All Things Carbalose

All Things CarbaloseWhen I started posting recipes I thought I would just put the recipe for Carbalose Flour Bread up and then realized I use the flour and the bread for so many things that I would just make the whole category All Things Carbalose and that use Carbalose Flour in one way or another.  I hadn’t realized there were so many until I started posting recipes.  This flour may be purchased at There are about 14 cups per 3 lb. bag so order accordingly.

I have found Carbalose to be a godsend for low carbers and diabetics like myself.  The problems with the flour as I see them are:  1.) that there have not been many recipes for it and you cannot get them from Tova Industries, 2.) for many people including myself, it tastes very bitter, (this bitterness is corrected for in the bread-hence for all its uses) and lastly 3.) it is relatively expensive. There are tons of recipes for CarbQuik but not for the flour itself and because of its cost, a legitimate low carb bakery would have a tough time selling bread for around 10.00 a loaf.  I know Heath Squier and the Julian Bakery used to get almost that much for a tiny loaf of high carb bread but those days are thankfully long gone.

So, the recipes listed below are still in the various and appropriate sections of all the low carb recipes but for convenience sake they are all listed here too.  All nutritionals are listed below the bread recipe as well as with all respective recipes.

I do not use Carbquik so please do not confuse the two products.

Once you start making at least the bread for sandwiches or french toast, you will probably keep it on hand for crumbs & cubes because as you have these in your freezer it is so easy to make some of the recipes on this site and you will probably easily come up with recipes of your own.

Of the many reasons people come to my site via Google search  1.) is for Julian Bakery and 2.) is for Carbalose Flour Bread and I have to say, with some pretty comical search terms.

As I am a Type II diabetic, all recipes on this website are low carb and diabetic friendly.

  • Amber Walden

    I just wanted to ask if you thought there was anything that could replace the sucralose in these recipes? I don’t want it to be bitter, but my body does not like sucralose :( I thought maybe a tsp of honey?(since its a liquid) or maybe some erythritol?

    • Hi Amber,
      The first thing I would do if I were you is to try something without any sweetener. The bitterness does not seem to affect everyone.
      Yes, I would substitute with the products Just Like Sugar and they are available on They are what I use and the bonus-they are paleo. It you were to add honey you would be adding lots and lots of carbs which I assume is not what you want. I do not use erythritol for many reasons.
      Hope this helps.

  • Claire Thomas

    any idea what’s happening with tova industries, the makers of carbalose? The websites for tova & carbalose etc are all down?

  • kevinivek

    is there any reason you avoid Carbquik? I’ve found it pretty good

    • I don’t want baking powder in everything I make. It would be like using Bisquick or some sort of self-rising flour. I know self-rising flour is big in the South but it’s not for me. If you like it then by all means use it.

    • Daphne

      I just made pancakes with carbquick and found them a little doughy on the inside. Have you had this issue? Any suggestions? I followed recipe on box

      • Daphne,
        Your comment is to Kevin and he may or may not answer you. I do not use Carbquik. Many of the recipes absolutely do not work so, at least for me, it is a lot easier to use the Carbalose Flour.

        • Janet

          Deborah, I mistakenly used Carbquik to make your low carb bread…before I can to this page and saw your note, “I don’t use carbquik” Maybe you could post that to the original bread recipe. I have the loaf rising in the pan waiting to go into the oven, so I can’t testify to how it is…but I will be ordering the carbalose flour from now on. Thanks for all you do!

    • It might be better to avoid all carbs and even carbalose and stick with the carbs found in fruits and vegetables, especially since wheat is a GMO that has been found to cause most of our health issues and immune deficiency issues. Giving up breads and such and not substituting other gluten free ingredients would be best for optimum health. It is difficult and I crave a plate of pancakes (whole wheat of course) all the time, but I care more for my health and caring for my health is of paramount importance next to the immune deficiencies, Alzheimer’s, and GMOs that originate with wheat and are the author of most of humanity’s ill health and diseases.