bill C. about this and that she would call me back.  Well, she did…within half an hour…and the problem had been taken care of.  This is not to toot my own horn but to tell you that you had better pay attention to any and all ingredient lists.  Of all things, they wanted my address so they could send me free stuff.  I nicely declined saying that I would never consider eating any of their yogurt products.  Yogurt is one the healthiest things anyone can eat but we have so perverted it here in the US that as far as I am concerned I would not touch most any of them with a ten foot pole.  This particular Chobani product, the Key Lime Crumble Flip has 24g carbs.  Are you kidding me? 24g carbs?  This is not health-this is perversion.  Some say the North Africans began eating yogurt 7,000 years ago and this is what we have come to today.  Sad, Sad, Sad.

Please see My Chobani Experiment:  Apples To Apples

Cooled yogurt will be relatively thick.  I strain mine to make Greek yogurt but it is not necessary.  If you decide to strain it, this is what real Greek yogurt is-not the crap that passes for Greek yogurt in a grocery store.

Yogurt MakerRecipe below is for 1 gallon.  You may make less but it takes so long why not make lots-it keeps in the refrigerator and probably won’t last long anyway.  For the two of us I make it about every three weeks.  If you happen to have one of those new fangled yogurt maker that does 2 quarts (I do not) then divide the recipe for ½ Gallon Greek Yogurt and go for it.  Probably much easier than the way I do it. This one has a glass container & thermometer.

As I am a Type II diabetic, all recipes on this website are low carb and diabetic friendly.

  1. ½ Gallon 40% Heavy Cream
  2. ½ Gallon Organic Whole Milk
  3. 4 pkgs. Yogourmet
  1. Pour heavy cream and milk into an 8-quart sauce pan and heat on medium, stirring often, until mixture reaches 180 degrees.
  2. Turn off stove, stir occasionally, and cool to 120 degrees.
  3. Add 2 cups of cooled mixture to 4 packets of Yogourmet, stir well, add back in & stir well again.
  4. Funnel into four 1 quart tall glass jars. (I use Adams 1 quart peanut butter jars-they are perfect) but any tall large mouth glass jar with a screw on lid will work.
  5. Put a 12-quart stockpot on top of heat diffuser on a small burner and put stove on warm. (Lowest setting possible) It will actually take very little water for the water bath. I use 11 cups of 127-128 degree water but you will need to put water to the milk level in the jars.
  6. Using a digital meat thermometer in the water, maintain 115-120 degrees for about 18 hours. Once you put the water into the stockpot and add your jars, the temperature will drop but that is OK-just remember you can actually let the temperature go down to as low as 110 but I prefer the higher temps. One way to control the temperature at the beginning; cock the stockpot cover over your jars. If the temperature increases a couple of degrees move the top back a little. Do not let water temperature go above 122 degrees.
  7. After 18 hours take out jars of yogurt, dry them, and put them in the refrigerator. If you are tempted to taste it-go for it. Warm yogurt is divine. I try to start the whole process about 11:00AM, have it cooled about 1:00PM, water bath it over night and refrigerate it in the morning about 7:00AM.
  8. Servings: 40-¼ C
  9. 194 Calories, 2.6g Protein, 19.2g Fat, 3.5g Carbs, 0g Fiber, 3.5 Net Carbs
  1. It is my best guess that the carb content in this yogurt is closer to 2g-3g because it is incubated so long. (18 hours) The long incubation period breaks down the lactose sugar and in the end there is not much sugar left, especially after straining but the nutritionals do include the whey.
  2. And yes as I said, I do strain mine for 24 hours and it is the richest creamiest yogurt ever.
  3. Try straining Chobani yogurt and see what you get. A lot of whey with left over chalk.
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