Low Carb Basic Cream Gravy

What to say about Cream Gravy.  You can put it on a brick and the brick would taste good.  You can add sausage, mushrooms, cheese and probably a myriad of other flavor changers.  It is the perfect thing for country fried steak, chicken, turkey, or Carbalose Flour Bread Stuffing

Allow about ½ cup gravy per person per item.  Example:  Mashed Cauliflower=½ cup or a hamburger steak=½ cup and together would=1 cup. This gravy has lots of calories and almost no carbs so if you are eating LCHF this recipe is for you. The recipe uses 2 cups heavy cream to top 4 foods so all you have to do is multiply.  Super simple, simple, simple.  Here is another example:  Eggs & Sausage Gravy for two.  If you want brown gravy all you need do is substitute beef base for chicken base.

As I am a Type II diabetic, all recipes on this website are low carb and diabetic friendly.

Basic Cream Gravy
  1. 2 C Heavy Cream
  2. 2 t Chicken Base
  3. 1 t Cracked Pepper
  1. Simmer all ingredients until slightly thickened and desired consistency is reached.
  2. 4 Servings
  3. 411 Calories, 2.4g Protein, 3.3g Carbs, 0g Fiber, 3.3 Net Carbs
  1. Be sure not to let the gravy get too thick because as it cools it gets even thicker.
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